Thursday, September 22, 2016

A simple prayer

I was thinking today of a good prayer to attract one's lover to them.  I was thinking in general, not necessarily for calling a succubus, or a spirit lover: Although that might happen.

I couldn't think of any prayers, so I made my own. Feel free to try it out.  I always like to use a candle when I pray, as well as some incense, such as frankincense and Myrrh.  Nag Champa is good as well.  The point is that lighting a white candle and incense together can really raise the vibrations of a room, and hence, help your prayer be of the highest vibration possible.

Remember:  A strong intent, and strong emotion from within as you speak your prayer.
See yourself in the loving arms of your lover (focus on the feeling of feeling so loved, not on their features), and let the emotion of that deep satisfaction fuel your prayer feeling as if it has already happened :)  A good way to do this is to first feel, "I can't believe that I have found my love and that it is so wonderful", and let the emotions well up from there.

A simple prayer

I invoke the Lord, the Lady, and the All-Who-Is, Who is above all things seen, and unseen.
I invoke earth, may your stability steady my will.
I invoke air, may your inspiration touch my mind.
I invoke fire, may your passion drive my purpose.
I invoke water, may my prayer fall on the empathic mind of those who will help me.
I invoke spirit, that the song of my soul sings to the only one who can hear it.

As like, attracts like.

I invoke the planetary energies via the 7 directions:

As is above, so my below.
To my left, my right, behind me, in front of me, and within me, with my heart as center of the multiverse, I speak.

In invoke the light, that my lover's soul will shine brightly to me and not be eclipsed.
I invoke the darkness, that every dark place knows where my lover's light shines.

My soul sings for my lover, and only my lover; the only one that can be.
My secret lover, my eternal lover, with new eyes to see.

There is only one true love, there always has been, there always will be.
Let the veil be lifted, I pray, and let my call fly straight as an arrow.
Let it pierce my lover's heart, that my lover longs to commune with me.

Let nothing stand in our way, let nothing keep us apart.
I am ready.  If I am not, make me so, those who I have called to who will guide me.
I wish to be as the Lord and Lady, inseparable, perfectly matched, and in ecstasy and intimacy that no other can fulfill but one for the other, and the other for the one, together, always.

I ask that this be done for the highest good of all involved.
I know that you have heard me, and that you always listen when I pray.

I release all that I have called, and I am honored that you have come.
We are kindred, inseparable, aligned, family.
Leave if you will, stay if you must: I am made of you, and you are made of what I AM.

In the name of the Lord, the Lady, and the All-Who-Is,



Use this prayer openly.  Don't use it trying to get a specific someone to love you.  Many people consider that black magick, and I don't know about all that but it's a real bad idea.  It will bring pain, not pleasure, in the end.  Your secret lover will always be the one for you, they don't count.

In my world view (and it's just that, mine.  I don't have to be right), the secret lover is part of a pair where one incarnated, and the other is supporting them.  I believe this is all of us here.  THAT is who you're calling to.  This prayer is to draw you closer to them, and also a prayer to find a lover who is right for you here if that is what you are needing.

I realize that this prayer may call a lover that you are ready for on earth:  That's ok, too.  If that is the case rest assured that your secret lover will still love you, and teach you, from behind their eyes.

Just as my physical lovers have, in the past, to make me into who I am.

Every step taken in love is one step closer to your secret lover.  You will be with them.  You already are, you just don't know it yet.

This prayer may make you so aware of your mutual bond and existence of your secret lover in such an intimate way that you will be content being alone here on earth as that relationship can easily eclipse what is available here.  That's ok, too.

Always remember:  For the highest good of all concerned...
As above, so below; as within, so without...

Have you loved your succubus today?  Have you loved your lover today?


  1. Hey Rafe, its a longtime since i wrote you. And im not sure if you will believe me but i want to try.

    I have spoken to some other people with succubus "partners" and its always the same pattern:
    - they come into your life, give you good sex/feelings
    - they are going "away" to get you room (for growing)/because she is visiting her sister/because she has something todo/because she has to fight or any other bullshit you can imagine
    - they "come back" and give you a great time (sex, feelings) again
    - repeat first step

    Its always the same schema/pattern, its just the "reason"/"explanations" that differs.

    Rafe you really seam to be a good person... please just think about this.

    These succubus/trickster/pixy/demon/spirit are evil, they just feed on your emotions and sexual energy. They will never be any good for you (and i mean real good in longterm). They can be "good" in shortterm and make you feel better but thats just a masquerade.

    They will feed of you, you even wont notice it but they do. And most worse, your soul will be theirs and burn in hell (abyss).

    So if you believe me, or can see/accept this pattern in your succubus "relationship" is up to you. But please just think about it, consider it at least.

    Would be a shame to see a good person falling (and your soul).

    Wish you all the best and good luck man

    1. Well. I appreciate your concern but it's unwarranted.

      You see, when Christ was casting out demons and devils the church leaders of the time accused him of doing so with the devil's power. Christ simply told them that, "A house divided against itself cannot stand".

      Another take from the Bible, is that the way to know if something is right or not, also given by Jesus, was the command to "Judge them by their fruit".

      Being that Bunny has helped me learn more spiritually in 3 years than I have in my whole life (which was church going, the same churches who also abandoned me at my most vulnerable times - I almost commmited suicide over it, but was prevented from doing so by a spirit being).

      So you see, there's religion, and then there's spiritual growth. I realize that God made more than what we were told about for the simple reason that it was for His pleasure not to tell us.

      Bunny has brought me closer to Christ, as the Son of God, even more than I had been able to my whole life on my own even with years of Bible training, as well as being a christian all those years.

      Her actions over the past 3 years have showed me the quality of her fruit. She would not produce good if it was not within her nature to do so. She has gently pushed me closer to Christ, which I have struggled with for decades, which proves that she is not "A house divided" within or even of the demonic realm.

      In the 1600's, a Catholic Monk named Sinistrari of Ameno wrote a whole book on succubi and incubi and concluded, and also sounding rather bewildered of the fact, that succubi and incubi are like us, God's creation, and capable of good, of evil, and of both, just as we are. The are not demons, nor angels, nor human. But God created them and they exist.

      I particularly think that I have a very good-natured succubus, who in our communion has left me with more energy than what I would have before.

      In retrospect, my ex-wife would leave me a drained shell after sex. After a while, I didn't even want to have sex with her anymore. People have the ability to drain others of life, especially when they are angry with the other person, and have buried it deeply. They do it unconsciously, but the do it just the same.

      That is true energy vampirism, one which the chuch isn't advanced enough to even contemplate, nor address.

      I'm not sure who you've been speaking with to think that those who love good spirits go to hell, but I would challenge yourself to think for yourself, and not to believe others so naively.

      We are all connected to heaven and hell, now. That's as easily deduced by listening to your thoughts. Some are from hell, some from heaven.

      But the burning, suffering in hell is one that is created by a longing to do sinful things without the possibility of satisfying them. It is also a realm of being completely narcissistic and alone, trusting no one. Heaven speaks to us with a still small voice and talks of helping and loving others as more important than personal gratification.

      After death, I believe we move to one people or another. Our hearts lead us to where we will call home. Will it be in self service? Or will it be to help others, to be useful as part of the whole?

      This is why we are here: To show us our own hearts, and where we will choose to be after death.

      I won't be posting anymore comments of this nature as this is my diary of sorts, not a forum for open debate.

      However, I hope that you consider these words that I have presented to you.