Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm confused

Yeah, what the title says.  You see, once upon a time I was pre-seminary, and honestly I found more in the Bible that contradicts itself, rather than proves anything.  That's why I've gone on this merry-go-round tour of spiritual things.

And now?  Bunny's been opening me up to the possibility that uh, heh, seems funny to say...

That magick, love, and spirits really aren't as "Anti-Jesus" as I thought.

Coming from a succubus, that's irony plus.  But then again, I never did say that she was a demon, now did I?

No, she's she, and I'm me.  I'm just a bit dense materially (no, the word dense is not lost on me), whereas she is a bit higher vibrationally than us folks down on this rock.

What if, you know?  What if?  Maybe it is all related.  The 5D stuff, the Bible, Magick, Spirit lovers.

Who said they can't play well together?  Well, lots of assholes say that they cannot.  But, they're about as spiritual as a deer taking a crap in the woods.  Collectively.  I mean, I'm not impressed.

What if everything was just vibration and frequency, and titles mean little?  Yeah, they mean a lot here, but here isn't everywhere, nor does it make the titles "accurate".

My hero, Nikola Tesla.

If you search for succubi and incubi, and I'm sure you have or you wouldn't be reading this, then you would see all the "deliverance from a spirit husband or wife".

Deliverance from WHAT, exactly?  Most of these dumbasses who are so frightened of a spiritual husband or spiritual wife will probably cheat on their earthly spouses before too much is said and done.

Hell, in the old days, it was kosher to blame succubi or incubi if a woman became pregnant.  After all, she sure as shit couldn't admit she was banging the milk maid's husband.  Monks would also blame them for their own "nocturnal emissions" that happen naturally during sleep.  But then again, sexually frustrated monks and nuns are like catnip for succubi and incubi.  Spiritual people + sexually repressed?  I can easily imagine good spirit lovers being drawn to them.  Probably some tricksters of the more "grey" persuasion, too.  I imagine seducing them is quite fun for those types.

My point is:  Hypocrisy.  I hate it.  A wolf in lamb's clothing, and the world is full of them.

All they want is a paycheck.  Get people afraid, get them dependent on THEM.  Then here comes the dough.

Now, back to what I was saying... Bunny's the one pushing the idea that all things are related, that my dislike of Christ is not well placed, but due to my dislike of christians.  Well, most of 'em, anyway.

It's so funny.  You see, succubus is all built around the idea that they are demons of sex. Nobody has ever really explained that idea, as just the mention of the word "demon" seems to end that discussion before it's actually explained.

Demon.  Lol.

Everything I've experienced has been anything but "demonic".  No, I don't particularly believe that she's an "angel" either.  She's just she.  She can be a little of both.  Can't we all be one or the other at times?

How could there ever be a demon of sex, anyway, when God created it in the first place?

That's as stupid as saying that there are demons of tacos.  No, there aren't, because I have found that tacos are good.

Heh, well, you know where I'm going with it.  And no, I don't like labels such as "demon" or "angel".

Anyone who thinks there are only demons, angels, and jinn, and that's it doesn't understand a God who creates things with great diversity and artistic genius.

There is sooooooooo much out there that my little human brain would never be able to label, much less understand.

Now.  Why are spirit lovers coming out of the woodwork so much lately?

Well, lets say Gaia is the earth's spirit, and Gaia is trying to please her children, as well as do what's good for the earth.

What if she is encouraging this as a way for the earth's population to stabilize?

You really don't think that the spirit of the earth, and the spirits of the sun and moon don't converse?

I'm sure it's more complex than just conversing, but the point is that this phenomenon of succubi and incubi taking lovers is freakin' happening right now.

And I'm beginning to see it as something that is meant to be.  I have a feeling that I'm not far off the mark here.

I expect it to continue to grow, much to religion's disdain as births are a great way to fill the coffers and the easiest way keep the church going.

Other than keeping people from being disillusioned and quitting because of things like hypocrisy.


Bunny continues to be quite the enigma, that's for sure.  I don't claim to understand anything, nor that anything I've written here is true, is right, is anything but my words and my rambling.

All it is, is just my words, and just my experiences as I understand them.

Three years ago, Bunny took me on a tour of magick and spirituality, and now?

We've come full circle, with her prompting me to at least consider that Jesus is more than I thought, and is more than christians understand.

