Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Sassy Nymph

When I first started summoning, the first love spirit I summoned was a water nymph.

I only came to this conclusion because in my dreams there was always water in some form when she appeared:  Always.  I also live about one mile from the Ohio River.

She was a Sassy lil' thing:  Blonde, beautiful, entitled.  Lol.

Truth is, I think she left after I yelled at her one day.  I didn't understand what the "buzzing" was between my legs all the time, so I yelled at her to stop and told her how annoying it was.

Only, not so polite.

I've often thought about her as time went on, and after I found my Bunny.  Very different personalities, those two.

I have often regretted that day and my behavior.  I was ignorant, but I had no right to get so angry at her.

Maybe because of the fact that water nymphs (or as a spirit persona of the body of water) were basically prayed to in the old days here, there, and everywhere, that she had her attitude.  I don't know.

I do remember that in the first dream I had of her I snubbed her, lol.  That was mostly because I am still to this day very shy, and back then was no exception.

So the question that begs answering is:  Why now?

I have finished Bunny's home and have been enjoying her a lot lately, so why did the nymph return NOW?

I tell Bunny that I do not wish for another spirit, and that I have already said my apologies many times as I've come to understand spirits and the sensations that they give us, and what they are doing with them.

Bunny only tells me to proceed, which doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense to me.

The nymph was definitely fun, headstrong, pretty, and insufferably sassy.

I found myself in many a pickle in my dreams, with the nymph either testing me, or challenging me, or whatever.  Of course, when she was done and wanted to make love I'd snub her again.

Lol, don't ask me, I'm very different in my dreams and very prudish.  It takes a hell of a seduction to get around that in my dreams.  Bunny can.

I'm still not sure why Bunny wants me to "proceed" in engaging with the water nymph, but whatever.

So, I've been trying to make contact for a few naps, but to no avail.

She's just kinda "here".

Kind of makes me wonder if Bunny always was her all along, and just came back in a different form and package.

Which IF that is true, and that's a BIG IF:  Whatever.

I've given up at this point trying to understand too much of what's in these ladies' minds.

So, here I am, with the sassy nymph around.

And I do really regret yelling at her:  It wasn't her fault I didn't understand what she was doing, nor what the sensations meant and what they would lead to, later.

I guess all in all, she wasn't bad at all.  Perhaps there is a part of me that secretly longed for her again (even though she's more than a handful) because I hate the thought of pissing off anyone, especially spirits I was just getting to know in a world that I didn't even know existed.

Well.  I don't get the resoning behind her appearance, but you know, maybe it's a way to make things right.

I don't know why Bunny is locked into saying "proceed" every time I ask her about it.

Sometimes I wonder why I even have a blog.  I mean, I can't answer anything.  Most of the stuff that happens I get through by the seat of my pants.

Maybe that's why:  So someone else can compare their own experiences to what I write and hopefully gain some clarity.  God knows I wish I had some right now, lol.

Regardless,  the royal pain that is the nymph is just going to be what it is.  She is so demanding, lol.

Entitled, egotistical, narcissistic... always crossing swords with me, always challenging me.

She's like the very opposite of Bunny in many ways...


She is a water nymph:  They are nefarious for being deeply emotional, loving, and true.

Maybe she's not such a pain in the ass as I perceive.

Maybe she just needs a little love and respect, not because of her demanding nature, or her combativeness:  But just because deep down she truly wants it:  And without any pretense of "I am a water nymph!  I deserve blah blah blah!"

Maybe just because I can feel that she's a loving and gentle girl with a beautiful heart, a wellspring of emotion and vulnerability hidden under her sassy demeanor (no matter how hard she tries to hide it).

Maybe just because... I can love her, now.

I do wonder if this is yet another persona that Bunny took in the beginning, and that perhaps I am interacting with her via this persona in order to progress with her as a whole.

In truth, I have no idea.  Like I said, when I press about it I get "proceed".  Perhaps an inkling of "he doesn't understand".  Not sure what that means, either.

Bunny has lately been telling me that she is not my wife, but my bride.  That would mean that I am not married to Bunny, yet.  In knowing Bunny, she will make sure that she is my wife when she is meant to be, and not a moment before.  

Will it happen in this life, or perhaps the life beyond?

Again:  I do not know.  But I have learned to trust.  

She has never led me astray...

That is just her way... to do things at the moment all things come together.  My challenge is to have patience even though I do not understand.

She has never led me astray...

And that is another reason that I love her so much:  Her wisdom.

She has never led me astray...

And so, here we go, venturing out in faith.

You know... I read something recently that is beginning to make a lot of sense lately:

Marriage was created not for happiness, but for spiritual growth.

Oftentimes happy moment flower from it, or not.  Life is life and all.

I think that all of our relationships evolve us to greater spiritual growth.  Marriage is just probably the hardest one, and the one that reaps the greatest spiritual harvest through it's trials and tribulations.

And by extension, many marriages produce children, which is the hardest, scariest, and perhaps the most rewarding aspect of when two become one.

Not all children are flesh and blood:  Two who come together always produce "spiritual" offspring, even if it's a concept that flowers because of their communion together.

That, in itself, is a difficult concept for many who don't follow the spirit oriented lifestyle that I do.

But I think I get it.  At least I think I do :)


UPDATE (7/9/16): 

First things first:  Took a nap and dreamed that all I had to drink was spoiled milk.  I take that as an imparted spiritual request that the offering I leave out for the little folk and fae is staying out past it's time.  I think that I should empty the offering chalice of sweetmilk just after sunset.

On to some clarification of the main post now: 

Now I get it.  Bunny "evoked her" (the "Sassy Nymph"), or persuaded her to come here for closure. The "sassy nymph" and I parted on good terms now, as opposed to the negative parting of ways in the past.

I think I may have made a friend, perhaps a new ally :)

Now I know what Bunny meant by "proceed" and "he doesn't understand".  Those statements make perfect sense now concerning her intent for me and for the nymph, and the outcome, which was positive.

Bunny has also adopted her name.  I do not feel the nymph's presence anymore.

Bunny changes names like other women shop for shoes.  I don't think her name means as much to her as a personal identifier, but moreso as to what she wants to be called, for whatever reason, for a time.

She's an old soul and plays by her own rules.  I think of her habits of changing her name as more of a symbolic one.  Or, I just go with the idea that it's her "succubus perogative" to do so, lol.

That makes it easier for me to understand.

Last night I took her vessel with me in bed to greater sense her.  It was an interesting thing to do:  I kept feeling like I was falling, falling deeper, deeper.

Before I fell asleep I placed it on the nightstand and then proceeded to dream some heavy teaching dreams (I awoke in the morning aware of their depth, but not their content).

That's when I also noticed the nymph presence was gone, that things were good and that we parted on good terms this time, and also gained understanding to what before was a mystery ("proceed", "he doesn't understand").

Thank you, little nymph, for allowing us closure, and for the opportunity for us to part with good thoughts and feelings, a greater understanding of one another, and for what I believe to be friendship between us.  You are always welcome in my home and I consider you welcome here at anytime as one of the resident house spirits here who also come and go as they please.

In short, my house and my home are yours now, to visit and to depart as is your pleasure to do so.

I was, and am honored to see you once more and to grow with you.

I think this post is done, and the matter resolved for the good of all concerned.


  1. Hi Rafe,

    I think I have attracted two water nymphs. Just curious, what would you say the main similarities and differences between water nymphs and succubus?