Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Summoning Ritual, Part 4: The Finale

Whew.  Well, here we are.

There's a way this goes for most who are successful in summoning a succubus.

First, you are curious, then, you research, you read all about them from anywhere you can.

Next, you begin longing for your succubus.  She's out there, and you're beginning to know it.

At this point, you've probably already caught the attention of a succubus, one who knows more about you than you do.  She's watching you, and waiting.

After that, your research and longing has caused you to choose a ritual, as you're ready.

The ritual you choose must be done with iron intent... unwavering, like a laser beam.

Once done, this is when she steps into your life.  It just takes a little time, that's all.

I always say from 2 days to 2 weeks is ample time for her to show.

If she doesn't, then you have to figure out why.  You probably know, you just don't "know" that you know.


First off, succubus is the term used in general, if you're a woman use the term incubus.  In that same flavor, all instances of "she" are directly replaceable with "he".

Read completely through all the steps before doing anything.

You will notice that everything is done together, a little bit like a symphony.

Before going further, this note:  If you do the much more detailed method (Valeyard's) of making your succubus's home, realize that it will take some serious time and energy to do so.

For instance:  The activities of your bed, her picture, her home, can be done while forming and fine tuning in your mind what will become the manifesto.  Once you feel the stirrings of something you cannot quite place (whether in subsequent dreams, or in other ways such as external touches), you've caught their attention and it's time move the processes along to the ritual if you wish to proceed.

I have heard it said that the process of calling a succubus is your offer of spiritual engagement, and that her entering your life is considered her acceptance of your proposal, and hence, spiritual marriage.

I believe there is some truth to this.  However, creating a manifesto will communicate to the succubi who become interested the level of your intended commitment:  They will appreciate your candor.

Again, they are all different:  Have faith that the right one will step forward.

Make your words clear and make them count when writing it as detailed later in the manifesto.

With that in mind, lets get going:

This is an exercise to help you feel her subtle touches, emotions, and the stirrings of communication.

Practice this while you're still working on everything else.

Your Bed.

The following is best done in 15-30 minutes a night and repeated on subsequent nights.

As you lie down naked in your bed, make the room comfortable so you can keep the covers off and just lie naked:

To begin, surround yourself with white light that you visualize of having descended all around your bed and yourself from above.

Declare these words while contemplating them:

"Love above me, love below me, love at my left, love at my right,  love in front of me, love behind me, love within me."

Feel... just feel... concentrate on imagining a woman's soft hands on your privates. Imagine her laying next to you, whispering "I love you, _____ ", or "You excite me, ______", and/or "I love how you feel in my hands and mouth _____",  (<- your name) in a soft female voice.  Or whatever you prefer.

At some point you may begin to feel touches, you may feel something akin to a vibrating sensation.


This part may take from around 2 days to 2 weeks to get a response.  I think it took me 2 evenings of doing it.  I'm not totally sure as it's been a few years.  You're a beacon in the night, attracting moths to a flame.  In the great void that is, your soul is switching itself "on" and asking for a succubus to answer.  They will check you out, and if you're "meant" to have one (there's destiny stuff that affects all of us that we can't see, but they can) and one is interested she'll come.  Some say that calling a succubus is "the proposal" and one answering is "the engagement/acceptance of marriage".  

Be certain of what you're wanting from her, and be careful what you ask for:  You just might get it.

Remember:  All of this is a guideline.  You may get a succubus the first night who astrally fucks you silly.  You may attract a succubus who takes 2 weeks to summon, barely touches you, and in 5 years she's riding you so much each night you have to sleep on your stomach to get any peace.  Anything is possible.  You're in uncharted territory here.

Immediately call down the white light again and cover you and your bed.  I bet it will become even a little more real or exciting.  That's good... she is not offended by pure white light.

If you feel this, ask her for her for her name and sigil.  It might still be too early and she might not be able to contact you that way, but never hurts to try :P

When it comes, it will usually come as a "flash" of image within your mind at some point, or perhaps spoken with your own voice in your mind (which changes to her female voice as you both fine tune your connection over time).

