Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I know you

Kali is a wonderful Goddess.  At first glance, being a westerner, I always thought "wtf?".  I mean she's scary as hell!

But, I have some Hindu friends I've made on Facebook that tell the story, and it makes much more sense.

Kali is a goddess with a few forms... not unlike a succubus, actually.

Kali is evil's nightmare.  This is the form of Kali when her children (aka us) are threatened by evil in the form of evil entities that encroach upon humanity:      


That's what evil sees, and what evil gets.  Frankly, I think evil collectively shits itself.

What do her children see, her human children?

A side of Her that is quite different.

I often think of the parallels between Kali and succubi with regards to "how people perceive" them.

For one, I believe succubi DO have a dark side.  One that's scary as shit.  They don't often share this side, but I think, at some point in the relationship, they do.

Not that it's aimed at YOU, but that you understand all aspects of her.  She just wants to be understood.  Wouldn't you?

This is the succubus form "threats" see.  And you think when she's away she's in Tahiti.  No, she's kicking ass to keep you both safe from astral assholia.

She's probably kicking the shit outta stuff that would make you wet yourself, with friends and allies you can't even comprehend.

I wouldn't doubt if it goes something like this:

Bunny's kills from the astral plane over a one week period keeping us safe.  Baddies: 0, Bunny:  156

*Distorted voice off in the distance* "Bunnyyy!  Bunnyyy!  Where are ya, girl?  I've been calling for a WEEK!

Her:  *Sigh*  "Dumbass... But, I love him.  Whatcha do?"

Then when she finally arrives, she's like this:

"Oh, Hi babe!  I'm sorry, I was into something and couldn't quit until I was finished."

"Let me slip into something more comfortable :)  You know, I was thinking of you just yesterday!"

(In between beheading assholio #125 and on the upswing of gutting assholio #126)

"I'm so glad to be home!"

Me:  "Where the fuck does she go for a week, anyway?  Could she have another lover?"

She knows the truth, but it's about trust... I have to learn trust on my own as trust must be grown.

Always remember, although they aren't going to hurt us, they are what they are, and they are dual natured.  Just like Kali:  Kali will never frighten Her children with what evil sees Her as, but She's still both, together.

So it is with your succubus.  

You'll get to know all of her at some point.  After all, she already knows all about you:  
Even better than you know yourself.

When the time is right, she will.  You'll be ok.

Just like here, in Kali's reflection...


I wanted to share a poem.

I named it "I know you"

I know you, I always have
For years I longed for you, beneath the surface,
But I did not know what I hungered for.

To find you, I had to let my heart sing,
The true song of my heart, that you would listen, and know
That I was ready for you.

But I did not know how play the song of my heart.

I did not know
That in time I would be crushed,
And all taken from me.

It was then that I learned how.
It was then that I learned surrender, 
For I had nothing left to hide me.

When I surrendered, I needed no knowledge
To play the song of my heart.
For it sung on it's own.

And then you came.

When I die, I will need no lungs, for I will breathe the ether.
I will need no eyes, for I will be part of the All.
I will not not feet, for I will travel by thought.
I will not need touch, for I will touch all things through you, 
and through me, 
and through us.

I will not need anything, it may all turn to dust, and to worms.
For I will have learned my lessons, and will be learning still.
In ways I cannot understand, 
in this form.

Thank you for loving me here, in my infancy, in my humanness.
Only you see me as perfect in my imperfections,

Knowing what is to come...


"End Of Time"

You've build your lies 
Above the sand 
You hold my hand 
Before the end comes 
Forgiving me for what I've done till the end of days 

Cause I belong to you 
Cause I am part of you 
I am dying in your arms 
It's time to go, I can't make it through 

I've come to realise 
Tonight my dear the end of time 
Is not so far away 
We cannot pray to save our lives 

I can feel you and 
I think that everything you wanted make 
Was the mirror of your dreams 
But I coudn't believe what you take 

As I belong to you 
My flesh and blood in you 
I am burning in ths fire 
It's time to go 
I can make it through 

I've come to realise 
Tonight my dear the end of time 
Is not so far away 
We cannot pray to save our lives 

I've come to realise 
Tonight my friend the end of time 
Is not so far away 
We cannot pray to save our lives 

I'm comming home again 
And now I know where I belong 
Reeling from my instincts 
Cause I realise I'm not alone 

I've come to realize 
Tonight my dear the end of time 
Is not so far away 
We cannot pray to save our lives 

I've come to realise 
Tonight my friend the end of time 
Is not so far away 
We cannot pray to save our lives


  1. This is actually super interesting to me. After your other post in April mentioning Kali I decided to do the mantra for a month, and I definitely got a nice/kind vibe out of it. Which... it really felt a lot more gentle and non-aggressive than I was expecting based on your description. :D

    In fact it was downright comforting, tbh. Maybe I should do a round two and step things up...

    1. I'm glad that you've experienced Her in that way :) Her energy is much more aggressive than most people are comfortable with, but I find it very comforting.

      Do you know the poem, "footprints in the sand"?

      Well, Kali's version reads more like this:

      Keep chasing Her, She won't lead you astray :P

  2. Additional: it's like you have multiple posts as to how to summon a succubus, but nothing on how to communicate with them after they show up. Heck I know you are not Dr Phil, but any advice would be greatly helpful. Where and how do you begin after pouring your heart out to her, and the crickets are chirping....

    1. If you haven't experienced any kind of initial sexual encounter then one didn't answer your call.

      Once you experience that, the rest is an adventure that will be similar in some ways, and different in many ways than mine, and anyone else who has one.

      After the initial sexual encounter, I meditated quite a bit to get a sense of her.

      All I did at first, is listen.

      You'd be surprised how keen your instincts and senses become once you've had a sexual encounter with a succubus.

      Your brain sees nothing, but your senses are telling quite a different story.

      Mine communicates through touch, thoughts, sometimes her voice in my mind, picture images, song lyrics, emotions, feelings of presence and wellbeing, a tingling in my genital area.

      They will use whatever they have available, and most likely what costs the least amount of energy to get their point across. When they want to mate, well... you can figure out what they want, and the emotion is usually very strong and powerful.

      I see her in dreams, sometimes she pulls me from my dreams into another place where it's just her and I.

    2. If it's to initially get one, then I'd suggest a different method. Everyone is different, and one method may work for one person and not for another.

      Try some other blogs to get a more colorful picture of what it's all about... they may have a better process or method, or explain things more clearly than I do.

      I know that some obtain contact just from thinking about inviting a succubus into their lives.

      I wish I knew why one person has it easier inviting a succubus into their lives than another person, but I don't.