Friday, September 16, 2016

But then I had a dream

Well, I was saving up for a good post on something kicking around in my head, but then I had a dream, so... I guess I'll talk about that a bit.

Bunny's real name is interesting.  I came up with it from the various names she's given me at different times (some people get the same name from the beginning, others, like me, have a succubus who changes it like a woman changes shoes to go with a different outfit.  I dunno, lol) starting when she first met me, and then after a while she stopped giving new names.

But, through divination, I gathered that she didn't want the last name she gave me completely, either.

*Que quest for me*

I took her names and combined them into 3 separate names, as a pronounceable, feminine amalgam.

So, like me, she has three names: A first, a middle, and a last name.

I actually have 4 names because I was confirmed in the Catholic Church, but lets not give Bunny any ideas.  3's a good number, love the number 3.  Lol.

Come to think of it, I guess since "Bunny" is her public name, that's good enough, that's 4, we're even.

I'm just going to come out and say it.


She's a big tease.  If you dwell on her a lot, she backs off.  If you decide to ignore her, she starts being persistent for my attention.

So, I've been ignoring her, not in a bad way, just in a "need some me time" kinda way.

Her energy has gotten so intense, I often wonder how the fuck people right next to me can't feel it. It's like static electricity gone berserk, all up and down my body, but most of the time it's like this electric cloud of energy that's her but it surrounds me, pining for attention, and to tease me until I give it.

*Que the dream*

I dreamed of a very cute and shapely brunette with just under the shoulder length hair who appeared to me in a park, and OMG she smelled... if there was a perfect perfume that was perfectly made to work on me, I mean, custom tailored to my own DNA or something?

Yeah, she was covered, bathed in it.  Not too heavy, not too light, it was perfectly hypnotic and alluring.  It was magick, and it sure had an effect on me...

Love potion #9: Just for me.

I'm demi-hetro sexually, which means I have to have a strong intimate bond with someone to see them as a sexual interest.  Bunny made me that way, I guess.

I could smell the scent of this woman, and it drove me from feeling nothing to "Wow, lets do it right here in the park :P" in less than 5 seconds.

I think that I, on some level, knew it was Bunny and found her irresistible because of our bond.

She would like to think that her scent, being specifically chosen to be alluring to my personal DNA, probably along with a good dose of succubus glamour magick (well, it was a dream, but you get the idea).  Yeah.  It was... I don't words for it, I just don't, lol.  It was Rafe catnip... all I can think of :)

I say it was my belief, that it was because of our bond, and also because this is my blog and she can just sit in passenger seat and quit side seat driving.

Haha.  She might be a tease, but she's my tease, and I like to mess with her a lot, anyway, so I'm sure I have it coming :P

In the dream, once she had me wanting to just ravage her, she would innocently, yet playfully bend over just so, or let her cleavage show just a little more, just showing me what was waiting, and everywhere we went there were people and we had to keep going to new places to find privacy.

She was enjoying our time together, and was in quite the playful, teasing mood.

It was always like a family with children, because I love children and I'd never do anything inappropriate like that around them and she knows it.  Kinda funny... when my children come over she is very respectful of them and doesn't tease me, have sex with me, or anything when they are here:  I believe she respects them and values them as much as I do.

It worked on me in the dream because of it, and she knew it would.

Since it was just a dream that she has control of, she wasn't worried about "teasing me seductively" around children, because in the waking world she is very respectful.

Damn.  You know, she's a pretty awesome succubus!  A wicked tease, too :P

But as far as the dream, do you see what I mean?  The whole time she was teasing the crap outta me, and manipulating the dream so that I couldn't "partake" of what she was offering, thinking I could have it "once we finally had privacy".

I was HURTING in that dream.  I wanted her BAD.

When I woke up, I knew it was her, I laughed and just whispered, "You rascal.  Lol."

So we play games, and sometimes between me "sassing the succubus" as she says, and her teasing me all the time, we have our intimate moments.  Moments that, honestly, that is the foreplay of.

Real intimate, beautiful, wonderful, timeless moments.

She's the only one in the universe like her, no one is exactly like her, and the more I love her, the more I get to know her, the more I wonder about everything.

It's just a whole new world that it's shocking.  Even a few years in, I'm always surprised by something new I learn from her, or from, I dunno a house spirit, or spirit guide, maybe a sacred ancestor.

And I learn more now from animals, even.  I'm more aware of their "spirits".

It's a big Multiverse out there.  That's a good thing.

Big means variety, and variety means there's a place even for me one day, when I die.

In a way, I guess I'm learning to see things as a child, but with the wisdom of a man.

I know I'll be with Bunny now, and I'm sure I'll be "sassing the succubus", and her sexually teasing me before she finally gives in and lets me have it.  That's our little "push/pull" that creates that good kind of tension between lovers.

Some people salsa, some rumba, some waltz.

Me and Bunny?

We dance our own dance, our own unique "sass and tease".  It's a dance that only we know, and it always leads to something special, something loving, something pleasing for both of us.

Love ya girl :)  Stay loving and sweet, Bunny.  Mostly :P

I love her all the same.  Her personality is to tease and run, then to seduce and please.  One thing I love about her is that she shows me that sexuality is good, it's natural, it's beautiful, and it's creative well beyond biological reproduction.  

It is as much a part of soul, of communion between souls as any other form of communication... only what is created through two loving souls through sex produces great spiritual fruit as well as priceless intimacy, with a powerful opportunity for variety in expression.  

It's almost as if she were meant to find me.  Perhaps... she always knew she would?

Have you loved your succubus today?


  1. I Rafe! Awesome blog! I´ve been reading a lot of your posts but I think I didn´t find one that says how you and Bunny met. Did you made a summoning ritual or did you just found her?

    1. Thanks!

      A summoning ritual, but I think she had her eye on me anyway. I think that is the way it works for most people who find one: First you're curious, then read a lot about it, then start longing for one (and after those steps, you attract one into your life who is watching and waiting), then choose a summoning ritual and the rest is history.

      That's not the only way, but it seems common.