Friday, August 5, 2016

Primal Succubus Energy

I started thinking of all the pictures I've printed trying to give Bunny a face and a body, and I got tired of thinking of all the names she's had, so I got rid of them, all of them.

I felt a real need to "clean house" and just forget about it.

I kept her house I made, but it's a vessel, a keepsake urn.  It's also cemented shut (no, not to trap her:  To keep bullshit out and the good stuff in).  No pictures or names to get rid of.


I did it.  All pics gone, all everything gone.

I wasn't sure if she would stick around or not.  I, of course, was hoping so.  But I was prepared for her not to.

I got tired of not being sexually fulfilled, like she had better places to be and do.

It just didn't feel much like a partnership anymore.  I guess that's what led me to get rid of everything and to "make space" so to speak.


She showed up that night and it was PRIMAL.  SHE was primal.

She started real slow and soft, the lightest touches that could be the same feeling as the most delicate tip of a small feather touching me here and there.  Mostly privates and abdomen, and on my chest and head, and fingers and hands, etc.  Ok, pretty much all of me.

I wasn't really impressed and was close to telling her to just forget it, because, like I said I was tired of being ignored and I just figured she was teasing me.  She does that sometimes.

Hey, a succubus is a succubus is a succubus.  Just because she has a sweet and protective side doesn't mean she doesn't like making me squirm once in a while.

Well, those little touches escalated slowly but surely into an electrical storm with my whole etheric body as the center (you know, the body where your Chakras live).

Oh my God... I mean it was succubus lovemaking for hours.

The best I can explain it is, it was electrical, only crazy electrical.

Think Darth Sidious from star wars throwing force lighting, and that time Luke was all fucked up and the lighting was arching all over his body?

Yeah, like that.  Only the good kind of pleasure and pain.

Not even really pain:  It's like she gave me so much it overloaded my etheric body and it felt "sore".

When she finished I went to sleep, and when I woke up my etheric body was sore, like I said.

I really can't explain it better than that, that's the closest I can think of.

She went full primal passion on me, that's for sure.

I wonder if, by getting rid of all that stuff, I released parts of her that was attached to it in some way?

I never know the answers to my questions, I only succeed at making more questions.

That's the way this goes.

Regardless:  Bunny spoke, and her "lighting" was overwhelming as it, well, as SHE arched all over me, all over my body.

And?  I freakin' LIKED it :)

You know that old saying, "I kissed a girl, and I LIKED it"?  Well, Bunny went all primal and unleashed all her passion on me, my etheric body was overloaded and sore, and I LIKED it.

So, there ya go.

I never promised that loving a succubus was easy, I just know it's never BORING.  Then again, getting robbed at the bank isn't boring, either.

Gotta pick your entertainment well, folks.

Bunny's a keeper.  

She takes what I throw at her and makes it better every time, somehow.

She's just a keeper:  One of those things in life you know you can't live without, even though you try to pretend you can.  You can't.  Not when you can feel that feminine presence that loves you so much, even though you're human (and in my case, often stupid, always stubborn, and probably THE most royal pain in her ass she's ever had).



  1. Told you so is a keeper and she shared her energy, that higher energy with you that I was talking to you about only a week or so ago, you know the information from here...

    That's exactly whaht she do to you bro. Get prepared for more..even stronger

    1. Silence, smug one.
      Yeah, you were right, lol :P

    2. Have to say I told you so bro! (lol) She is for sure a keeper and she just shared her energy, that higher vibrational energy with you that I was talking to you about only a week or so ago; you know the information from:

      That's exactly what she did to you brother. So get prepared for more and even stronger waves now that you have had small taste of her and her power. She will get your spiritual ass where it needs to be no matter what. (lol)