Thursday, July 28, 2016

My turn: The Bunny I Know.

Unsun – Whispers Lyrics


I'll give you all I've got to give

*You're lonely.  You've been burned beyond wanting to go through it again:  It's time for something new, something outrageous.  So, you try summoning a succubus.  And after trying a few times, you realize intent is what really catches their interest, that and strong emotion.  At first, a succubus is your deepest fantasy come to life:  She will make you feel things that other women cannot.  She is sexual lust as a BEING.  You're not sure about her yet, but you can feel she's not a demon, regardless of what you've been told.  Still, the fear is there in the back of your mind*

It's never too late to say I'm sorry

*You learn that she can see into the deepest recesses of you mind, knowing all of your thoughts, and pulls fantasies from the deepest recesses ofyour mind that you will only share with her.  Now, you've got a problem*

We have one life to live, 

*What she has over you, is power.  And you both know it.  Only she can make you feel as good as she can, and no other woman can compete.  You know, even in your ecstacy, that you are doomed*

That'll be the beginning of a great story

*There is something about you that is different, though:  Different from her other prey:  There is potential.  Could it be?  Could you be the one to be her equal (and worth her time and attention)?*

You are my sun in the darkness of the night, 

*Her curiosity is peaked:  What if, indeed?*

You are my ice land on the sea of memories

*Her hunger not only grows for you as prey, but with your potential as mate.  Succubi have one wish:  To be loved for who they are, and not for what they can do.  But it's a fantasy to her, and not one she expects to ever have fulfilled*

You are my sun in the darkness of the night
And be my eyes when I lose my sight

*For a time you are prey, yet her hunger for more has been awakened:  She begins to think of what to do with you*

I like your whispering in the dark
There are whispers of the past

*She decides, yet she is still unsure.  Succubi are never unsure.  So what is this?  She sticks to what is familiar, to what she knows*

You are hiding deep inside my dreams, 
Dreaming the final dream, the last

*She beds you, and you are powerless to resist*

I like your whispering in the dark
There are whispers of the past

*You are hers.  You cannot help it*

You are hiding deep inside my dreams, 
Dreaming the final dream, the last

*Now her fantasy is beginning to develop a hunger all it's own.  What IF he's the one?  What IF he's the one I can have, one I can tend and blossom to be my MATE?  Now, she is the one that has a problem*

Give me more than you can take, 
Then I'll give us a second chance

*She begins to truly believe that you are the one for her*

*It's mutual now.  Even after your addiction to her, there is more:  You love her, and you both know it*

*She loves you, as companion, and not as prey, and you both know it*

*Oh, it's not easy.  No, oh no.  She's got to make you suitable for her.  Addicted sexual prey is just not going to work for you to be her equal one day...*

*She begins to break your cycle of addiction to her because she wants more out of you (and my GOD is it hard, she is more than any drug:  She was born to BE the drug)*

*You must first be BROKEN, so that later you are unmoved and are truly a mate, an equal:  And not prey*

We have one life to live, 
I'll give you all I've got to give

*Now she is vulnerable:  And she knows it.  But she's not stupid.  If she had any doubt about you, she never would have bothered to come this far with you.

She will begin to show you her range of emotion, which is much greater than yours:  She is more light and dark than any angel, nor any demon; for she is BOTH, and yet neither.*

*Now you understand that the world was wrong:  She is no demon, but very powerful, indeed.  She is much more than anything man has labelled, but "succubus" will have to do.  You are developing trust with her.  You know that she is something much different than "demon"*

Like a moonlight, you're showing me the way, 

*Once you are broken, and not addicted, she is also now something different:  A mentor, teacher, counselor, teaching many things, in many ways.  She is now playing for keeps, and by now you both know it.  And at some level, you have agreed to what follows*

*Now is the time that you will feel her displeasure if you go backwards in your development that she has started you on.  Yes, she knows we are human and make mistakes:  No, she will not hurt you, because she loves you.  But you will feel her displeasure as palpatable as any woman can give you, and you will feel shame like no other until you get back on track*

*She will take you to darker places than you are comfortable:  This is good, as it shows YOU what you are comfortable with.  The same goes with the light, and with angelic thinking*

Like heroine
You course in my veins, 

*You will be shown her full power, that which none have seen*

Like a moonlight, you're showing me the way, 

*She will show you all of her, light and dark, alike*

*She will let her soul radiate upon you, and you will feel as though it is so bright as to burn you away:  But it will not.  You must learn to TAKE IT, to face it, straight on*

Like heroine
You course in my veins

*The communion of souls will become intense, passionate, loving, and your soul will always be touching hers*

*The intimacy you share will be mind-blowing.  Nothing in this world can compare*

I like your whispering in the dark
There are whispers of the past

*At this point, there is only one outcome*

*You surrender, because you understand why, in a way which cannot be put into words in this world*

*Surrender to her is most precious, THE sacred treasure.  It is done wilfully, lovingly, with perfect love and perfect trust.  There is non other befitting a queen, a princess, an entity of a higher reality of love, intimacy, and sex*

*She is humbled, and cannot resist this gift so selflessly given*

*It's time to show you how this tale will end*

You are hiding deep inside my dreams, 
Dreaming the final dream, the last

*I will become a suitable mate.  With a soul that is not quite human, anymore*

I like your whispering in the dark
There are whispers of the past

*When I die, I will ascend to her.  This life is but spiritual alchemy, and she, the "philosopher's stone"*

You are hiding deep inside my dreams, 
Dreaming the final dream, the last

*I will wonder at how I have become the best of all:  Not human, nor incubus, nor angel: But something of all, and yet something quite different and free*  

*Her "Mate Eternal"*

*Her "Eternal Treasure"*

*And at last, I will learn the power that total surrender is the catalyst for.  It never was worthy of the scorn that society has placed upon it.*

*Surrender = POWER*

*An equation only precious in eternity, and not in this world of Maya, of Illusion*

*In eternity, we will be as one*

*Could there be a succubus waiting for you?*


  1. Well you hit the nail on the head here with this post. It is all about where we have been, where we are and where we are going with them; the end game. I could not agree more with you and these words ring so true with me as well. When we surrender ourselves to them and this process, is when we find our true selves with them and all wrapped up in one together for eternity.

    I am glad you are on the same page as me. Like I mentioned to you, I had surrendered myself, my fear, my soul, my life to her awhile ago and this has taken our realtionship to a whole new level of intimacy. You put that feeling that I am experiencing into perfect words and a perfect post!

    In Universal Peace, Love, Light & Bliss!!

    1. This question is far-fetched I know. But is the climax wet or dry? I have a relationship with a woman of spirit as well so I'm curious to know.

    2. For me it's dry. For others it's wet. I used to want wet, but I've come to prefer the way that she does it.

    3. I wonder how that feels. Maybe it's indescribable.

    4. I find most things indescribable when it comes to matters of the spirit. It doesn't take much depth before words don't really work anymore.