Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just thinking about Bunny...

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny.  Quite the enigma she is.

I like her nickname "Bunny" or "Succubunny" because it belies her power.

That's why I think it's so fitting and fun to use.

Honestly, it brings the idea of a "pet name" to a new level, considering her strength, her presence, her simply being amazing at everything she is.

I love irony:  I always have.  Not sure where I got that, but I love irony when it reveals itself to me in whatever form.

Irony like this:  I put this off for later, saving as a draft, and then later I inhaled a fucking pea and about choked myself to death.

Irony:  Great sense of humor, but the punchlines are killer.

Oh well, fuck it.  So here I am back at it.

I'm going to expand this post into a goofy rambling section, but hopefully one that gives you an idea or two to take away.

I didn't create this blog entirely for myself:  I wanted to help others in some small way.

No, I won't hold your hand:  But hopefully give you some tools from time to time to get yourself out of a rut.

Getting out of a rut is my freakin' forte at this point in life.  I seem to hit every pothole there is in life and had to find some way to get out.

Just for for fun, my advice to live a better, more satisfying life is to:

#1 Find good spirits and befriend them
#2 Treat them right and with respect
#3 Give them treats each day (bourbon, wine, sweet milk, whatever kind for whatever spirits they feel like or your instinct tells you) and ask for nothing in return but love and friendship.
#4 Have patience:  In time you will have many positive spirits around who help to elevate your base vibration.
#5 Be happy.

Hey, it worked for me.

Is that using them?  No.  If you invoke water, prepare to get wet and clean.  That's the point.  It affects you just because it does.

They'll probably begin to like you and think of you as a sort of pet.  Eventually, they'll love you and bless and enhance your life.

Don't worry:  They won't ruin your life, possess your ass or anything else our animal minds can conjure up in fear.

Once you're happy, will you love them any less?

That's what I thought :)

Ok.  I guess I'll break from talking about Bunny and talk about me a bit.

One thing I did was I like to get into my paint.net program and screw around.  Especially when I'm in a light trance.

I started thinking about the universe and stuffs, and I came to the conclusion that God/dess is not just the creator of Good, but of Evil as well.

Yes, we can blame it on some bad boy devil, and many do.

But the point is the buck stops at the top.  No excuses.

Do I think this is wrong?  Who cares:  I'm not God/dess.

They can see far more than I can, but one thing I do see is that THEY allowed it, therefore they created it.

Isaiah 45:7 King James Version (KJV)

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."

As soon as beings were created with free will, tadaa... good and evil came with it.

It had to:  There is no other way it could have happened.

Even if the whole Lucifer story is true, think about it:  If he didn't rebel, 100 billion created angels later one would have.  Maybe she would have been named Luciferina.  Lol.  I'm half joking.

Which reinforces my view:  This plane is for shortbus souls who needed to learn something in full retard mode.  Yeah... us.  All of us do or were wouldn't be here.

I honestly think that this whole song and dance, this whole bullshit acting on stage that we call life is for one reason:  To prove to us who we really are.

Are we good?  Evil?  Where in between?  Are we soft/hard, moist/dry, light/dark, up/down, are we back/forth... you get the idea.  We're here to find out who we are and where we belong.

I don't believe in hell per se, no.  I believe hell is what you make it :)

No, lol.  Actually, I believe that we go where we want to, and that's the point:  We find out where we will go by who we are.

I don't think God/dess loves anyone less because of vibrational differences.

I think God/dess loves evil people as much as the good.

I don't even think of hell as punishment, no:  Because those who choose it want to be there.

What is hell like?  I think that people who like XYZ will be with others who like XYZ.  The "hell" part is simple:  No unwilling victims.

They can't prey on the innocent anymore.  That's the constraints.

Look:  I know that anyone could do what is considered by others as "evil" given the right motivations.  To protect, to save, to prevent.  Whatever, I know.

I know it's not so simple.  The point I'm trying to make is that:

I think there are many vibrations, many dimensions.  To me... this makes sense:

We gravitate towards others that are like us.

Is it any different in this life?  Why then not believe that this life is here to help us define ourselves?

Evil is a lifestyle choice.  So is good.  It's what feels like "home".

And of course I realize that there are a billion shades of grey in between.

I don't like evil.  But it's here, and it always will be.  I don't want it, I don't like it:  But it exists.

So be it.  I do what I can in my own small way to diminish what I don't like, and to enhance what I do like.

Who alive is different?

I also believe that there will be a multiversal redemption of all to what is good and loving in time.

The greeks had a word for that:  Apocatastasis.

"A redemption and return to a primordial condition".

Why all the stage acting?  Why all the play?

I don't know.  Nobody asked for my input, unfortunately.

But in the end, yes, I believe that evil will be redeemed by it's own will:

When the last entity that is evil decides to reach out for goodness, then evil will finally be destroyed:

And that this is the only way it can, and will be.  No suffering, no threats.

No violence, no punishment:  Free will to reach out for goodness.

Maybe that's the price for creating free will:  Evil is born, yet with infinite patience, good prevails.

