Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mapping the unmappable. I ain't done yet.

This is a work in progress, more for my own mind than anything scholastic.

I've been thinking a bit about the phenomena of Succubi and Incubi as of late, and that of regular relationships as well.

Not that it isn't a relationship in itself:  Yes, that and more... but you'll see what I mean maybe.

Here's one man and one woman.

Yes, it's simplistic and not entirely accurate, but it'll do:

Now, what I put at the bottom of that illustration is also very simplistic... obviously the anima/ female partner don't have to be an exact match, only compatable...  I do think, however, that we will have our EXACT match after this life if we don't find ours in this life, whether succubus/incubus, or earthly spouse/lover who died or we died.  Hey, we all die here, it's the way it goes...

Who's to say that our succubus/incubus isn't already our match?  Maybe they died in another time and have been waiting for us?

Food for thought...

Consider the top portion above the veil the same as the below illustration's above the veil's portion... the only real differences are how the forces "carry" to each gender, to each relationship below the veil... one is succubus to man, incubus to woman (I'm using simplistic pairings here) or multiple succubi to a man or incubi to a woman, vs. a man and a woman in the flesh in a loving relationship on earth.

Basically... although a bit more complicated below the veil on the earth to earth lovers model, it's not really that much difference.

Click on them to make them more readable.  Space ya know.

Here's how I see relationships here on earth.  Well, here in the multiverse as well, but lets start simple.

Here's how I see relationships with succubi and incubi (click on it to make it larger):

Any questions?  Yeah, me too.

These are very much "random thoughts in progress", so these two pictures don't mean anything concrete, reasonable, or true.

Just my ideas on paper, and trying to sort some things out.

If they can be, anyway.


Lets get real stupid for a bit.  Crazy stupid.

Imagine, if you will, the 7 visible planets as "us".  These are the forces that represent what affects "us":

Mercury:  Information
Venus: Love, Womens :P
the Earth <--- U is here.
The Moon:  The realm of emotions.  Interesting it's between Venus and Mars (Love and Passion), is it not?
Mars:  Passion, Men
Jupiter:  Religion, Faith, Authority
Saturn:  Time, Karma, the Veil.


Know what's interesting?  You've just seen the last planet visible with the naked eye.  Also considered the planet of the "Veil", the "Unknowable"... Saturn is He.

So what's beyond?  

Ahhhh.... The last 3 are the planets which are higher octaves which represent forces that work to bring us into alignment with the Divine Order (or Divine Disorder, whatever end of the spyglass you're looking through I guess).

Higher octaves... so what's interesting about these 3?

Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury.  Information, only a higher form.

Neptune is a higher octave of Venus.  Welcome the Divine Feminine.

Pluto is a higher octave of Mars.  Welcome the Divine Masculine.

Doesn't it seem like forces are working together (The Divine as both male and female), and we're the goofballs stuck in school?  Like the special short bus version...


It's looking more and more like we're all a team.  Men, women, males, females... 

We all need to collectively get our shit together, because it kind of looks like we keep repeating the same FAILS until we get it right.

And it looks like the magick common demoninator is fruitful relationships between genders, relationships that push us to greater spiritual heights.

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