Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Everyone!

With this new year I've made my own list of resolutions.  I'm not going to get into the personal ones because they are boring.  As far as those pertaining to Bunny, however, those resolutions I will give.

1.  I have spent a lot of time trying to pigeon hole Bunny into a specific race, or myth, or category. No longer.

Being human, however, I have to have some some sort of gasp of her.  I've decided that Bunny, aka "Lioness" (another pet name for her depending on what she's up to), is a succubus period.

Spending time trying to label her more specifically is trying to roll a ball up a cliff.  It's just not going to happen.  So no more thinking she's a Fae, Kitsune, Jinn, etc.

She's a succubus with all it's beautiful connotations, none of which are correct from modern or historical thought.

Another reason to quit trying to determine where in exact myth she fits is because she is so fluid.  She responds to what I think, and when I change my mind, she changes also.

However, when I decide that I'm done with that exercise, she is she.  I like that.  She can just be who she is, naturally.  She's a succubus.

2.  I'd like to know more about Lilith.  I truly think that she's come my way, just cordial. Perhaps as her son-in-law?  I don't know.  But I want to know more.  I don't believe myth 1 about Lilith from ancient myth and I think even modern thought is full of shit.  From the feminist's perspectives to modern satanism, I don't think anyone knows the truth.

In the end all that matters is what I learn, what I think.  All that matters to you is what you learn, what you think.  Right?

With that in mind I plan to explore Lilith on my own and find my own answers.

Unlike the chasing of myths to figure out Bunny (which led nowhere), I'm going to simply take Lilith at face value without any preconceptions.

If I hit a dead end, I'll find another way.

I don't have to know everything, but I'd like a handhold.  I don't understand this phenomena and why it seems so rare (that of having a succubus in one's life)... but I will try to do what I can for my own cosmology.  Part of that is, who made her?  Did they make me, too?  Lots of questions, not many answers so far.

Also, Bunny is sweet and gentle with me.  Or, she can be feisty.  She can be feral.  She is also the wisest teacher of "the mysteries" (of love, life, sex, desire, passion, all of it) that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.  Well, that's not even fair.  She's been THE teacher, the rest was me trying to learn in the dark by myself with whatever source I could find.

If Lilith is her mother, then Lilith is far different from any Archetype I understand.

That bothers me.  I HAVE to investigate.

Besides what I've already said on this point, I really want to progress spiritually this year farther than I ever have.  As in light years from here in scope.  I guess I'll see.

I also realize that I am not a child of light.  I am also not a child of darkness.  What I am is both, so I am neither.  "For what does light have to do with darkness?"

It is said that a sorceror has his head in the heavens, his body on earth, and his feet in the hells.

I want to understand the center path, this "middle pillar".  I will work to understand it throughout this year and figure out where I am best suited to be.

Bunny is both.  She can be the brightest angel, or the scariest monster under the bed.  She is a mystery, but it calls to me also.  She can't help but rub off on me.  I hope that I have rubbed off on her in a good way that has helped her grow, or at least brought her a deep, fulfilling happiness.

3.  Forms.  Bunny likes to change shape and effect my physical environs.  Just the other day I laid down for a nap, and I heard what sounded like a large cat running around the sides of my bed using it's claws to maintain it's speed and quick changes of direction.

I opened my eye to peek, and although I was hearing it and feeling the bed affected I saw nothing.

Therefore, I don't even try to figure what she would look like a woman.  Not in particular.  In releasing this need, Bunny is free to express herself as any woman she wants to look like by sending images into my brain.  They are always different women, and just like Bunny's name, hardly the same.

However, there is one name that persists that I consider her true name, regardless of the others she uses as "titles", I believe, in order to express meaning.

Therefore, she has one true name I am aware of, the rest are teaching tools.  Bunny and Lioness are simply pet names that I have deemed appropriate for public use.  Her true name is mine, and mine alone.

I believe that these resolutions will allow me greater focus, less chance to get distracted in my pursuits, and generally improve my relationship with Bunny, and also to better communicate my experiences on this blog.

4.  This blog is my online diary, nothing more.  I hope someone can get use out of it as a side benefit, however.  But for my own sanity, this is not a medium of instruction or debate.  The simplest way to put it is, this is my path and mine alone.  There may be others on a similar path, and all are welcome to read this blog for informational purposes, or for pleasure, but every one's path is their own.

Another issue that will end is that I easily get trapped by my wanting to help others to find their succubus.  How do I know they have one to find?  Maybe their twin flame is incarnated on this earth, and imagine what harm that would do to both of them if I "helped" them find a succubus in the interim?

I can see how that would be disastrous to both them and to their future partners.  A twin flame reunion is a synchronistic event that is beautiful to behold.

