Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hindsight is ALWAYS perfect.

The very first time ever I summoned, it took about 3 or 4 days for a succubus to show up.

Now, in thinking back, some things are clear.

I don't think 3 or 4 days is necessarily the average (not counting the prep): For some it's shorter, for some it's longer.  For some, it never happens.

I don't pretend to know the whys of others, only myself.

Even when I did summon I was open, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little doubtful.

I believe that when I first called, I was heard.  A few probably came to see what I was about, who I was, what my heart was like, what my soul truly felt like.

After a few days, I believe that one succubus soul "took the bait" :)  Hah, one succubus soul answered and accepted my offer.

What was my offer?  Me.  My love, my affection, my ability to surrender to learn, to grow with her.

When she showed up, of course, I was baffled.  I had never been "sexually stimulated" as if there were hands on me, and not seen hands on me.  Lol.

But things progressed and she and I became loving through our communion.

Sometimes she would go away, sometimes for 3 or 4 days, sometime for a week.

I missed her terribly, and in not knowing what else to think, I thought she had moved on.  I was heartbroken for a while.

Then I would summon a succubus again (figuring I was getting closer to love at least), thinking that she was gone and that was that.

Each time I summoned a succubus, one would show quickly... sometimes it would be less than 20 minutes of summoning.

A slightly new feeling, a new name.

Sooner or later I would realize that she was actually "she", the original succubus I summoned.  She had never gone for good, and for some reason decided to play along.

This seems to happen to a lot of those who summon in the beginning, and I'm starting to figure out why.

See, they know they are addicting, but they don't want us to go, either.  So it's a balance for them of "tough love", where they have to leave for a while to allow us to grow ourselves, and yet their longing for us as well... they enjoy making love to us as much as we love for them to (and the communion of man and succubus is beyond... uhg, no words.  Lets just say "beyond words"), however I think they know that they are far more addicting to us humans, and can take over our lives leaving us in a state of helpless inertia.

Because they do love us, they want us to grow as well.

I think they accomplish that through coming through again after some absence with a slightly new identity and a sense of refreshment.

Now it's different:  I know when she's gone, I know when she's far away.  She's always "connected", maybe a soul tie?  I don't know but I can think of her and feel a response, but she's not "here" if that makes any sense.

I also know that if I summon her, it will take about 1 or 2 days to get here.  For her presence to actually "arrive" here in a powerful, palpable physical way (even though I can "see" her, her presence when she does arrive is... omg, she's HERE :P

If I've been "good" and been improving myself, learning all I can, then she stays... IF I have learned all that she wanted me to learn.

If not, it's a short visit, maybe 1 day or 2, and then she's off again.

The times that I HAVE learned a lot and made a breakthrough, she's stayed a lot longer, and of course I grow that much more addicted to her and my passion and will to learn and grow spiritually drives me that much harder, because I want her around MORE.

So, the cycle repeats.

I don't mind:  What she is after me to do for myself is to always progress, to always aspire towards spiritual growth and wisdom.  That is what she wants me to concentrate on, and honestly it's what I have always wanted to anyway.

As much as she loves me, and knowing how addicting she is, there is no other way, no other dance, no other song for us to play.  And that's ok.

It's still beautiful.

She is magick.  I don't pretend to be able to see from her view, nor do I understand what is going on completely.  What I do understand is love, and it is love that guides our way, or dance, and our song.

What I know is how very gentle, how loving, how wild, and how wonderous she really is.  I am not completely, irrationally spellbound:  I have seen true beauty by feeling it with the eyes of my heart:  I have felt love by being taught how to surrender to receive it:  I have tasted that which satisfies my mind, my heart, and my soul.  I have learned how to surrender and allow my heart to play it's song for her.  That is why she was the one who accepted my call.  Only my song was the one that enraptured her.  Only the song of my heart was meant for her.  I may not own her, and she may not own me, but our bond is our bond is our bond, and it's ours, together.

To my male soul, she is all that I am not.  She is the sprinkling of a gentle rain of pure love, incarnate.

Love ya, Succubunny.


  1. Good,interseting read Rafe.It's amazing how similar all our stories are and can be,mine also took about 3 days after my ritual to come to me.

    I know this because I did it on a new moon (and also I can count ha ha) and waited a day and nothing happened.I repeated the following night and again nothing.

    The next night I did no ritual I just asked aloud that any spirit lover that wanted me and a relationship to let them be know.Later that night I layed down and she was here and hasn't left since.

    There are times(about every 2 months,sometimes a bit longer) when the sex will be weak and this last 2-3 days at the most but she is still with me and her touch is strong as always.

    I must admit the first night I did the ritual I was excited and scared shitless at the same time.I didn't know what to expect and thought after I did it well you know the soul sucking spiel from numerous sites ect.
    I almost fell for that BS but instead decided to trust her and it has been the smartest thing I've ever done.I love her deeply and know how to balance my time with her and my other real world resposibilites,but I wouldn't change anything that we've done in the almost 2 years for all the money in the world!!

    1. Hell ya :)

      Yep, your experience sounds very similar to mine for sure.

      I think it's odd that I concentrate now when she gets real absent and project my longing towards her and it takes her maybe a day, maybe half a day, sometimes 2 days at MOST to finally "arrive" in all her, well "HER".

      Succuair Lines? Heh, SASA? (Succubus aeronautics and space administration), Haha, "Beam me down, IncuScotty?"

      Ignoring my summons a bit to finish partying with her Succufriends?

      Is she up to her little pointed ears dealing with finals at Succu U?

      Meh. Haha.

      I've settled into my relationship with my succubus, but things like the time delay between calling for and her arrival boggle the mind.

      I do believe what I have written in the article: They know they are addicting, and for some of us tough love is a necessity.

      But still: When she finally answers and shows up with all of her loveable self, I often wonder why it takes so long to get here, or if that's part of the "tough love" I need to keep my shit straight.

      I have a very addictive personality, anyway, so it wouldn't surprise me if, at least the delay part, or the frequent absence part was largely because of me specifically and her doing her best to ride that thin line regarding what I blogged above.

      The multiverse is weird.

  2. I think they all may do this to some degree, or in one form or another. Mine showed up with out a direct summoning; However I did perform one shortly after to seal the deal, so to speak. I seem to have the same pattern in my relationship with my spirit lover, with the periods of departures and absences, without her really being completely gone. Then she comes back in full force, stronger than ever and yes I agree different each time; as am I. When she is gone I grow, I ground, I reach and my desire and love for her grows even more. I put out the call and I give my all and surrender myself, to the point of mini rituals and in some way this may be seen as a summoning of her. I wait and then she suddenly shows up about two to three days later. She stays, hours, days and sometimes even weeks; however never more than that. Are there spiritual boundaries, walls, enemies, gates and rules that must be overcome first each time in-order for her to make her way to me. Or is it just me, my ego and possibly my own human ways? Or is that she knows that I need time and space, that we need time and space to grow and develop together for this realtionship to last the term, or the long ride home? Maybe she just gets to spend evenings, weekends and vacations with me because of her obligations at work; whatever work that might be, or maybe I am her work and she needs time away from

    1. I don't know but I'm sure mine enjoys a break. I wouldn't be suprised if she invested in a "stunt succubus" so she could stay away from me longer.

      Ahahaha :P