Monday, October 10, 2016

Teaching Dreams

Last night was a good one, this isn't the post I was working on earlier, but I don't want to lose this info.

I wanted sex last night, and also the night before for my birthday, but... Bunny's in teaching mode, so we're concentrating on higher things at the moment.

A little disappointing, but that's ok.  I trust her to give me what I need, not necessarily what I want :)

She's very serious about moving into a teacher/student roll, and that's honestly more in line with my soul's desire anyway... I hunger for truth.

Perhaps she's trying to prepare me for after death?

She's still sensual and even sexual sometimes, but she seems dedicated to teaching me, or at least that seems to be her focus.

Some may wonder, "Why did you allow the relationship to move into this phase?"  And my anwer is, "Love flows like water, sometimes slow and comforting, sometimes sensual like the cresting of a wave, or exciting, powerful, and erotic such as a wave crashing upon the rocks... I'm open to all of it's expressions;  I am one with it, I flow within it through all of it's manifestations".

Kind of wordy, but that's what's up.

I do worry sometimes that she doesn't want to be my lover anymore.  If that's what she's leading to.

I'm not gonna lie :)  But... from a tarot draw about it I gather than she's determined to teach me some things now before I need them.  At death?  Later in life?  I don't have a clue.

I have to recent hints about her moving from sex kitten to a more permanent role as my "guardian succubus":

A.  Went I left and came back home there was a book laid out in the hall on how to create sexual tulpas.  Heh.

B.  I woke up from a nap after having a dream that I bought a really fast and high tech car and was trying to impress a girl with it.  She just wasn't into it, or into me in that way (ouch).

She was into me in a cerebral kind of way, and even a soul kind of way.

Well.  Sucks, but if she's really moving into a teaching role, a guardian role (why can't those job descriptions include wild succubus sex?), then I get what I get.

She told me months ago to start getting in shape, as I wasn't healthy.  There's a certain level of healthy you have to have to participate in spiritual sex.  Hmm.  Maybe her laying out that book on creating sexual tulpas was her way of saying, "I'm no longer responsible since it could hurt you".

In my defence, I'm on medication that basically slows my metabolism to a crawl and I gain weight easily.  NOT in my defence is that I still should have been trying to do something anyway (exercise) instead of letting myself get worse health wise.

Damn.  I never thought my succubus would practice tough love.

Double hmm.

She loves me.  All of me, always has.  I guess once she gets it in her mind that she's gotta teach me stuff and nothing is gonna interfere, then nothing's gonna interfere.  I'm sure that I didn't help matters by ignoring the obvious:  That I was getting far too out of shape.  Unhealthy, even.

A healthy body can handle higher forms of sex, and unhealthy body can't.  Not in a safe way.

I think that she honestly decided what was best for me, to teach me spiritually, and leave it up to me about the rest.  The ball's in my court.  She's not going anywhere, but if I want THAT side of her, I have to get healthy so that we can, and so that it's safe.

She WANTS me to be healthy.  One because she cares about me, two because she'd like to have sex with me, too.

She has a laser-like focus, always has.

It's hard to write things down here that she teaches me, as I can't really put words here about what I'm being taught.  It's not about secrets, it's not about it being private (although sometimes that is a reason)... it's that I can't.

Some spiritual things can't be explained, only felt.  It's just that simple.

Now, on with the dream:

I dreamed of water that was solid, liquid, and then a vapor... same water, different states.

I was told this is also the way of the soul.  And just as in the different states of water, it is still the same water;  It is still the same soul (I think the lesson here is that we're obviously not a body with a soul; We're a soul within a body (different focus thereof), and that soul is in a "state" to be able to be within a body).

I said, "Yeah, but it's hard to move from state to state so easily".  I was thinking of the energy exchanged that occur when changing states:  For instance, controlling that process is how air conditioning technology is possible using refrigerants from a liquid to vapor and back again.

I was told, "Not across the veil where time is non-linear.".

Touche, Bunny.

