Thursday, September 8, 2016

Penetration and Enfoldment

Bunny's gone right now, which is good because she would have caught me reading MGTOW articles again.

Hey... when the cat's away the mice will play and all that.


You think I'm afraid of Bunny?  Pfft.  Sheet, lol.  You all act like...

Is... is that Bunny behind me?  It is, isn't it?

Uh, what's her mood, hehe?

*Slowly looks behind shoulder*

Ah shit, it was just a house spirit.  Sup Dawg?  Hahaha, you scared me Dawg!

I mean, uh, I ain't afraid of Bunny!

She's two days away from me right now.  There's not a damn thing she can do.

This is probably where I shouldn't be gloating, isn't it?

Fine, fine.  There's a reason she picked a stubborn ass like myself.

Nothing wrong with stretching my authoritah and feeling in charge.

Just stretchin' the wings a little bit, just a little bit *pats shoulders*.

Haha, I never was a very smart mother fucker.


Ok!  Today's topic is something I've had running around in that hamster wheel I call a brain as of late.

Penetration and Enfoldment.

Our wonderful politically correct culture would tell you penis bad, vagina holy, let's all worship the holy vagina.  Right?  Right.

Even rape laws are written where "penetration" is an event necessary for a rape charge.  A woman rides a drunk man?  He must have wanted it.  She didn't penetrate him, sooo... innocent!

If a woman is drunk she can't give consent, a man who's drunk, well, she's a special snowflake who, as a fucking woman child must be able to give consent.  Of course, if he's drunk he's a rapist.

Makes soooooo much more sense now.  You know, that shit wouldn't even make sense to a 5th grader, as in, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

Who the fuck came up with that monkey shit?  Oh, that's right.  Don't get me started...  I've ventured down that road too far already on this post, I'm not going farther.

The truth?  Ah... the truth!  My favorite topic next to irony in any form!

God damn I love me some irony!

May Day is a festival that coincides with Beltane.  Beltane is the marriage of the Lord and the Lady.

What I enjoy about it is the idea that the Lord and Lady reign together, not opposed, not separately, but together as one.

My favorite part of May Day, err Beltaine is the May Pole Dance.

Ahh, the May Pole!

That's a good example of a May Pole!  All bright and alluring, criss-crossed by the dancing of young ones in happiness and joy!

Sure dresses up that silly wooden pole, doesn't it?  Yeah, I agree.

You see, children dance opposite around the May Pole laughing and having fun, and it creates this pattern all the way down the pole, where it's tied.

Look at all these happy little fucks!  Heh, nah, actually I love children.  I always have.  I think it's sweet, I just don't really want you to know that I think it's sweet.  Although I just did.
Don't even think of laughing at me, I'll kick your ass.

Holy shit!  It's a fairy invasion.  I like tweens, too.  My daughter is a tween, however being under my magickal tutellage, she's also a bit fucking warped.  That's my girl!  Daddy's so proud *sniff*.

Her little girl friends look up to me for some reason.  I personally think they all suffer from some sort of undiagnosed character flaw, but whatever.

Maybe it's just they feel that I actually give a shit about kids.  I dunno.


Ok.  Now lets take a look at those pictures again with new eyes.

The maypole is the penis of the God.  The ribbons are danced around it so that it is alluring, representing the Goddess's vagina (God damn, is that not the more harsh word in the english language?  Who the fuck came up with "vagina").

Nothing happens unless the God decides to (That's what Bunny was driving home through my thick skull when she went off on me in thinking that as a man I had no power).  He loves her, She is beautifully adorned for him, and thanks to their children (the dancers), She is pleasingly tight, beautiful, and perfect for Him, a perfect seduction for him to love the Goddess, take Her as His own, and fuck the shit out of Her.

Err, make love to Her.

Look, the God is the "Lord of the Wild", He knows how to keep the Goddess happy and creaming for eternity.  It's just the way it is.

Hell, that desire exists in every woman I've ever known.  To be made love to, to be ravaged and to be taken.  To feel absolutely, positively needed and wanted by their mates and desired well beyond their mate's ability to stop is a very common fantasy for women.  And, it's often acted out.

The Lord and Lady were made for each other, you know?

Their children aren't any different.  We're pretty stupid, yes, but they're still our Parents and so we get these sexual desires honestly, at least.

Make no mistake in drawing the wrong conclusions from my irreverent and jovial nature, making fun of the Lord and Lady here.  I consider Them my spiritual Parents and I love and respect Them more than I do my own flesh and blood.  I poke fun at their sex and sexual desires and hunger for each other because I hold them in high regard.  It's because I celebrate who They are and how much they love one another (and us) that I roast them so.

And also that we have the same desires within us, but in our case it's considered politically incorrect.

Look, I know I'm not the most tactful person on earth, but it doesn't take a mental giant to figure out that if women like to have their hair pulled and fucked from behind on occassion, being used as the their lover's fuck toy, so does the Goddess by the God and the God alone.

They created us, why wouldn't we have the same desires that they do, just as I said before?

They love each other with "perfect love and perfect trust", as the wiccan saying goes.

Political correctness doesn't exist in the bed of the Divine.  
Nor does it have any fucking PLACE in the bed of the Divine.

Now, as the God penetrates Her, He is enfolded by Her as well. 

That's the point I'm making about the May Pole, and why I like it.

It's fucking accurate and about as politically correct as an "I hate retards" button.

That's right... he penetrates Her, and as equally as He penetrates Her, he is enfolded by Her.

Let that shit sink in a minute or three.

Meditate on the May Pole, imagine the children of the God and Goddess, the Lord and Lady, dancing, laughing, circling around the May Pole while making those ribbons both beautiful and snug as the pattern naturally descends the May Pole, and who are in joy creating the bridal chamber for the Divine Couple.

When the "ahaaaaaaaaa" moment comes, compare that to how society looks at it, and laugh.

Laugh your fucking brains out.

So now you know!

Have you fucked, err, loved your Succubus today?
She ain't gonna do it by herself!  Go get busy, already.


  1. Hmm. I have to say I identify more with the things you described as female desires (wanting to be ravaged and taken, to be an object of desire, to be on the receiving end of my mate's uncontrollable lust, etc.) Sometimes I think maybe something got screwed up somewhere and I was actually supposed to be a submissive lesbian instead of a hetero guy.

    I wonder what the spirit lover/succubus world has for role-reversal types like myself. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, or even some feedback from Bunny herself if she's ever said anything about it.

    1. The only thing Bunny did when I read this is to give me a flash image of AC current. AC current is electrical current where the direction of electrical flow switches back and forth from negative to positive 60 times per second.

      In this world, it seems society is focused more on roles and not the lovers. In the spirit world it's the opposite.

      I think roles are an illusion of this world, in the spirit world it's a more fluid and harmonious game between two lovers at play.