Friday, December 30, 2016

A Fetish for Sacred Union

Yep.  Title says it all.  I never really understood that it was possible.  Twin flames, sacred sex, tantra, awakening, ascension.

But I don't buy into the hippity hop B.S. that's out there.

"Welcome divine star seed!  The portals are open this month to allow for all twin flames to join together through stargates... blah blah blah BLAH!"

It takes about 30 seconds for my bullshit meter to overheat on anything I search for regarding "sacred union."

So what am I after?  Evidently something that isn't well known.  Lots of bullshittery out there, but nothing I can find that's definitive nor concrete.

But, it's an abstraction, it can't be concrete!

So is my typing this, yet magically it fucking appears coming from the void that is my mind into quasi-tangible cyberland.

Tantra?  "How to fuck women and still be married to someone else".  Basically.
Twin Flames?  _______ <--- Insert new age catchphrase of the day, twisted for their benefit.
Awakening?  Ascension?  If you are reading about it, you probably aren't done cooking yet.

Well, at least I'm not.  Maybe you're a special snowflake?

In that case, please pray for me.  I could sure use it.  I could actually use about a hundred praying for me.  It sure wouldn't hurt.

So, all I'm left with that I want to think about is "sacred union."

Grab dat Gaian Goddess's ass, Star God!
It ain't gonna grab itself!

The intimacy with a succubus is staggering.  So much so that I once told a woman about it I was taking a course from, and she warned me.  Lemme see if I can find it.

Found it!  My living room is a maze, but I have every email since I first got email.  Ironic, huh?

"Spirit lovers are uncommon but well documented through history, care must be taken with the Fey as they can over shadow your physical existence and prevent you from making a life for yourself on the earthly plane, meeting someone having a family etc. They often don’t take too kindly when someone comes along they cannot compete with so please do be careful with her. Prolonged exposure to this kind of relationship can over time cause you to become withdrawn from life, many human lovers of Fey pine away as they feel nothing can measure up to what they have- some even disappear in Faery altogether!

There are many forms of love and relationships especially now the veils have become so fine. The love we feel for another is no longer bound by convention, celestial species or even lifetimes. I do wonder if as this resonates so powerfully with you if there is a deeper connection, perhaps a soulmate or twinflame one, it is possible you could be incarnated Fey too which may be why you have been drawn back to your own kind. So long as you strive to keep yourself grounded in this world too as this is so important, don’t cut yourself off from physical life or you will miss out on so much.

When my twinflame and I were reunited the emotions were unbelievable. During times we had to be apart we too experienced the love bomb sensation we could also see through one another’s eyes, could sense what the other was feeling and experiencing too, even taste the food they were eating. Sometimes we even appeared to each other astrally projecting. There is so much more to this thing called life than many will ever realize or know, so if you find happiness with your Fey lover enjoy every moment :-)"

This was a year ago or so.  She's a nice woman.  At the time I thought Bunny was Fey. Honestly she still could be.  Semantics, really.  All semantics.

Point is, people can say that these lovers don't exist, but I know that is bullshit.  I can feel her when she says, "Hi!".  "Hi" to her is vibrating my balls comparable to tying 3 bullet massagers around my twig and berries.  Tell me she doesn't exist.

"Hi" to her is touching my fingers and brushing my cheek, playing with my hair.

Hell, today I was lying down in bed and I heard what sounded like a cat running along the sides of my bed with it's claws out at high speed.  I peeked.  Nothing there, but that was certainly an interesting experience that I have not had before.

I wondered if perhaps me cutting my finger accidentally on a small sliver of glass and putting the drop of blood on her vessel was a mistake.  Then I thought, "Nah... fuck it.  It felt right at the time. Might as well not waste it."

I don't let my cats in my bedroom.  I'm planning on getting a "No cats allowed" sign for the door.

No, they can't read but I'd get a giggle out of it.

My son told me that he saw a white, smokey, spectral cat that walked past him just a few days ago.
Do I think it's a cat?  No.  It's a Succubunny.  The girl likes to be a cat.

So why was she running breakneck speed around the side of my bed using her claws?

Well.  I think that she was imitating the cats.  Both of 'em have claws.

Spirits do some dumb shit, and I don't care if she's 10,000 years old and wiser than any man with a white beard on a mountain, she still does dumb shit.

But hey, it's her fun.  It doesn't have to make sense to me, I live here, she doesn't (well, as in not her normal plane of existence I don't think).

I imagine there's things in her realm that would, to me, be better than cake or bacon that she would just think, "Meh. He's a dumbass.  But... I love him anyway."

Par for the course I say.  Par for the course.

