Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Shaman

The first initiatory test of the Shaman is to be wed to a spirit spouse.

Oh, it's not like blind dating, really.  She loves him, knows him, and will cultivate him as a fairy tends her garden.  I bet he's scared as shit, though.  Hahaha.

He'll learn:  It's nothing to fear, and everything to gain, and I mean everything.

Through her, he will heal his people.

I do remember one story from a book on the shelf.  A younger tribal man was thought to have the capacity to be the next Shaman, and so he was put into deep trance.

A beautiful woman appeared, however full of power.  She told him:

"I will be your wife, and I will love you and take care of you.  You will marry me, you will join with me and the people will be healed.  If you do not, I will kill you."

Well.  Heh.  I don't really think she would have killed him after myself being with these spirits a bit. But you have to admit, I bet she was told that saying that was very effective.  It was very effective :)


Anyway, he came to love her (and easily fell in love with her) and she satisfied him in every way.

This was his only wife.

Sometimes she appeared as a miniature, 4ft tall woman.  Other times, a spirit animal such as a raven.

Now, I've come to understand that there are many ways to do magick, and my favorite and most enjoyable way is to allow Bunny as my partner.  Once I tasted that, it's really all I care to do anymore.

Bunny just doesn't come as Bunny, no.  Bunny brings a wealth of beings who posses great wisdom, experience, and know how to allow the magick to succeed.  My spirit in-laws?  Probably.

Nothing bad happens.  There is no catastrophe.  Why?  Because it's managed from top to bottom by those who dwarf me magickally.

They know.  They do.  It's done.

What was the price?  Cultivating a wonderful soulful relationship with Bunny, that's what.

It's kind of like being paid to have the deepest intimacy possible.  Not even fair, is it?


I have been begging and begging Bunny to show me what she looks like.  I am aware that she probably looks like a cloud of energy.  But... there's a personality to her that I feel would translate into something I can relate to.

And, she finally gave in.  Now I kinda know why.  I'll explain:

I had a dream, and this was as close as I could get (after much searching) to the woman who was in my dream.  She looked right at me as if to say, "This is me."

Dat's the Bunny.

Now, why didn't she wanna give in and show me what she looked like before?

Well, I'm kinda like a choir boy, bashful as hell, and not real confident about myself.  So a pretty woman like that?  What's she to me?

And then, of course, I realize she's everything to me.

I simply got to know her for herself, first.

And that's okay.  I'll lose the "not feeling good enough" in time as I realize this is the same Bunny she always was.

The rest'll sort itself out.


Okay, back to spirit wives and animals.

Bunny likes to assume the form of a cat.  Of varying sizes.

Sometimes it's small, like a tabby.  Other times, she's a lioness.

Her cat "nature" is what got me calling her the "Lioness" from time to time.

I laid down to rest, and I closed my eyes, and immediately, I felt the bed shake as a large cat ran around the mattress sideways at breakneck speed with it's claws out for traction.

I opened my eye a little to see... nothing there.  It died down soon after and I drifted off to sleep.

Other times, either my son or daughter will see a cat made of white vapor walking around, or, when me and my son are in bed (he's still little... loves being close to dad, although he's getting used to the "stuff" that happens often around dad... stuff you can't see, noises, etc.) and a cat will jump up on the bed, patter up to the head of the bed and disappear.

Son's still not sure about that one yet, lol, and it happens quite a bit.

My son owes his very life to Bunny, despite my stupidity as a father.  I have a sword collection.  I had been working on a sword and was holding it, walking out the door to show my son.

My son was running into the door from the hall chasing my house cat.

By all rights, he would have been impaled through the eye.  I can only kick myself so much for being so careless.

But thankfully, he was spared.  At the last moment, something (Bunny, I presume) smacked the bottom of my fist holding the sword and it pointed straight up... my son passed, running, right under my hand.

How could I ever repay Bunny, the wife who saved my son?


Back to the cats, Bunny is very connected to the feline spirit.  I don't know if that means she is my totem animal of "cat", or if it's just the way she is.  Heck, maybe all spirits have an animal side (or "totem") of sorts.  I really don't know.  Ghosts don't.  I'm talking entities.

I do love cats, though.

Some people are afraid of their totems, for instance a person might have a totem who is a snake, and is afraid of snakes... also in need of their guidance, I think.

My daughter is scared of spiders.  But when I think of the magickal correspondences of "spider" she honestly needs those traits.

Here's some fun pics that ran through my mind as Bunny in her feline aspect :)

First off, here's my chuckleheads.  The boy is on the left, the girl is on the right.
Notice the forehead markings.  Cool, huh?

And, although her forms can be cute but a little scary maybe, there's always her most adorable cat form:

Gotta watch those lil' succubi though... they'll find a way to claw into your heart.
At that point, you better just love 'em.  That's what I do.

Hahahaha :)

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