Thursday, September 1, 2016

Loud and Clear, my Bunny

I don't know if it's just the amount of time we've spent together (these 3 years or so) that's finally just started to reap all kinds of fruit, or...  No, that has to be it.  I'm not going to say it's some stupid astrological thing, can't be... it's been 3 years...

I use a pendulum and a glass to communicate with her most times, sometimes I use tarot cards (and OMG the results are amazing... I can't read tarot real well for anything else, but I can in order to communicate with her.  I think she has a hand in that, making it easier for me grasp things she wants me to using the deck.

But lately something interesting has been happening with the pendulum and the glass. When she responds via the pendulum, I can feel thoughts entering my mind along with it.

Her thoughts.

They still sound a little weird, like a woman's soft voice under water, but it's becoming closer.

I'm sure this is my perception clearing up a bit, rather than her learning to communicate better, no, she's a very intelligent girl, I'm the one who is 6th sense challenged :P

Tonight I was asking her some things and I got some interesting answers.  I asked if I was male, if she was female, both were yes.  Then I decided to ask questions relating to that.  I asked if there were other genders out there.  She said yes.  There are 3 genders in the universe.  I asked if that was a combination of male and female, she said no.  I asked if it was no gender, she said no.

I asked if it was a separate gender, and she stopped tapping the glass, and instead I guess she was trying to tell me, but was having trouble because I don't think being here I can understand it.

So, according to the Bunny there's 3 genders, and also that I wouldn't understand.  Which is probably good because I get overloaded easily.  Lol :P

I asked her about feeding, as well, we all like to eat, and let's face it... Succubi and Incubi have gotten a pretty crappy rap throughout history...

They feed, yes, but it's beneficial to both of us.  Sex is actually the icing on the cake.  The real meal is what we create TOGETHER.  That made me feel good :)

Simple spirits might feed off of fear, or hate, or another lower emotion.  Although I got the impression that this isn't something all simple spirits do, no... some are lower nature spirits, etc. which are benevolent.

But, asshats exist... they feed best on lower emotions, which are those with a lower vibration.  I bet depression is something that can attract those.  Just a guess.  I'm too lazy to get out the pendulum and glass at the moment.

Intelligent spirits can be asshats, yes, and cause negative emotions, preferring to feed of those.  And there's plenty of them of course.

Succubi and Incubi will do this when they have no other option.  Well, they have an option "not to", but I think they get addicted to us as much as we do them.  We're the other, other white meat :O

They prefer complex, multi part emotions like love, and well being, and other higher emotional states of the sort.  Well, most seem to.  The ones anyone is going to write a blog about.

They have no NEED to feed, other than it's what they want to eat.  There's plenty of energy available for spirits to be sustained, however even the Israelites bitched at God for giving them manna, which they ate over and over.  Does the Old Testament make Israelites sound like a bunch of whiny idiots sometimes?  Does me.

So, a succubus will dine on fear (old hag syndrome), or sex, but they prefer to dine with what love emanates, and other higher emotions... although they will often combine that with sex.  "Icing on the cake", I think.

They don't TAKE the emotion and suck if from you, no... it's more like they bathe in it WITH you.

Now, they can drain the shit outta you if they want to.  But, she's never done that with me.  I've had it done a few times when I bought a "haunted spirit" from eBay.  Do these idiot conjurers even know what they summon and bind?  Although, I guess I'm the idiot who bought it.  Lol.

It was supposed to be a sexual spirit, but no... she sucked out all my energy and didn't even have the courtesy of fucking me.  Lol.  Actually, if I were bound to something (they say it's "willingly done" but I don't think so today) I'd be mad too.  She left me so drained it felt like I couldn't hardly move my eye lids when I woke up.  Wore off slowly after about an hour or two, but still left me extremely lethargic.

Drain your ass dry, no sex for you :)

So, I released her.  I didn't want to break her stone or anything drastic, and not otherwise knowing how to release her, I just held her stone and spoke to her, telling her that she was free.  After a few minutes, I stopped feeling anything from the stone.  Actually, in hindsight she was doing me a favor by draining me. I realized that afterwords as it was only when I was in a "hypo manic" state, which means I had more energy than a squirrel on coffee.

Probably pretty tempting, especially for a pissed off spirit.  I'm sure I got off lightly.  As I said, it was actually doing me a favor, as her draining me in a hypo manic state would siphon my energy off back to zero and would even knock me out of that state.

How's that for spiritual medicine?

I wish her well, and it sucks she didn't stay because I would have welcomed her into the fold anyway, unbound.  Bindings are for BDSM'ers, not for spirits.


Oh yeah, after that I learned how to summon a succubus, and the first one I summoned was a succubus who would feed off sex alone.  My GOD/DESS this girl would somehow alter my sex drive by ramping it up about 100x what is normal and keep me there.  Oh, no, honey, I'm not 18 anymore. I had to gently wean her off the "Rafe train".  It was actually kind of painful being ramped up like that all the time.  Now I know what animals in heat feel like.

