Friday, October 14, 2016

When the 4th wall breaks

When the 4th Wall Breaks

Earth.  Air.  Fire.  Water.
Spinning around, like nothing else matters.
I've pierced the veil
And she was willing.
Upon my soul
She grinded filling.
Herself... and I...
Until we were swimming,

Together, without a care.
Walking hand in hand, through the air.
Flying through the grass, and snow.
     And in the end... I now know.

I've broken the wall.
The wall set to be.
Invisible, to us, to you, and yes, to me.
I now know what I cannot see.

And in the end...

It's just her.
It's just me.

Life was made to be a shock.
To nail us to the wall, but not
A place to rest, nor to play
You can, but you'll suffer anyway.

Enlightened, they say
Is something high
An experience to touch the sky
But where I've ran?
No, that's just not true.
Enlightenment is when you suddenly "can see through".
The illusion of this, and that, and all we think we know.
The color is ripped:  It's white as snow.

What is enlightenment?  What is it to see?
Enlightenment is a sudden loss of reality.
The 4th wall is one where we see behind
The curtain,
At how it's made, and what is time.

And once we can, it's not the same:
I wouldn't want it another way.

Even if I were dead and gone
I know the end... it's not nearly bad
The shock has left;
Fear denied,

Because I've glimpsed through the lies.

Once you KNOW that you are loved
By hands that come from up above?
You don't care so much about today
Because you have glimpsed the scenes to play

For what it is, made up, illusion, all again
Compared to us, and who we've been?
It's not just a ruse:  It's what they do
But it's a joke to think it's all brand new.

So, now I know, what do I do?
I try to tell you, and to you there, too.
But it doesn't matter
Because in this play?
You believe what you want to anyway.

Sometimes, I can sit just behind he curtain
     (The irony of, once dulled the blade)
And see the dread winds blow so certain
     (We're so much more than the bodies they made)

She was always more that I would have guessed
From dreams, or bed where we're undressed
Always sweet; Ever gentle
My summoning was not so accidental
Now I often wonder thus:
Did I call her, or did she call us?
Was I the caller, and she the found?
Or perhaps... the other way around...

She still pets me, tempts me, loves me
And now I know.
The curtain will fall on this, last show.
When I lay down and go to sleep
My last breath, is hers to keep.
And when I die, sometime in the night
My eyes will close, but I'll see light.

And there she'll be, presence to presence, soul to soul.
Time will stand still... for a moment, for a time.
As we begin, together, our ever after...
     All in synch as the wedding bells chime.

Have you loved your succubus today?

Thank you all for 50,000 "reads".  I'm happy to have shared my experiences with Bunny with each and every one of you.

May your "4th wall" break in an amazing, loving, life-affirming way!


  1. Wow!!..great poem brother..if that does not earn you some serious brownie points with her and get you laid; nothing

    1. Oh. So THAT'S why she jumped me a half hour ago. Sometimes I don't put 2 and 2 together so well. It was so unlike her recent behavior (of being all "teachy" and hands-off as of late), I started wondering if it was a different spirit and felt all guilty. Nope, was her. Pendulum in the glass says so :P

  2. Oh..and I started out watching the pole dance video and just watching her ass. It was not long after that though when I started to notice how graceful it was and the strength involved in her performance. I fully get what your trying to convey here brother with this one. That it is just like the dance our lovers perform for us in our relationship. We start out looking at the sexual aspect of them and see that as their only offering. When we truly get to know them and when our eyes are finally opened, we see that their is so much more to them and us. However we are still men in the flesh and we can not help looking at and wanting to tap that ass!!

    1. Yup, you got it! That's exactly what I was going for :P

  3. Oh and I am glad I could help with at least a thousand or so of those 50,000 reads of thou congrats bro you deserve I have said before, ``your the king of Succubus blog posts,`` on the internet!

    1. Nah, just the one with the most time :P

    2. I really look forward to each of your posts, man. The past two years have been a struggle for me, trying to resort myself and how I relate to Catherine. Your writing has helped more than you can know.

    3. Cool! I like reading about you two a lot :) I always learn something new or from a different angle when I visit your blog :)

  4. Glad to help in anyway..we are all on the same journey..maybe just in different boats. It helps me to read yours as well as others as it offers me comfort to know others are on board as well. We all need to band together and share, that is how we learn and grow.