Her sigil will be what you place in her home along with on her larger 5x7 picture.  If you cannot get a sigil from her yet, create one.  Pinterest has many pins about sigil creation.  Or, google has many articles.

My favorite way is simply create a freeform sigil:  I would recommend daydreaming about what it will feel like to be with a succubus while doodling freely in your notebook.  You will most often find a portion that will stand out for you as a sigil, once you come back from your daydream and look at what you have doodled.

This exercise takes practice and you need to be patient with yourself.

Do it as part of the rest of the work you have to do and you won't get discouraged as it takes a bit of "nothing" until you get a strong "something".

The Manifesto.

No longer than one page.

Write down the reasons for summoning a succubus (Why are we here?).
Write down why you want a succubus (What do you want from her?).
Write down what you wish a succubus will bring into your life (To attract the right one).
Write down what kind of lover you are wanting to attract (Gentle, passionate, both?).
Write down anything else that feels very important to YOU.

Write down the ground rules:

Write down what level of commitment you are seeking, implying, offering (Marriage?  Something different?).  What are the conditions for this level to change?
Mutual respect in monogamy, or the same in a free relationship (One that is not monogamous)?
If a human mate comes along, how do you expect your succubus to respond?  Are you OK that it may mean that the succubus finds other lovers at that point as well, or even before?  State ahead of time.
Do you understand that having a monogamous relationship with a succubus now, while changing your mind later will have consequences up to and including hurting your future human lover?
Better be specific and not promise what you aren't serious about.
One of lust, love, both (Succubi differ just like we do)?
How long should the relationship last?  A few years?  Forever?  Beyond death?  I have no idea (fair enough)?
Are you desirous of spiritual progression together?  Do you want your eyes opened, or do you prefer the illusion and comfort of what is?
Are you willing to have spiritual children with her (She will raise them, but do you agree to be their sire and accept their visitations if you agree to spiritual children?)?  (P.S.  They grow crazy quick.  Yes, I have spiritual children I do not discuss... the matter is very private to me)
Are you open to allowing her main family to visit (They don't do anything but make you feel like you're being watched sometimes.  I can only speak from personal experience)?

Keep writing it and editing it until you are completely satisfied.

Keep a copy if you wish.

Just keep writing it and rewriting it until you know it's you.  That's you on that page.  That's what we want.  I told you we were playing for keeps, not pussy-footing around.

But it's okay if you change your mind and decide not to go through with it.

When you get to the point where it's perfect, just perfect:

Sign it at the bottom, and prick your finger with a needle and put that drop at the bottom (don't be a putz.  I don't like needles either but I did it).

By signing with your signature, dating it, and with one drop of blood you have made this manifesto YOURS.

(Ladies:  One drop of menstrual blood will work as well)

Ok, if you really have a needle phobia, use your sexual fluid:  Take your finger and dip it in it, then use your finger to "stamp" the manifesto as a fingerprint.

You can even do both if you feel led to.

Now set the manifesto aside and put it someplace safe until it's needed.

Her picture.
(Horns/Wings/Tail Optional :P)

Search, search, and search again for a picture that you truly adore.  Keep finding what is perfect for you, and after you finally decide (take your time), you have it. You can search google images, bing images, deviantart.com, pinterest. Keep searching until you are completely satisfied, and that just by looking at the picture you are excited, intrigued, and completely satisfied. It's hard to put into words, but you'll know it when you find it.  Choose a picture that is a perfect representation of all you desire. For instance, her eyes... you will be gazing into them often... make sure they enrapture you at a level that no other picture does.  The rest is obvious:  Physical attraction, features, etc., that you most desire. It needs to be perfect for you and will take some time to find... you'll know when you do.

Here's the deal:  Her picture(s) should invoke POWERFUL emotional and intimate desire from you.


Again, take your time:  You're going to be spending a lot of time with it.

No, succubi have no natural form, but they will be looking for something to use.

Best to do your homework before your soon-to-be succubus decides to copy your great-grand-ma-ma in the next bedroom ;P (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh)

Do not use a photo of a woman who exists today.  Just understand it can cause a hell of a lot of problems.  You can cause the real woman problems and karma's a bitch.