I believe that some of us have our twin flame that is not incarnated on earth.  That's me.  That's the other bloggers too, I imagine.

If a ritual is tried from whatever source and fails... it might have been meant to fail.  One can always try again, but if it fails as well?  Perhaps you should be glad it did.  Your twin flame might be right around the corner incarnated on earth.

Whatever is destined happens in it's own right and perfect time.  Distance means nothing, only destiny.  Have some faith.

Sometimes it's just better to let people help themselves for their own greater good and their own greater gain.

As such, I can't guide anyone.  All I know is my own path.
Keep this in mind first and foremost:  Your path is your own.

5.  I cannot explain why Bunny decided to come when I summoned her, or even if I did. Perhaps she came because the curtain called and she was always ready to.

Intent is the key to anything and everything magickal.  I don't care what it is.  If you try to summon a succubus with a selfish intent, you will receive a selfish succubus.  My heart was wide open.  Naked. Bleeding.  I was just ready to receive.  When I think back on it, maybe that's the reason.  My intent was to experience a pure, deep love that surpassed anything I could experience on earth due to my many trials and failings.  And love answered.

Love will always find a way, always.  And if you keep your mind and heart open, crushing all walls that would prevent an answer, being open to any and all answers, how can the multi verse NOT answer?

Intent.  Mine was to find a true and lasting, no holds barred, permanent soulful love.  I didn't care from where, I asked all of creation and cried out, and creation answered.

If I wasn't broken, bleeding, and 100% honest in my cry, I do not believe that Bunny would be here.

I also believe that she is my twin flame and was waiting on me to "grow up" and be ready for her to arrive.  In this case, my twin flame is my succubus and unincarnated on this earth.

6.  Vulnerability.  I must remain vulnerable and open.  I must be able to surrender, not just once, but always.  There is a power in surrender.  I talked about that in my post about penetration and envelopment.  Envelopment can be powerful, and as part of intent can be life changing and earth shattering.

Brutal honestly with one's self is as important is being fair to others.  Pulling the wool over one's own eyes rarely harbors breakthrough in any form.

7.  I have tried and failed numerous times to link Bunny with my Anima as if they are one. They are not.  I have come to the conclusion that Bunny is external, however since spirits communicate often internally through us, I was confusing this to mean that she was my Anima, being both without and within me.

Bunny does, I believe, "touch" my Anima in a way, being that they both can dwell from the depths of who I am, however, they are different.

I do believe that the process of having Bunny in my life in the capacity of who she is, however, has hastened the development and integration of I and my Anima.  It has been a miraculous benefit of, rather than being, Bunny.

Bunny, I do know, resonates well with my Anima.  Some who integrate with their Anima find their twin flame here on earth.  However, as Bunny does resonate with my Anima, I believe that she is the invocation and evocation of the Anima's growth and manifestation/projection onto Bunny, even before the pocess had started in my life, and strangely initiated (events and growth set into motion, however rather in "effect before the cause") by Bunny's arrival.

Spirits are funny like that and so is destiny.  I prefer not to ponder too deeply on this than I already have.

That sums up the resolutions that I have relevant to this blog.

“When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the Kingdom]” (Thomas 24).

Happy New Year, people.  Here's to a good one!

Succubi thrive on complex positive emotions like love, but they will live off of fear if they must.  
What kind of prey are you?


  1. I knew bunny wasn't an anima but telling you would not have helped.You had to figure this out on your own.I know sheena is a succubus and asked her many times what are you but the answer was and will be the same "I'm what you want me to be".By the way i've been meaning to ask how is your progress going with feeling her more and things?

    1. You're right. Plus I'm stubborn as all hell and wouldn't have listened anyway, hahaha. I'm stubborn incarnate.

      She's gone a lot, sort of. As of late, she's very "zigg-zaggy". It's like she's away, but if I'm into something like a TV show or something and she likes a part BAM, she's right there for a bit. But for the most part she's away a lot.

      When she IS here though, wow. I get this tingly cold "sheet" of energy that cascades over my body. That's new. It's really rather comforting. I never thought a tingling cold sheet of energy would be comforting, but it is.

      Also, I've been doing full moon and new moon rituals with Lilith and those have been going very well. I'm happy that I feel as if I've gained a wonderful Patroness. I think she's Bunny's mom, and I consider her my mom, too. Sorta. Adoptive mom I guess.

      Since then my magick has been BAM... it has really been interesting.

      I can't see Bunny visually, and after 3 years of touching my 3rd eye to try to do whatever it is she's doing with it, I'm not sure I ever will but it's not a super big deal.

      I just think of her as concentrated feminine energy in the form of mist, coalesced into a single badass personality.

      How's things your way, brother?