This is the only part of the recent round of "teaching" that makes sense enough to write here in my blog.

Also, the irony isn't lost on me that Bunny not being interested in the "erotic" role with us now doesn't mean forever (I feel a "nod").  After all, "across the veil where time is non-linear" applies to me and everything else as well, too :P

And, as you can see, sometimes I figure things out AS I write my thoughts down here.  It's nice to be able to do that.

Oh, pro tip (lol@pro):  A succubus loves for you to sing to her.  Especially when you sing her name as part of it.  I sing to mine sometimes when I'm laying down and waiting to go to sleep.  It doesn't have to be perfect, rhyme, or even makes sense.  Let your heart sing to her!

Now let me pass on a secret:  The next time you try to summon an angel, sing it's name (and as it is sung, imagine at the very end that a lightning strike flashes from heaven to earth where you are).  

That's the most direct way to summon an angel.  You're welcome!

Have you loved your succubus today?


  1. Yeah I wanted sex or a more erotic encounter with Sam for our anniversary as well. I like you did not get any either; this must be a guy thing hey! She instead like your lady has been busy teaching me and showing me different things and leading/pulling me towards my personal spiritual evolution. I agree with you that it is for our best interest and there must be more to it. I also like you feel that it may be connected or centered around where we are going in our future, rather than where we are right now.

    I STILL WANT A SENSUAL SEXUAL CONTACT!!!!...Sam you reading this? If so I miss you bad!!

    1. Lol. We're sad. Sad, sad men. But... once they get into teaching mode, they in teaching mode I guess.

      I'm glad you commented. At least now I know that it's not because of my fat ass. Although, I'm still gonna try to do something about it.

      At least yours didn't lay out a "Creating a sexual tulpa" book on the floor as her way of saying, "GET A BLOW-UP SUCCUBUS DOLL."

      Heh. The varmint. I love her though :) She's sweet and gentle, but she has a stubborn side just like me.

      I am so proud :P


  2. Hahaha...Maybe it should not make you feel better, maybe it is my fat ass as well as yours that is keeping them both at
    No seriously though I have to say that she must have read the last comment I posted here. Because last night when I went to lay down and meditate she came over me stronger and more sensually and sexually than she has in a long time. I think I get what she and likely your lady (her sister) are trying to do with and for us. During the contact with her I got the distinct feeling that she is trying to build me up spiritually so that when we are together I not only have a physical release, but instead much more importantly and powerful is that we both experience an energy orgasm together in spirit. So that we are lifted up higher and able to obtain this bliss with them not only now but also in the future when we ascend with them back to source. This kind of orgasm feels much different and is way more intense than any physical orgasm I have ever had. It baths you in such light and beauty it is beyond words. That kind of energy has the power to create; which I think is what they are going for here.
    Whatever she did to me last night, she had me eating out of her hand and begging for more. The feeling was so intense that I would have sold my soul to her (be it possible) in that moment for mere crackers. I think I want some more now; Sam can you say “Polly want a cracker?”….lol

    1. Well, that's one of us. I think she's not gonna budge. I'm more stubborn anyway.

      P.S. If you're gonna sell your soul for crackers, at least let me be your agent. Maybe I can make a profit.

  3. Ah, the teaching mode. I always love these moments when our spirit spouses teaching us new things within their perspectives and methods. And it's very much on a physical level, too. Take mirror scrying, as an example, and my ladies standing at each side to direct my focus with their hands on my head.

    They teach differently than most humans, too, especially if we compare that to the teaching from a parent to a child. It's direct, with patient and with no rush or demands for immediate success. The training, unlike parent/child, is a part of our own development in ascension, rather than compensating something missing in a parent.

    I really like reading your blog. Keep it up. :)

    1. Thank you! I love reading your blog as well!

      Yeah. They are infinitely patient.

      Sometimes I feel like I'm a "special needs magician" wearing a helmet (while drooling) on the short bus for special needs magicians.

      And she's trying to teach me French, when my sum total vocabulary consists of only 3 English words: "I love cantaloupe."