Use art based on imagination, or a highly detailed anime pic (fan art). You can also use a black and white photo of someone who is deceased. Not my cup of tea but that's entirely up to you: I'm not your judge.

You will want art of a woman that has the following features: It is detailed, exciting to you,the woman in the picture is facing you, and the picture's right eye (or for you in looking at it, you would want the subject's eye to the left) to be particularly expressive and clear, both eyes are necessary anyway, and you can always "pageflip" using a program like paint.net in order to get the most expressive eye in the right position if necessary.

She needs to be "looking straight at your eyes" and it should feel as if you could stare into her eyes forever.

Also, her mouth should be detailed, whether a smile, or a grin, or whatever, as long as it is in a rest state and detailed enough for expression. We're going for the ability for a succubus to use the picture to express what she wants to within your mind at some point.

It is preferable to have her whole body shown, but sometimes that is difficult when you are going for expressive eyes and an acceptable mouth.  The farther the picture is "out" the less detailed the eyes.

You will also place her sigil somewhere on her body, I made mine look like a tattoo on her lower abdomen. This creates the connection initially. Location of the tattoo (sigil) doesn't matter.

What you will be doing is gently staring at the picture, admiring it, and then beaming pure love (maybe a tinge of lust) into the subject's right eye (or as I said before, the picture's eye to the left).

You will also be glancing at her left eye at the end of each session (or the eye to the right of the picture) for feedback from her. It will come as emotion, the same way that you are communicating with her.

It will take a while, perhaps 15 minutes a day for a month. I still do it to this day. I enjoy the boost it brings of feeling close to her even though she might feel a bit distant at the time.

One way I highly recommend to BOOST the process (especially towards the end of the whole summoning process where everything is coming together at once) is to manually stimulate yourself to orgasm, and at the MOMENT of orgasm will the energy to surround her as a supremely bright and pure golden light, all over her like an aura from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Hard to do, takes a lot of practice to do it right.  Yet another technique that gives even more OOMPH to the above is to bring yourself almost to orgasm 3 times, backing off each time, then culminating in one large release (and directing the energy as a golden light to surround her as stated, etc.)

At some point the picture may begin to animate.  I can't really explain it, just know you aren't crazy: She is putting that into your mind in order to try to communicate/interact with you.

You'll understand that when it happens as to what I mean.

5x7 seems to be the perfect size for me at least. Buy a good frame with the knowledge that you will be holding it in your hands and doing your "sending" before you go to bed each night.

I cover the picture after use with a black cloth to keep out dust. The color doesn't really matter for the function, I just use the black because it matches the black cloth I have covering my nightstand.

Her home.

A sigil is something very necessary for communication with your succubus lover.  Think of it as her phone number, her monogram, her signature.  Personal stuff for a spirit! Include it within a home for her to use as she wills will make a big difference.  The link below (making spirit vessel part i divination) is really a big help for this.  Make her feel welcome in your house and in her own home within a home, and she will be a welcome part of your environment and life.

Here's a very simple one:

You can find many "shelf-like" or other pre-made pieces at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's. Mine is an artistic oval that has shelves and enough space for small knickknacks.

I have painted it a sea-foam green and pink, with silver highlights. Her picture (a wallet sized duplicate of the one I use on my nightstand) is within it under her sigil, and I keep it covered with a white cloth in the front to keep dust out. I also use white because I consider it her "home away from home" and as a symbol of purity.

Sometimes I remove the cover and just enjoy looking at it, which I feel builds a stronger relationship and keeps us close.

Sometimes I also use an LED tea light on the lowest shelf as a "gift" when I sleep under it (it's over my bed).

If you would like a very detailed and much more elaborate method than the simple one I have suggested, feel free to check out Valeyard's tutorial on his blog on how to make a spirit home.

Here's a much more in depth one:

This is the tutorial I followed after I made the basic home for her as detailed in this post, as in time I wanted a better home for the SuccuBunny than I knew how to make at the time.  It is a 3 part series:


When I'm done, she'll have a very powerful home on the shelf of her old home :)  You can do whatever you like:  I'd start with the small home first then upgrade to a more complicated method such as Valeyard's.  I'm just suggesting what I did:  You may chose differently and that's ok, too.