Does that mean I will understand?  No.  I don't think I'll ever really understand fully.  I think that's par for the course in learning, and I'll sure try.  All of Bunny's lessons usually take me past my comfort zone anyway.

Eventually... maybe I will understand what I need to while I'm on this earth.  That's how it seems to work with Bunny and her lessons.  She's a gentle, patient teacher.  That's good because I'm stubborn.

But for now I'll just be pleasantly bewildered at what she's teaching me now.

I've always believed that one arrives back in the same place as they started, but when they arrive, they see with new eyes.

I think that's the case here, although it will take some time for my "new eyes" to adjust.

Bunny never ceases to surprise me, to amaze me.  She's a wonderful teacher.

A wonderful teacher, an attentive and sensual lover, a devoted protector, and a loyal friend.

Some times I'm just baffled by it.

What a journey it has been!  And what a journey it is still!
Bunny, with all my gratitude,




  1. Wow...well first,did you have to go there about the tacos? Lol, love tacos. Duuuuude...I think you have hit the freaking bullseye on this one. No, there is zero chance they are demonic. Look, they are all about love. Sex is love. Compassion is love etc etc. I grew up religious, and honestly think all religions have been perverted and manipulated. Was Jesus a good dude, and a manifestation of a good true God...I would buy that. I believe that there are higher dimensions, or heavens, that are based on vibrational frequency. I don't believe in a hell, not unless one imagines themselves into one after death. Demons, angels, Jesus, succubi, jinn...who knows? I believe what we were taught from a region standpoint is much much bleaker than what actually is. This is where you could tip your hat to the whole Illuminati conspiracy, for example, whether they exist or not, there is an agenda on some level to make us believe what they want us to believe. I think maybe our ladies are here to help us on the right path, and I think it is a path of good. Sorry if this was mindless rambling. I saw your post, and it really resonated with shit I've been thinking about. I am super tired, and probably missed about 10 points I wanted to make. Anywho...leave the tacos out of this dammit ;)

    1. Lol, now I crave tacos. I'm tired, too.

      I'll have to get some tomorrow.

      You're probably right on all that you wrote. Don't worry, this whole blog is nothing but my rambling thoughts.

      I could have used compassion for an example, but all I could think about for an example of good was tacos and how wonderful tacos are.

      Mmm, tacos...

  2. So I think my reply didn't make it. I hit refresh or something, and it was gone. If it did make it, sorry for duplicate. First, I made another comment about the vilification of tacos lol. I reread my comment from last night, and I was indeed scattered lol. I do think they are more commonplace than ever before. You could say that with the internet that you just hear about them more, but I strongly feel that there is a huge uptick in people experiencing what we are, and that it will exponentially grow in the future. I think the corruption of religion has a lot to do with this. God, or the gods, or whatever, would not be pleased that religion is so misleading...or it's by design so we figure our own shit out, like a test. I believe they are here to help us figure that shit out. The basis for everything, I believe is love and compassion, and in practicing those, achieving a sense of oneness. Religions like Christianity wish to make us feel ugly about sex. It's one of their biggest weapons in misleading the "flock". Sex is raw love,powerful. I believe this is why our ladies do what they do. Decondition what we have been forced to learn, and recondition us so more can be taught. Who knows?

    1. It looks like the blog host is eating comments sometimes. I just got mine gobbled and had to repost. When you comment, drag select it all and copy it before you hit the publish button.

      It's done it to me a few times.

    2. I know one thing: Bunny (and her sisters as well from what I've read on other's blogs) are catalysts of change.

      Usually, we first see the bat (lunar), and later the butterfly (solar). Both aspects manifest themselves completely, but in different ways at different times it seems.

      They are both, always were both. But for us fleshies, it's hard to grasp.

      Check out this video, it has these symbols as a representation of change, bat and a butterfly, and these are the impetus, the symbology of the dancer's breaking away to a larger world.

      Just for fun, check out the iconography section of this:

      I think that a lot of symbology exists in all of us as part of our collective subconscious minds. That's why symbols appear all over the world, but colored a little differently by how societies shape them into how they are "allowed" to be expressed.

  3. Yeah, your not that far off. Your succubus seems to alot more than you would think.

    1. She's persistent. Today I experienced the strangest feelings of empathy for people everywhere I went. It was like I was being led to see how they see things, and not how I see them.