Saturday, May 7, 2016

Me, My Daughter, and Succubunny Compete Writing Haiku (Plus Wishing Succubunny a Happy Succumother's Day)

Haiku contest!

Mine is:

Angels fall to Earth
down into humilty
a path all must walk

My daughter's is:

Here comes the spring air
Flowers bloom, birds are singing
And the sun is bright

And Succubunny's is:

The daughter of dark, 
Is the princess of the light
Born of Sun and Moon.

Shoot, I think the Succubunny kicked our asses.


Anyway...  Today is MOTHER'S DAY!

I am sure that I have kids with her, even though I have no idea about who or what or whatever.

Daughters?  Sons?  Both?  I don't know...

Doesn't matter.

As long as they know I love them and that I am here, that's what I can give them.

Anytime they want, they can come and snuggle under my arm and cuddle up to my chest.

But... mating season rolls around about every 6 months on the clock, so...

I have no idea how many Jr's and Ms's that is.

Ah well, I'll see them some day... but the cuddle invite stands forever for any and all of them.

Happy Mother's Day, Succubunny!


And a song in your honor, Succubunny, to celebrate you, our children, and your sisters :)

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