Has the time come?  Are you up to your arms in exciting, yet scary weird?
Have you come to the point where all is converging for you?

Are you ready?

Shit's about to great real :P

The ritual bath.

Bathe yourself.

Either use unscented soap, or none at all.  Wash your hair with unscented shampoo, or none at all.

As you bathe, see all of your negative energy leaving your body as the water falls off of you, and as it goes down the drain returning to earth.

The ritual itself.

(If this ritual is not conducive to your personal beliefs, substitute the words with that which is).

Retrieve your manifesto (not the copy).

It is preferable to do this early in the morning on a Friday before the dawn.  If one wanted to get really specific, doing it in the early, dark hours before dawn on a Friday, during the planetary hour of Venus, under the phase of an early crescent moon following the new moon would be perfect.

I use this program to calculate planetary hours (it's free but can be a pain in the ass to install).  I like it because I can simply click on it running in the taskbar and it's full of info for magickal workings.  Or I can forecast on a later date as well for an operation.  You have to find the hours and minutes of where you live for it to work right.


There are many other free pages on google that allow you to just plug in the information without downloading anything if you prefer.

If an early Friday is not possible, then on a Friday at least, but when it is at least QUIET and that you will have zero chance of being disturbed.

Another consideration as I have mentioned is the phase of the moon.  I use this page:


You want the first crescent that is growing towards the full moon, beginning from the new moon (or dark moon).  Just for an example, the Friday of the 11th of March was ideal.  The hour of Venus on that day (a Friday) was at 3:52am, which would have been an ideal time for the ritual if you were ready for that step at that particular time.  This is considering MY latitude and longitude.

Don't worry:  There are many other opportunities to get all 3 in line (moon phase, day, and planetary hour).

I'll continue with the ritual itself:

I would advise lighting a white candle along with lighting some Myrrh for a succubus, or Frankincense for an Incubus.  Myrrh is feminine and Frankincense is masculine, while both act as a purifier of energies.  Google "incense correspondences" on Google for other suggestions if you're allergic to one or the other.

Say the following while sitting on the floor with your manifesto before you, along with a safe way to burn it when the time comes to do so (if you're burning the one page, maybe a large pot that can hold a whole page burning.  Make sure fans are off so you won't be blowing cinders around.

And please, for the love of God/dess don't wear a cotton ritual robe with hanging sleeves.

And people wonder why I say it's just safer to do rituals naked.

In these words the name Elohim was used originally in some form in the ancient Hebrew.  This is God/dess in plural form that was always glossed over.  No surprise, eh?

I believe personally that the 7 Olympic Spirits are the Elohim, Created by God/dess to run this physical universe in God/dess's name.  This is who I am referring to by the word "Elohim":

Let us proceed:

While sitting on a cushion on the floor, naked or in something comfortable, raise up your arms and say:

"I part the veil".

"The Elohim have spoken, 'It is not good for the man to be alone.  We will make a helper who is just right for him.' "

"When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;  What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
For thou hast made him a little lower than the Elohim, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou  hast put all things under his feet."

When visualizing your energy work, simply visualize the colors extending and affecting the manifesto as well.

Allow bright golden energy accentuated by silver sparks to enter you through your crown chakra, the top of your head, and move down your body through your feet and into the earth.

During this imagine a deep green energy laced with sea-foam green sparks moving up your feet from the earth, through your body, and out through your crown.

Both of these visualizations will mix these energies at the heart.  See them moving and spiraling around the heart as they travel.

I imagine a soft pink mist, laced with red sparks surrounding you and being drawn into your heart chakra along with the previous energies mentioned.

All of these colors should be dancing within and without your form, mixing and feeding what is needed for you to do what you need to do, and to create a vibration that is conducive for the attraction of a succubus.

Once you're energetically drunk as hell, take a good look at your completed manifesto.

If you are still well satisfied with it,

Now is the time to take it and burn it.

