Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Time gone goofy and the Bunny

Oh, I've got so much stuff to yak about tonight it's crazy.

Bunny exists somewhere where time is goofy.  She can show herself through synchronicities and coincidences galore.

Take this for example.  I'm trying to communicate with spirits and getting a lot of duds, then all of a sudden I get one with some intellect.

Yeah, I know, I'm pretty sure it was Bunny.  It must have been "pass the mic night in the underworld" or something.

Here I am, on one of those free ouija sites, and after about 3 or so spirits I get some relevance.


The first spirit is like, "Dead horse grave plow", I'm like NEXT!

The next is like, "Fear Satan demons scream torture" NEXT!

Then it's "Betty John boat trees" NEXT!  Oh, come on!

Then I get this:

"Think about it written glass moon."

Hmm.  Now that's interesting.  Low and behold, my son runs up to me and says, "Dad!  I found my shooter marble I lost!" almost at the same moment.

I'm like, "Holy shit" and I snap a pic:

Yes, my date and times are off because I changed the batteries before all this, but who cares:  The same time is what's important to me.

"Think about it written glass moon."

Nothing came of it, but like all things "Bunny" I've learned to log it and set it aside until it's meaning becomes clear.

I celebrated Valentines day with my ex and 2 kids.  We had a really good time.  Since I'm Asexual now, there's no feelings for her sexually, in fact we rather consider each other "siblings", although it's kinda weird because we have kids together, but that's the way it is.

I had given the kids a little money to get her a valentines gift, and she thanked me profusely for it.  It's funny.  The more I give, the more I receive.  It wasn't that expensive but she really loved it.  It was a silver plated heart with a purple simulated amethyst accent necklace.

Not exactly pricey.  She ended up taking me out to eat with them (and on this side of the river I might add, which means they came to my stomping grounds to IN from KY), and she gave me oodles of bags of food and stuff, plus bought me that dinner with them.  Like I said, the more I give, the more I receive sometimes.

I got home that evening and was kinda bummed at Bunny for not spending Valentine's Day night with me.  As in humping and humping and all the afterglow of "us" that comes with it.

The next day I was a bit bummed and returned a movie back to redbox ("Arrival" with Amy Adams of all things... it was based on humans/aliens learning to communicate with each other.  Ironic, lol) and decided to walk it there as I needed some fresh air anyway.

I decided to keep my mind open to things in case Bunny responded to me talking to her the previous night about how I felt, and about how I was disappointed that she didn't show up for Valentine's Day.

As I was walking, I found, of all things, a marble.  Right in a salvation army parking lot that I crossed through.

I was rather boggled at such a strange find, when I remembered the shooter marble and what was said about it.

As soon as I made that connection, I heard Bunny in my mind.  She said, "There are some things... I can not eclipse."

I thought about that a bit, and I knew what she meant.

I had such a wonderful time with my ex and the kids that previous early evening.  It is a good memory, and one that lets me know that I'm on the right path.

Bunny has always been very respectful of my children when they are here at my house for visitation.

I believe that she was not wanting to intrude on the memory of the dinner that I and my ex and kids had.

She did not want to "eclipse" that.  Trust me, when me and Bunny have sex together everything else is pretty much eclipsed.

Isn't that amazing?  I've never met anyone so respectful.

I was feeling jovial this evening after my day, so I made some succubus memes just for the fun of it. I hope that you enjoy them :)

Lol, yes, this is how a succubus thinks, hahaha.

Hahaha, this is me and Bunny.
"Hey, hey Bunny. Can I feel that invisible crown thingy on my head again?"

Ah, the games they play.  Which usually leads to more trouble:

Heh, never have things "gone wrong" been so much fun :P

A succubus's fangs carry a venom that causes great verility (or so it's said).  Whatever they do, they make your dick as hard as a diamond.  Your dick will get so hard that you could easily get a part-time job punching holes in steel with it.

Heh, mating season... not sure why some succubloggers don't experience this.  Our mating season is about every 6 months.  And yes, there's a chase to it.  It has it's own... mmm... je ne sais quoi :P

Aaaaaand... this is why you run :)

Better love her, or she'll use that trojan brand succubus whip on ya.
Meh, she'll use it anyways :P

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