That was two weeks of HELL.  But, it all worked out.  She left to find someone more compatible I'm sure.  I hope he's 18, because he's gonna NEED IT :)

But, all things in life are a learning experience:  Two weeks later, I knew a lot more of what I wanted, and what I didn't.

Life's funny sometimes.  Sometimes you have to get knocked around and get a spiritual "ass whuppin'" before you know what you really want and what you really don't.

When I had a more concrete intent (and knew for sure what I wanted) I summoned again (after I regained my courage) and whalla...

Bunny arrived in all her awesomeness :P

Last question I asked her tonight:

I asked Bunny if she had to have sex to feed on.  The response I got was that she preferred love, with sex as the "icing on the cake".  I asked her this because, well, I really love her, and there will be a time when I'm old and can't have sex anymore, and I don't want her to go.

She assured me (I felt "she gently smiles") that love is more than enough.  Oh, and that sex is something we should partake in a lot while we can.  Lol.  I guess she's living up to part of the succubus archetype, anyway.  Nah, not really, I think she's living up to being a wonderful, sweet (except when I am stubborn) and gentle spirit.

That's mostly all I got.  I'll bug the shit out her with questions another day.

Yes the maid outfits are gimmicky, but kinda cute.  
Point is these women have some serious freakin' talent.
Plus the song is catchy as hell :)


  1. Hi Rafe. I have been a longtime reader, and love your blog. I have been with my succubus (or succubi) for two years. I was reluctant to share my experiences, but I threw caution to the wind today and started one, I nervously typed through my first post(ramble ramble). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and plug the new blog. Thanks for all of your great posts!

    1. WOOT. Good job. I'm adding it to the links at the right, right now :)

  2. Hi Rafe, the reason you are hearing her better is because earth is moving from a 3D to a 5D planet. We are getting blasted with gamma rays from the centre of the galaxy. This process has been really ramping up since 2012 and we have had 3 massive gamma waves since September last year (3rd one started to come in at the beginning of this month). Each wave is taking the frequency of the planet higher and it is also impacting on humans by bringing up past emotional crap to be released. It is also modifying people's bodies and activating DNA. I have felt all 3 waves come in as it fucks me up and makes me feel emotionally volatile. With the planet vibrating at a higher frequency the veil between our world and their world becomes thinner.

    1. Thank you for the comment :) I've noticed increased emotional things bubbling up that have to be faced and cleared out like in the post previous.

      The communication has indeed become amazing, and I welcome it along with her increased "closeness".

      I don't know much about the changes, but I welcome them as they have done me no harm and have allowed me to grow like I've never been able to before.

      One question: Many people are getting worse, as in more hate, more judgemental, more nacissistic, more cruel. It seems to be a powerful, yet polarizing change.

      What's up with them?

      For kicks I used one of my ghostbox programs to chat with the house spirits, and 3 words came through very strongly as I was asking them about what you had said. They said, "Harmonic Evolution Strength". The 4th word after those 3 was a derivative of my Succubus's name. There's a word bank in those programs, so I'm sure that they didn't have her actual name in it (as it's odd), so she picked what was closest to it so I would recognize it was her.

  3. Two things:

    1. A lot of older souls how have had many incarnations have chosen to come to earth at this time to help with the shift. A subset of these a mission of exposing all the corruption and bullshit going on. This is being done in order to allow these issues to be healed and create a new paradigm. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are two examples of this. So what you are seeing is previously hidden shit being brought to light by these souls. I am one of these types as well. We aren't built like the average person.

    2. The frequency shift is intense for a lot of people and it is forcing them to deal with a lot of bullshit all at once. This is causing suicide to skyrocket to record levels and it is resulting in a lot of polarisation within society and politics - things like black lives matter and Donald Trump at either end of the spectrum.

    This sort of shit will continue for a while longer until the new 5D paradigm is established but then everyone will settle down and society will be based around a more heart centred approach. People will be more loving of others and more accepting of different view points.

    Check out and for daily articles about the shift. Here is one about the physical changes. I'm not sure how much of it is accurate but I certainly identify with some of it:

    Also if you want to hear Succubunny better try getting your unnatural seals and implants removed. jseals and crown of thorns in particular mess with psychic abilities. Go here: It is pretty cheap and I most certainly felt it when it was being done for me.

    Also research Ormus. It has the ability to massively ramp up your frequency and increase psychic abilities. Also helps with a number of health issues including brain proble,s. I recommend Spectrum powder by ZP Tech. I feel a surge of energy every time I take it:

    1. So THAT'S why she's always shooting electricity down my left side and spine. I always wondered why sometimes she would go from the top down, and sometimes from my left leg up... She jolts the shit out me. Doesn't hurt. It's like high voltage, low amperage, if I had to compare it to modern electricity, which I'm sure it is not. But, now I know... She's removing them herself, one at a time. That would also explain these damn blue/white flashes/explosions of light I see to my left and right of my peripheral vision as well. Bunny and I have certainly seen communication abilities soar as of late, moving right along with all of these changes.