Some interesting quotes:

"Nature has no principles. She makes no distinction between good and evil."  -Anatole France

"Nature is a whore", lol.  Just like in the song lyrics by Nirvana.

"The essence of the Hebrew Bible, transmitted by Christianity, is separation: between life and death, nature and God, good and evil, man and woman, and the holy and the profane."  - Dennis Prager

"All things, good and evil, come out, it seems, of the East. The Illuminati, like the Ismailites, dealt in allegories; and like the Mazdakites, they played with fire."  - Ameen Rihani

(That quote is actually quite ironic, as Lucifer is the cardinal point of the East in Demonolatry and arguably the most famous name of demonolatry's four quarter associations)

I don't see demonolators as evil, honestly.  Just different names for different forces.

They view the demons as divine.  That's fine.  One man's angel is another man's demon.

I didn't like it personally, but, we all have different tastes.  I'm not real savy about Abrahamic religions, either.  Heck, I'm not real savy about neo-paganism or wicca, either.

I'm happy being an eclectic "?".  I don't really need much of a title.

Apocastastasis is a word I identify with, but I don't think there's a title for a "believer" of such.

I'm just "me"  :)


So, in a light trance (I think), I came up with this (I'm sure someone, somewhere else did too, hell, it's not like I think I invented anything "new".  I'm just too lazy to search):

What does it mean?  

Well... it's a pentagram facing up with the elemental associations which I put in there for flavor I guess, combined with one facing down, also with the correct elemental associations.  I made "spirit" purple.

Good and evil, as a whole.  What's the lock and key?  Hmm...

I don't know.  It's a mystery.  That's why I put it in there because I don't know, but it felt right.

Anyway, so I'm browsing in a science magazine today while waiting for something to be finished on an errand, and low and behold I find this:

Do you know what that is?  Take a guess.

Yeah:  It's a computer generated pic of DNA from the TOP DOWN.

The center even looks like a keyhole on a lock.  Weird, huh?

Weird stuff going on in this head of mine, eh?  

Yeah.  I agree.


So, what do I know about Bunny?

Well.  She did that:  I'm a complete nutcase with a life in shambles.  Post Bunny (or rather, post when she entered my life), not so much.

Well, I'm still a nutcase:  What fun would I be if I wasn't a constant challenge?  Heh.

I'd have to say if she was seeking a challenge, a man to prune and make blossom, well:  I'm that fella.

I think this quote is perfect for the kind of spiritual relationship we succunauts are being groomed for.

Haha, "succunaut".  I just made up a word.  Lets just call that a copyright Rafe, 2016 for now.

Yeahhh... that word is mine, now :P

Yeah.  She kicks ass.  She's never gotten angry with me:  I don't think she ever will.  I'm rather glad about that.  Self-preservation and all that.

Hah, so true.  Although succubi have a unique sensory "catalogue" for lack of a better word.  Maybe "feminine repertoire" would fit better.  I dunno.

True, true.  Although Bunny is so patient and well behaved... But you could say she is far outside of societal norms.  

Or I am.  Or both.

Isn't that the truth?  Having Bunny close has caused me to seek wisdom and closeness with "all of it".

I can't get enough knowledge nor seeking for it.

She's lit a fire in me that cannot be quenched...

I guess cosmology wise I believe in the Lord, the Lady, and the "All who is", which is both combined and above them both.  That's my simple cosmology so far after being with Bunny.

In this case, I feel that God/dess is more appropriate.  God being "both".   

But the quote rings true.

Now THAT describes her perfectly.  She's cool, calm, and collected.  If I'm freaking out about something, lol, she's just there.  Patient.

Then I feel like a toddler...

I don't think Bunny has any doubt at all.  When she acts, things happen.

I wouldn't ever want to be in a high stakes poker game and be on the other side of the table across from her.


Wow.  That's her.  She knows my every thought, emotion, and desire before I do (I think).  Maybe she knows it at the very moment I think the thought before it's turned into internal words.  That's what I'm thinking.  But then again, she knows me better than I know me, so anything's possible.

At first is was troubling, VERY hard to get used to.

A woman who can read EVERY thought?  I can hide nothing?

At some point I just said, "fuck it" and let go.

And when I did, the intimacy was staggering.

What greater intimacy can there be, than knowing every thought of mine, and being okay with them, even the negative ones?

After all, when you DO find a succubus love... your ego will lash out at her because it FEARS her.

It fears knowing that she knows all, and it doesn't like competition.

That's a battle that takes some time to come to terms with.

Just let go... surrender... then there's PEACE within.

That's Bunny to a "T".  This is my favorite quote I found.

It fits her perfectly.

And this quote has been the consequence.

The more I awaken:  The less I desire to fit in.

And to add to that:  The more I perceive others as being spiritually asleep.

That's not to knock them, no:  They will awaken.  One day.

Everyone will in their own time.

One thing I want to make sure and put in here is that I've contemplated a lot about the relationship of I to my anima, and I to my succubus.  What I am beginning to understand is this:  They are NOT the same, but they do dwell together.  I don't understand this completely, but it is something that Bunny imparted to me, so I am trying to understand the concept she is laying out for me to ponder.

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