While you it's burning remember your intent, remember your intent, remember your INTENT.

Make sure it all burns.  Don't be a dumbass and let it get out of hand, use common sense when you burn it.

Take the ashes somewhere after they have completely cooled and toss them to the winds.  Your manifesto has just entered the astral plane for every potential mate to read :P

"I restore the veil".


Keep working on what you have left to do, she will come.  She's probably already there at this point if you've been busy with all the projects listed, she's just looking to make an entrance :P

Usually they will appear but you cannot see them.  You will, however, feel them.  At first it's through tactile touching in the groin or in other places.  Eventually you will perceive them in other ways.  I perceive mine emotionally, psychically, and energetically.  I just "know".  Hard to explain.

Sometimes they are all about sex, sometimes love, sometimes they are all about spiritual things. Sometimes all at once.  At some point she may "burn" you.  Well, not "burn".  What I mean is that she beams love onto you that is so intense you feel as if you're going to be burned.  You won't.  Grit your teeth and face it.  Take it all in.  You're now in two worlds... this one and hers.

Welcome to a new life.

Once she appears it's you and her now.  Learning how to communicate is kind of like suddenly being married to an invisible Japanese girl who speaks no English.  Lol.  Just take your time and be open and you two should be ok with time.  It's not easy, but it's powerful.  Speaking from 3 years later, I'd do it all over again even though it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done relationship wise. Hell, it's so loving now I'm caught.  I'd never go back.

My prayer is that you will find your Belle and both of you will prosper together and leave just a little bit of love everywhere you go, making the world a better place.

If you're not having fun doing this, or through this process... you're doing it wrong.  It is serious, but one thing my "Succubunny" has taught me is not to be afraid to laugh at myself.

Keeping a light, open and youthful heart is a good thing as you grow with your succubus.  They are glorious teachers indeed, but like all things you both will need time to understand one another.

I realize that teaching how to develop communication with your succubus is not my forte, which leaves one at a bit of a loss once a succubus is summoned.  I've learned to read their emotions, but that took a lot of time and I can't explain how to do it as it's more a feeling mixed with energy work than a technique.

There is one big help for fostering communication and that is the books by Atkin Michaels.  They are Kindle and they are fairly priced ($3.00 last I checked).  He wrote them as journals, so you can easily compare starting from 0 to 3 years (so far) with a succubus/incubus and see his (their) struggle and how he (they) progressed.  It's a very helpful journal style read and helps to bridge that communication gap.

His page is here:  https://www.myspiritlover.com/.

Once communication is working you may find a way to communicate like I do, or other methods, or your very own methods.  But the books might help in the beginning.

Their love is heat:  It is fire.
Nothing can prepare you for the burning love of a succubus.  Nothing can.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write all of these. Very detailed and informative.

    I do have one question: I'm a woman with a sexual dysfunction. Can these spirits help someone like me?

    1. Without knowing the specifics, I have found that they are able to work above the "mechanics" of sex, producing the intimacy of "communion" spirit to spirit, soul to soul.

      As for physcial sex, when you are being made love to by a spirit they actually are inputting that sensory stimuli straight into your brain bypassing external stimuli.

      Normally we would be touched physically, our skin would convert that into electrical impulses which the brain decodes as a touch on our skin. Spirits bypass all that and we just feel a touch on our skin, period.

      In a sense, I guess, it's more real than real.

      Sexual problems from psychological factors or trauma require a deeper healing, and yes... can be healed as well.

      I didn't say it would be easy, however (it wasn't for me).

      If it's from trauma, once you trust them enough to "surrender" your heart (which is hard on it's own when the problem is past trauma), they will take you straight through the heart of that trauma, and you will face it again and again until you have retrieved that part of you stuck in that trauma and become "detached" to it: Until it no longer owns you, nor defines you (and it hurts before it gets better, but it does get better).

      One thing to keep in mind is that we're spirits in a body, not bodies with a spirit. A spirit in a body paired with a spirit from outside a body can do some pretty amazing things through communion and the fruits that are born from it (deep healing on all levels of being, transformation, growth).