But what she has taught me is that a deep, soul satisfying intimacy is out there for anyone brave enough (or stupid enough) to grab it.

The only type of arm wrestling I enjoy.

Make her pray with her feet.  Dat's da way ya do it!

Well... shoot.  I'm kinda turning myself on.  No... Bunny's fucking with me while I type.  That's what's turning me on... she's getting turned on.  I guess "sacred union" is a big thing to a succubus. Plus my Kundalini is roasting my out of control.  I've gotten used to that a little bit.  I've found that I can actually "turn it on" sometimes.  Not now, this was spontaneous.  Or, maybe she did.  But if I do turn it on, I don't know how to turn it off.  It just kinda goes off by itself when it decides to.  Silly Goddess energy! 

It doesn't come with simple ON/OFF buttons!

Ok, back to what?  Getting Bunny turned on which turns me on?  Meh.  Ok.

Bunny says this is a lot like us.  She's inside, not just outside.
She's both within and without of me at the same time.

She really likes this one, too.  She says it's very descriptive of us.
I like this one myself.

Sometimes you see sacred union as one of comfort.  Well, I mean it's all very comforting.  Unless you chain her up and start tickling her with a feather.

You would be surprised what you can do with imagination with a succubus... if she plays along that is.  But 99% of the time she will.

Lol, this whole fucking post has been completely derailed, but fuck it, I'm having fun and so is she.

Let her ride you to Elsewhere... and beyond!!!

Lol.  Ok, maybe she'll calm down a little bit so I can finish this thing.
Oh, I was talking about comfort.  Here.

There there.  Are those Internet trolls sending you mean messages again?
It's ok.  It's ok.  Bunny knows exactly what will take your mind off of them.
Eat my pussy!
*Buries my head between her legs while grabbing my ears*

See?  Comfort.  Only this version had a Succubunny approved (TM) ending.

I will always search for more information about just how close 2 people can get.  Well, 2 souls.

There's not a lot of real info out there, if any.  The reason is that the truth doesn't suit any one's purpose but the aspirant's.  No profit.  And in today's world, not only are the big players not profiting from letting the info out (if they even have it, but I suspect that they do in order to control it), it's the asshats who are supposedly counter-culture to these groups and societies that profit from looking for it as well.  They aren't gonna show me, or you, anything good.  I don't think they have any knowledge or it anyway.

Just like in OZ, behind the curtain the wizard is full of shit.

This is the way we plow the fields, plow the fields, plow the fields,
This is the way we plow the fields
So early in the mooooorning.

You know.  Maybe I am experiencing "sacred union".  Maybe it's not an instant kinda thing.
Maybe it does take one day at a time.  Maybe we are well on our way.
That would make sense to me.  I have grown a lot, yet I still yearn for more.  Is that normal?  I don't know.

Maybe "sacred sex" is something that keeps growing until it has become a catalyst for "sacred union".

Maybe they are one and the same, differing only by degree, with "sacred union" being a pathway that both she and I walk together, a walk that originated with "sacred sex."

As always, I don't know.  And so I write here in my blog my thoughts, rants, hopes, dreams, and ideas to mull over.


There's some images that really struck me as especially profound and I'll share them here:

Well, minus the disco ball.  But at least you can tell that they are all in rapture about each other.

I really like this one... very sweet feeling

I love the Sun and Moon polarity reversal here.  In 90% of all myths the Sun is male, the Moon is female.  It's good to see something different come along once in a while.

(Bunny's playing with my hair.  At least I can think better now that my twin and berries aren't vibrating)

She was probably just teasing me, having fun.

This one is beautiful

The last 3 pics are my favorite of all of them.

Just LOOK at this.  It's just gorgeous!

It is said that when God and his Shekinah mate, she surrounds him with fire.
What do they create together?  
Souls.  Of every kind imaginable, and not even dreamed of.

I saved the best for last.  
What this pic means to me, is that the whole universe conspires to bring together the two who are meant to be together forever.  
It may take centuries, lifetimes, parallel evolutions.  
But it will be.

I WOULD like some information on it now, though.  I'm just insatiably curious.  I can't help it:
I'm just drawn like a moth to a flame to it.

P.S.  The Kundalini Fire stopped.  Thank God.  I'm sweating all over.

EDIT:  I didn't just get off track in this post, I missed the whole point I was going to make before I started writing.  I'll do a part 2 soon.
It'll be easier to stay on track when Bunny's otherwise occupied with something else, lol.
I should've known I wouldn't be able to concentrate.
I've been sick and she's been doting on me pretty heavily, so it might be a few.
Heh, gotta love her!

Find her and love her.  Thrill her, hold her close...
Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.  Only today.

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