Thursday, May 5, 2016

Weird Stuffs

Lots of stuff going on.

I've been "feeding" the local nature spirits sweetmilk each morning and offering a blessing.

Seem to have attracted some tricksters.

I'm sure I've attracted some others, but the tricksters are front and center.

As long as they aren't malicious I don't care.  Frankly, I think they liven the place up a bit.

I had a dream where I was sleeping, laying there with dirt over my eyes and flowers blooming out of the dirt.

I was thinking how weird that was when I awoke, and I caught,

"Whatsa matta?  Feeling not so fresh? Bwhahaha!" from some little ones.

Heh.  Fuckers.  That was a good one, I thought.

I created a portal, and blessed it.  It goes to my daughter's room across the river (I inscribed the portal on her side last week, and I hid it well).  Nothing malicious can go through it, hell, it's triple protected.

Of course "tricksters" I think of as "benign" so, they go through (unless they have evil intent, in that case no dice).  Which is fine with me.  Hey, making my little ones childhoods a little magickal is a good thing.  Train 'em early as they say.

My daughter woke up around 3 am or so, her blurry eyes focusing just in time to see a pillow smacking her up in her grill.  She woke up ready for war, but all she heard was a few little ones laughing.

You're welcome, sweetie!  Aren't ya glad daddy studies magick?

Lately, I've had this weird feeling that nothing is real.  No, not in a psychosis way, it's...

Well, it just feels like this is all a ruse.  Ever watch a movie when you were a kid?  Ever remember how into it you were?  You didn't notice the music, the idiosyncrasies, the whatever:  You were lost in the story.

Shoot, I remember my teacher when I was a kid saying how when HE was a little boy, he was watching a cowboy movie and was so into it that when the hero lost his gun, my teacher threw his capgun straight into the TV and cracked the glass.

Lol.  That had to suck.

Me?  Now?  I notice every little detail out of place.  I notice the music and how it affects the scenes to cause emotion or drama.

Hell, I even notice it with commercials, or the news.  It's like I see right thought the manipulation tactics anymore.

Most things don't affect me anymore.

Yeah, some things still do.

But STILL, I'm noticing this feeling of "illusion" like I don't plug into reality:  And it's not that I'm defective in that way, it's that reality is defective from being able to hold all of my attention.  Or perhaps able to "distract" all of my attention.

I don't know how to even describe it.

It's almost like my soul isn't as plugged into my body as before, not as slave to my senses.


Language sucks for this shit.

Something wrong, but it's not.  There.  Best I can do.

There's some sort of "synthesis" going on with me... I'm growing somehow.

I mean, I've always grown, but now it's different:  It's palpable and affecting my perceptions.

Shatter me, Succubunny.

Notice the bat and the butterfly in the video.  In Faustus Crow's Book "Goetia Succubus School, Book 2" it talks about the Goddess Itzpapalotl and the Toltec Sorcerors.  They would deal with "succubi" who in their culture were symbolized as both the bat and the clawed butterfly.  The wings of both represent the female labia, which represents the two circles of the vesica pisces.

These particular succubs can appear as a painfully beautiful Goddess, or a skeleton figure with bladed wings from someone's worst nightmare.  Bat and the butterfly :)

Taken further, the vesica pisces in the form of the labia, bat on one circle, butterfly on the other complete a "superimposition state" at the center (the vaginal opening).  And it goes further, but that's all I'm gonna detail.  Pretty wild shamanic reading, though.

Anyway, look out for the bat and the butterfly in the video below, powerful tools of transformation.


  1. I cheated on my lover. Now she's seperated from me somehow like other spirits are keeping us apart. I'm deeply sorry and I miss her and I want her back with me so bad.

    1. Ahhh... so that's the other part of the puzzle.

      First off, be sure of what kind of succubus you had.

      Some succubi are monogamous and mate with one man for life. If that's the kind of succubus she was then that opportunity has probably passed.

      Some succubi aren't monogamous and don't mate with just one man for life, but many men. If she was like this kind of succubus, your guilt is pushing her away because she would not be offended at all.

      The good news is that you can always summon a succubus who is tolerant of an open relationship, by stating that in your intent.

      That might be more what you are looking for as there would be no such thing as cheating.

      Of course, that works both ways.

    2. I believe she is monogamus. The only possible cure I can think of is death. I read that time is different in her dimension so I don't how it can be fixed.

    3. If you're contemplating suicide seek professional help immediately and call 911.

      Leave this site and sites like this one alone.