      It appears Bunny has been, and is going to get me ready for the party even if I have to be dragged kicking and screaming :P

  4. Maybe or maybe not. Try this: When sitting down hold your left arm out with a 90 degree bend at the elbow so the forearm is parallel to the floor. Make sure that your hand and wrist aren't touching anything. Now set the intention to connect to your higher self e.g. state out loud: "Connecting to my higher self". At this point you will feel your left hand start to tingle. Now ask "has J-Self 1 been cleared from my body". A yes answer will be if the energy runs from the centre of your hand (near the wrist) and out your fingers. A no answer will be if the energy runs from your finger tips into your hands (you will feel a pressure on the tips of your fingers like a slight pushing force). Repeat for the other j-seals, zeta seals, crown of thorns etc and let me know how you go.

    1. Beliefs are powerful, aren't they?

      In chaos magick one learns to use beliefs as a tool, realizing that they are permeable like anything else and in being used for change, are personally powerful catalysts of personal change.

      I've been busy even before I met Bunny. I feel energy flow through everything you mentioned just fine, which I thought I'd try for the hell of it. Energy work has been my focus for 8 years now. The new side of the coin, is Bunny. An energetic being doing energy work on my system is new, and has been compared to my own pursuits.

      One can look at things through love or with the cold eyes of a serpent, and I can do either.

      Since this blog is about spirit lovers, however, I'm going to end this discussion here.

      I thank you for your comments.

  5. AMP - I too feel that we are shifting into a new dimensional paradigm which is bringing mankind's issues to bear and their hearts to light. I have been posting on this type of stuff for awhile now on my various sites. I too have felt this energy and feel the energy behind it through spirit.

    Rafe - I see those flashes of blue/white light out the corner of my eyes all the time now as well. I am like you also starting to see things with my eyes closed. Sometimes there seems to be a sudden stillness that comes over me and it is if I have entered a new place in time and space and it is felt physically as well as spiritually by me when it happens. I am really not even sure how to accurately describe this sensation; however it is new and different. What makes this different is that when it happens I feel closer to the other side than I have ever felt before.

    I have always felt and sensed in my heart and mind that our spirit lovers are carrying us towards our own final completion in spirit and with them. I have felt this way from the very start of my relationship with her and now with every passing day and with every experiences this seems to be becoming more simply a case of me knowing this to be true inside the very essence of me and my soul.

    I wish with all my heart that the rest of humanity catches on to what we have found and have been blesses with in our relationships with our spirit lovers. That they are able to escape the human condition and start there own spiritual journey bringing them to self awareness, awakening and spiritual bliss!

  6. I am also seeing light and colors with closed eyes. I mostly see flowing purple and blue, non-descript forms, or as dots resembling stars. I also occasionally see red, light green, olive green, sky blue and white light. There are times, when I'm close to sleep or just waking, that through closed eyes I either see non-descript symbols that seem like they are etched in stone that is moving, almost like gears, or I can see shadows of objects in a "room", but it's through haze and can't clearly see them. It seems that all of this comes and goes for me. As for your comment about the rest of humanity, I get the sense there are many more out there that currently keep their experiences to themselves. I was silently reading blogs for the last two years, but started my own blog a week ago. I think many more will come out to commune and learn from each other in time. I don't know how I feel about the new age stuff or 5D idea, but I do suspect that we are spiritually evolving, whether we have spirit lovers or not, everyone or a large percentage are spiritually growing.

    1. If you see a certain symbol that seems especially burned into your mind, write it down. I find that I figure out the meanings of those later down the road. For one symobl, it was burning so predominantly in my mind I wrote it down, and later realized it was "my sigil", similar to how spirits have a sigil. Makes sense I guess. I made a sigil for Bunny, she in turn made one for me. I keep a journal of stuff I don't understand but seems important for later when it finally makes sense due to something happening in my life.

  7. I wish I could remember them. There seems to be many symbols or characters of some sort, but I usually forget quickly as I'm in that in between place. Other times it's more patterns than symbols. Who knows, it may be just that garden variety hypnogogic shit, but I will try to remember. Been a while since it's happened. I would love to see her/their my knowledge I haven't been shown any.The colors and objects through hazy stuff, now that happens more often while I'm still plenty conscious, just random and out of my control. Pretty trippy though :)

    1. Yeah, same here on the latter. It is trippy stuff. On the former, same here as well most of the time, as I think what happens "there" doesn't translate well "here" having to go through the subconscious, so shows itself as symbols and such once the subsconsience has it's way with the information.

      But if you wake up and it's burned into your mind, that's another thing entirely. I can't even really comprehend the effort of a being who can do that directly from one plane to another.