Monday, January 30, 2017

Missin' Bunny

Sometimes Bunny gets scarce for a bit.  I was expecting her today, since I had the kids this weekend and she's usually scarce then (I figured out it's because she wants me to give all my attention to my kids while I have them).  I did my Lilith ritual early Wednesday morning I think (12:54 am if I recall... the hour of the moon).  That was the last time she was felt strongly by me.

Anyway, I've been projecting my longing for her before bed as a message, and I got this planted in my head upon awakening today (Tuesday morning):

Nothing like Bunny sending a lil' song just for me.

Sometimes she just gets busy.  I don't know what kind of duties she has, but they do take her away in that she's not with me 24/7.

It's okay.  The selfish part of me wishes she was here all the time, but the part of me who is used to it realizes she has a good reason to be away and of course I support her 150%.  I may not know what she does or where she goes, but I know it's important and necessary so that she has to be away. How could I be a good man to her and not understand the best I can?  That's my small portion and duty for all the wonderful things she is and does for us.

And after all... when she does arrive, she showers me with affection, lol.  How can I really complain?

I love ya Bunny... I got yur back.

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