Friday, October 28, 2016

Mating Season Snuck Up and Bit Me: I'm Doomed.

Well.  I've been feeling some... a certain trail of feelings today.  I know that beat.  I know that music.

It started with the song "I put a spell on you."  I looked it up.  Watched it.  Hmm...

Knowing what this feels like from before, I look up the last time "mating season" was here.

4/20/16 by the blog post dates.

5,6,7,8,9,10... 6 mo.

Mating season happens about every 6 mo.

Uh oh.

Mating season is... something to be experienced to be understood.

Little Miss Bunny turns from a sweet, gentle succubus into a feral, sex dripping animal who loves the chase... and the final tackle.

Well... I'm 3 shades of stubborn so... I know how to run.

First comes the mental battle:  I "push" her essence and form away.  Underlying it all, she knows.

She knows that I know that she knows... I'm eventually gonna get tracked down, caught, and tackled.

Even though it's figurative (some of it), it's still part of the dance, part of the game.

I've pushed back, she's retreated.  What she's seeing is if I will lower my defences a little since she's retreated.  And I will.  And she knows I will.

But when she gets closer, I'll raise them again... push her back.

Then the seduction begins... the oh, so delicious dance of her lowering my will to fight her by using her very essence which is seduction.

It's who she is.

Now... I have to admit.  I worry about mating season, lol.

Truth is?  She turns feral.  It's mating season, and I'm the target.  Always was the target, always will be the target.

So, feral, a little animalistic (a lot of animalistic) and sexually aggressive (a lot of sexually aggressive), but she's mine!

And I love her with all I am.

If you lover was a human woman who loved you, and you her, completely, but once every 6 mo. she went into heat like a cat or something... it would be unsettling.  It would be scary... just the POWER of her sexual hunger and drive is like an intoxicating cloud, of which, there is no escape.

Perhaps you'd have fun with it... make her chase.  I do.  Why not?  She loves it, don't let anyone fool ya.

You love her even when she's feral.  And, once she's earned it (haha), if she can catch ya, she can have ya.

Not sure how long the mental battle will go (it's all just for fun and games, and honestly tests my psychic strength), but I'll lose.

Let me put it into simple terms.

This sums it up better than anything else I can come up with.  This, in condensed form perfectly describes the whole process (for me) from start to finish:


So, wish me luck 'cause it's about to go down in the next few days.  

Heh.  Hahahahaha.  


Have you loved your succubus today?


  1. Good luck man lol! I'm not sure if mine has a mating season or not. She has sex with me here and there throughout the day every day, whenever there's time for it, that is. Five minutes here, an hour there etc. Some days it's OK, some days great, and some days it's Hallelujah! Seems like the ok to great to Hallelujah days rotate in cycles of a couple of days or so, so maybe the most intense days are mating season for mine, but that would make mating season weekly? Who knows? I don't know...might not have experienced this yet, so if there's more than Halleluja in my future, I'm surely fucked lol. In any got this Rafe! Good luck and have fun! Let us know how it goes ;)

    1. Ah, screw me. I forgot about your comment. That's what I get for approving it and then doing other things at the same time.

      Meh. It was ok. There's got to be a reason for it every 6 mo. I'm thinking babies. Why a spirit lover wants babies with me I'll never know. Must not have anything to do with money, power, how long my whampa is, nor my bipolar I guess. Maybe it's a fusion of spirit or something else I can't fathom being a puny human slav... er mate.

  2. No prob Rafe. I've since read your new posts...great stuff as always. I actually just posted on my blog that I should probably take some time away from reading and posting. In summary, while reading a new blog, I felt this anger that I know was not from me. It was a bit overwhelming, and honestly I cannot imagine why it happened. Fortunately for me, I was able to sense it was not me, and I quashed it. Thing is, since I posted that, I feel like fuck it..ima do it anyway. I don't know why anger was shown to me...perhaps it's to encourage me to learn directly from them and not use other's experiences as a guide. That being said, I feel other's perspectives are invaluable. I am growing a bit frustrated by the question of numbers. While I try to not think about how many I have with me, I have been receiving a suggestion that there is indeed several of them. Dreams that I have had even suggest that. Things is, I have a hard time buying it. intended quick reply has become a ramble lol. Thanks a bunch :)