Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to improve your life (and how I've improved mine)

Got a sense of humor?  Don't mind the occasional prank or missing item (don't worry:  they'll bring it back when they're done with it).

Fae.  Fairies.  They ROCK.

The house has really turned joyful lately, so much so that in addition to my succubus's house completion (I've already started leaving offerings to her), I've been treating the local small folk to some sweet milk each morning (about half a shot glass of milk mixed with a squirt of honey).

I've noticed the environment here has improved dramatically... and it always did have a somewhat positive vibe about it before, only now it feels amazing!

Why invite spirits?  Why Fairies?  I'm somewhat of an animist in that I believe that there is spirit in all things that can hold one (animals, plants, living water, etc.), however I'm not completely an animist in that I don't think like, a rock.  Just sitting there.
Chillin'.  Has a soul.  I guess it's like I'm a vegetarian, but not a vegan?  I dunno.

I do believe that sometimes spirits use inanimate objects like rock crystal to hang out in as a cozy little home.  It's the density, you see.  That and the vibration of the mineral:  They are drawn to it, and to them it's a home away from home.

So in that way I'm an animist.  But not in that I believe a rock has a spirit all to itself.

But... earth has rocks within it, and it is living land:  As a whole, this is the Genius Loci of a place (of a large land), or a spirit of a spring (living water) or stream, etc.

Within that you have either many different spirits under a Genius Loci (of earth, etc.) and of water (fish, organisms, etc.).

Eh, I'm waxing philoRAFEcal again.

The point is that by increasing the positive influences of those around us and in our environment, our well being and happiness directly benefits.  I've discovered that with me, inviting Fae and Fairies into my home has really improved my well being, especially being a Bipolar sufferer.

Here's a good starter on how to invite the little ones into your home (don't piss 'em off):

If you make fun of a grown man loving Fairies and thinking that it's immature, I'll let them know and they will stab you with tiny needle-thick swords.

You will die, however it will take several hours.

If they are feeling especially spiteful, you will be gummed to death by their fairy elders.  That could take a day or so, so plan accordingly.

On that page you'll notice the fairy flag.  Yeah, there's something interesting in that fairy star, or elven star as it's sometimes called... or even just called a septagram:  7 points.

I really believe that all these nature buddies are ordered under one umbrella, under that of the "Olympic spirits" who are seven in number (and I believe that so are we, but the Fairies already know how it all works already).

Why do I care about what this means?  Because if the Fae and Fairies have made such an improvement in my life, getting to know who is who is important as well:  And who can help me live a better, more fulfilling, loving life as a result.

The secret to this world is in the relationships we develop.  It's who we socialize with, it's who we choose to dwell with.  Love lasts beyond death, of that I am sure.  Therefore, create more love, create a better life.

I also belive that these very same Olympic Spirits are the "Elohim" from creation (Remember:  One white light separated into 7 colored rays).  If one feels a personal relationship with God, do they have a greater sense of well being?

Of course whether you believe or not is totally within your power to do so.

Now, I believe that the Olympic spirits are the reason for the 7 points on the star that Fairies use as their own and are whom the star is representing.  Anyway, Below are the seals of the 7 Olympic spirits that I believe each of the points represent and that the Fairies acknowledge and have been acknowledging forever via their 7 pointed star, shown above:

Although they are called spirits (the "Olympic spirits), they aren't:  They're God/desses.  The names are more "titles".  For instance, the Olympic spirit of venus, "Hagith", may be Aphrodite, Venus, etc., all down through history.  Also being genderless at their core, they are both the male and the female aspects of each of the planets and their associations and correspondences.

But, for those who summon them, they usually come as one or the other (male or female).  I'm kind of curious if you could summon them both at once (both male and female aspects).  Hmm... got me curious on that one.  I say a pre-emptive "yes", though I haven't tried it yet.

So, you get the idea.

There's 7 Olympic spirits and they are good to get to know.

If you take light and split it with a prism, what do you get?  Seven rays of color.  That's them.

Well, that's their essence anyway (Oh:  Don't piss off the Olympic spirits either, although these guys and gals are quite like that dark cave in Star Wars:  You will only encounter what you take with you. If you are evasive and controlling, they really won't help much and might leave you a present to teach you a lesson.  They can't be banished, they can't be forced to appear, they are above all that bullshit).

I like 'em.  I approach them with trust, curiosity, humility, and an honest desire to listen and learn. This has worked well for me.

Just don't be a dumbass and try to summon them for some revenge on a poor soul, or for something stupid of the like and you'll be fine.

If you are wary of them, they will be wary of you.  Although they are really just mirroring:  They can see right through you, so just be yourself.

Here's a link to where they are very well explained:

If you piss any of the 7 Olympic spirits off you don't know me.  I will disavow any knowledge of you and/or your existence.

Plus:  You're a sad human being and I will talk to you no further.

Ehh.... that about raps this one up.

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