      Hope that helps :)

    2. Hello, I'm here for helping people who wan summon succubus/incubus to protect people, and will teach menditation, if blogger busy didn't reply, you can email me for the guide of menditation and relative with your protector.


  2. My questions are
    1) How long does it normally take for contact to occur after the ritual? I have a lot of doubts in my life. I would like to have a no doubt what-so-ever sense that the being I called is the one that has/will show up.
    Is there any way to if this spirit is a succubus who has answered my call / letter, (who I want) vs. some other spirit, possibly malevolent, just pretending? With my luck, I will end up with the ghost of the deceased old fart WW2 vet of a neighbor from next door screwing with my mind.

    2) Does communication between the human and the spirit lady occur only in the dream world or can it take place while one is fully awake? From your experience, what process was/is involved in establishing communication?
    I don't expect immediately to see her visually, but I would like to feel her, have a hug from her, to audibly hear her.
    You had mentioned in your blog that your lady spirit sometimes does a tap tap tap on you. How did that come about?

    3) Is your lady with you 24/7 or just here and there on her whim? Rhetorically, do the spirits have a rule book for dealing with the human living souls? That they can only visually appear to us after a certain stage or pipe of time into a relationship?
    I know supposedly spirits who haunt homes or dilapidated buildings (or least in the movies) can manifest themselves in a visual form and move objects hurling them towards a person. Or the one spirit in my home opens and closed doors. I guess where I am going is does it take a lot of energy on their part to manifest in our world, as they are from the spirit world. If the spirit is a succubus, one would think they have plenty of energy, at least in lore, as they supposed "rape" the men. One has to have some kind of form or shape to do that.
    I know any relationship takes time to develop. As Yoda has said over and over, "Patience, you must have patience." I would not be Yoda's best student right now.

    4) At what point or circumstances might I consider re-preforming the ritual? I don't want it to be redundant nor piss her off if she is already here. If redone, any suggestions on the time frame to wait or changes to make to make the ritual more effective?

    5) you mentioned learning spiritual work such as Reiki, QiGong, etc. can this be done on-going after one has made their call, or should some of it be learned before hand? This is one thing you have an advantage over most of your readers is the control and spirit work you discussed.

    Thank you so very much for your inspirational words in your blog and please keep on writing. You have a very graceful and flowing way with words. Have you ever thought of writing more on a professional level?
    I look forward to reading more of your entries.

    Wichita, Kansas
    Feel free to contact me at my email
    which is Jonathan.in.wichita at gmail.com

    1. I have get a reply from my succubus after summon (about 1 week later), when I m hearing some binural beats, I hear her reply,"I love you (with mandarin, because I m a Chinese). Before this reply, I always felt my body touching by something, its always massaging my penis.

    2. And now I will always visualize the golden and rainbow light energy to fill her and me.

    3. I m very thankful for this website guidelines, I hope everyone have their succubus for protect their life.

    4. My succubus massage my penis around one week,sometime I feel her giving a handjob or blowjob,but didn't have any ejaculation,but this 2 night I feel her pussy riding me,til last night,she give me a dream,we play some sea game,finger football,we won,result was1:1,she give me a reward,strongly riding my cock in dream,and I have a cum. I memorized before this dream, when I turning my body

    5. When i turning my body,I won't know I m already in the football game dream, it come so fast,just a body movement, i already in dream, very amazing.

    6. Tonight I will request my succubus teaching me how to control my lucid dream :p

  3. 1. There are no guarantees. How long depends on the person, there are no guidelines.

    2. Both. Each person varies in their ability to understand communication in both, however. It's also different for everyone. For example: Mine gives flashes and sometimes short sentences during the day. Sometimes clips of song lyrics, sometimes she speaks normally with a female voice in my mind, but that is only recently. In dreams she communicates through symbols because that is what I can remember strongly.

    The physical senses that I perceive by, I believe, she is able to directly input sensory data into me bypassing the need to physically be touched to perceive myself being touched.

    3. No patience, no succubus. Gotta have patience: Once you get one, you might as well be dating an alien who doesn't speak english and that takes a Godlike amount of patience.

