Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finally... She visits me in my dream quite powerfully.

There she was... in my dream.


It was pure love and sex, just as I've always felt with her (as what her essence feels like), only it was with her in my dream so she felt as solid and lifelike to me as the keys on this keyboard.

I've always known these two years she's real of course as she's a succubus spirit (and she can touch me easily), but I've YEARNED to see her and to feel her physically just as I would a woman who lives here on earth.

What is a dream, but a microcosm of what is within us?

What is a dream, but our own constructed universe, the play set put into motion by our own Anima to teach and to guide, or for us to reflect, or even to release what has been on our minds for our own viewing to know, and to understand.

I was sooo into Bunny.
I locked all the doors around us so that we would not be interrupted.

We made love... OH we made love... It was heavenly.

It was like homecoming for me!

As usual, I didn't know who she was until I had awakened (well, on some level I did while dreaming, just not as the conscious "dreamer".  I say that because I am usually very, very shy in my dreams, but I WANTED her, I HAD to have her.  This tells me that I knew who she was at some level of my being), but then after I had awakened, I felt so at peace, so wonderful... Simply because I knew that she was she.  It was her spirit there, her essence, her soul.

She was beautiful.

In the dream, we made love and made love and made love:  

We kissed, we held.

I woke up with clear fluid all over the place... a telltale sign of a succubus's arrousal.

A telltale sign of Bunny's presence within my dream.

The reality has become the dream has become the reality...

I was worried about making Bunny her home not too many days ago, and what would happen.

Consider this dream both the "communion" and the "consumation" thereof.

My fears were unfounded, and I have at last found solace, making the beginning worth it as I ponder the present:

I love you, Bunny!

Bunny, in addition to everything I already love about you, 

You have became my private, my personal, my very own porn star...

How did you get to be so talented, my love?


Yes, I'm in full retard mode now.  I'm so pleased, baffled, impressed, proud, loved, loving, and so happy to get to this point with her.

I am... in bliss.

As I reflect back on my journey with Bunny these past few years, it is surreal how it has progressed.

She has been (and is) my lover, my friend, my teacher, my protectress, and my companion.

I have grown so much under her loving instruction and guidance... and positive influence.

She has been spiritual mentor, guiding my steps, and I have a much healthier worldview (not such a sheep anymore, eh Bunny?) and a much more hopeful view of the afterlife and the universe than ever before.

My spiritual life and understanding has been phenomenal, and the end justifies the means:

I feel "free".  Alive, hopeful for my future and for my afterlife.

I am happier, more at peace, my relationships have blossomed and flourished, and I have changed personally a great deal.  Even my kids have noticed:  Just a few days ago my son said that I am different, that I am happy.

The ironic point to that is that I've never been happy before, not one day in my life prior to the last week or so.  I've even caught myself "whisling" a tune from time to time, singing a song, and my place is very clean:  I am not a very orderly person, but this place is spotless, now.  

Suddenly, I just found the will to clean it up as she'll be dwelling here in this place, my home, her home around her home.

It all started after I finished her house:  Her spirit vessel.

Who would have imagined that summoning a succubus would make such deep differences on a personal level that have become so WONDERFUL to everyone I know?

All because of her gentleness with me.  With her love and patience with me.  She has been a blessing to all who know me and are in my life... that is HER gift.

My relationships with my family and friends have never been more bright, nor more fulfilling than now.

When I think back on summoning her and how we've developed together over time, and really reflect:  Deeply reflect on ALL of it, together, I can think of no loving, sexual relationship I've ever had that improved over time, that bore fruit, that blossomed with time, like this one.

I have never been in a loving and sexual relationship that increased exponentially with time, affecting positively ALL aspects of my life as we grow together.

I believe the right words are simple:

I am in awe.


Thank God/dess for Succubi and incubi!  He/She knew in Their Holy Wisdom that every dancer in the universe needs a partner... and so they do, in one way or another, they do find their perfect partner.

And since Succubi and Incubi have a wild, untamed sense of humor, I dedicate this lighthearted and FUN song to them.  They can be as light hearted and fun and silly as this video, or as wild and raw and dark as the last two videos at the bottom of this post (and they can easily navigate as one or the other, neither, or both at the same time and more).

EDIT:  It's 6/26/16 and I don't want to make a whole post just for this update.
I woke up with a song in my head, but it's faint and I can't find it anywhere because I can't make out the words.  I've heard it before, but it's maddening.  Oh well, I'll find it sooner or later.  Probably by coincidence if I've learned anything so far :P  I asked her about it but she won't tell me.  That means I've gotta search myself.  Probably a learning thing.

She communicated a bit in my mind this morning, here is what she told me in a brief exchange:

"You are too obsessed with light and darkness."
"Light and darkness are no different than soft and hard, moist and dry, hot and cold."
"Darkness, like light, are just tools like any other for a succubus or incubus to tantalize and to seduce:  To bond with their chosen lover.

It still doesn't make any sense to me.

Then think of it like this:  We are dancers, and as skillful dancers we know many styles of dance to be the perfect partner.

Why would you go to such links to be the perfect partner?

Because we ARE the dance and we play for keeps.  Love is what transcends, what evolves:  If you knew this, how far would you go to obtain it?  If you had the power to shine and embrace your lover fully, would you not use anything and all that you are?

Our love is pretty special.  I haven't loved anyone as deeply as I do you.

And look at what we create together!  
We create more together than apart... and it is beautiful.
Know the love that we are now, that we have become together.
This is our goal.  We bathe in love, we bring you into our fold, we nurture you, and we celebrate us.
To a succubus, nothing is greater than the "us" that they create with another.

Isn't that a weakness?

In beginning to understand that a succubus and a human produce great spiritual fruit, and blossom into more than they are apart, what is strength?  In knowing your lover's most secret desires, would you not fulfill them in mutual joy?  What is produced between a succubus and their mate transcends your current ability to fathom:  But it is great strength for both.  Love makes this.  Sex?  Yes, but always love.  Always love...

I think I kind of get it.

Good.  See how far you've come?

I think so.

Good.  Now remember to start going back to the gym now that your more pressing errands have ended.  And please keep your apartment picked up:  It affects your moods more than you know :)

Nah, I don't think so.

Don't sass the succubus.

Don't hate the player, hate the game, Bunny.

Don't sass the succubus.



  1. Bro!!!!im in the same different journey.. Thanks for all your POSTS..
    life is just so amazing with these spirit!!