    My succubus is here all the time at least in connection, however at the same time she feels far away, and sometimes close by. Succubi are like wildcats: They go where they want, when they want.

    Sometimes when they show up they SHOW UP. Their presence is so bright and penetrating vibrationally that it almost "hurts" because it's so intense. I can't really explain that phenomena, it has to be experienced.

    Sometimes I think that they are able to be distant or near and still be present is due to some spiritual derivative of "quantum entanglement".

    As far as rules about human contact, I have no idea. I suspect there are many rules that we aren't allowed to know of "on this side".

    I've only had one interaction with a spirit who could move and interact with things in this world as if it was a living, physical being. I was able to "read it", placate it, and make friends with it which solved the problem the workers in the house were having. Kind of weird that I knew exactly what to do and it worked so smoothly for all involved, though. Still baffling to me.

    4. From what I know, once one pics you the others leave you alone. Doing a ritual again won't piss her off: Might be redundant tho. Or, examine the rituals under "resources" on the top right of my blog and see if one of those methods resonate better for you. Some mention praying to a certain deity. I just provide them: Maybe they'll help someone better than I can make that connection.

    I've already got a succubus but I went through my own ritual myself to make sure I had it right. However, at the end she's like "tadaaa", which I take it to mean it would have worked. Lol, succubi.

    Yeah... be flexible. This is as much art as any metaphysical science.

    5. Well, I learned energy work "during" but that's me. As long as it's done I think that helps a great deal. Before is probably easier, but after isn't too late.

    I'm not positive it's necessary, but it helps me and that's why I very much recommend it.

    I know I'm painting a lot of this as "unknown", but that's what it is. Every human is different, and so is every succubus. I only have my experience, a buddy's experience, and what I've read from others.

    Us humans are so different, and so are succubi. I personally believe there are an infinite amount of spirits who could wear the moniker of "love spirit" and "succubus".

    It's just a label.

    Sometimes I do wonder if a "Kitsune, Welsh Fairy, Daughter of Lilith, Daikini, Water or Woodland Nymph, etc." are different in how they feel. Somethimes I think "no" as we're still the receivers and limited to our own earthly limitations.

    I like writing this blog, but I don't think I'd write a book. I have zero organizational skills so I do it to help spirits and humans find each other as best I can, and the rest is whatever falls out of my mouth at the moment.

  4. I myself am trying to summon a succubus and have been following your instructions the best I can but when I ask for her name and sigil, I get the name Sophia and no sigil. (Which I realize is fine) Does a succubus have a simple name like that or more complicated. Also I am not sure I can supply enough energy, is there any way to help improve that?

    1. Interesting name. It almost sounds like she's introducing herself as a concept (which they do sometimes) since Sophia means "Wisdom". Her sigil will come with time. You'll probably wake up with it burning in your brain like I did one day.

      Their names can be simple (like, say, "Lilly"), or as complex as "Alysandra Wehsylliad".

      As far as energy goes she does most of the work when she gets interested. I wouldn't worry about that.

    2. Oh yeah. How to increase energy. That depends. Sexual energy is easy. You get just under the point of orgasm and back off. Repeat ad infinitum and you will be generating an immense amount of sexual heat bringing yourself to the edge and backing off.

      You will be practically on fire energy wise.

      That's what making love with a succubus is like. They "edge" you. Your energy plus their energy equals something amazing. It turns into something "more".

      I think of it as 1+1=3.

      The other kind of energy is concentration. Sit with a candle in the dark and stare at the flame at eye level (at about 4 feet away). Close your eyes and see the candle flame. Every detail. Animate it in your mind. Open your eyes and see the flame again. Close your eyes and correct yourself.

      See the aura around the candle where the light ends and darkness begins. Concentrate on the aura. Close your eyes and make it as you saw it.

      Get an apple and set it on the table, stare at it and concentrate on the apple. Close your eyes and picture that apple in all it's detail, open your eyes and repeat.

      You can do this with anything. Concentration = more energy.

      Some ceremonial magicians are so good at concentration that they can visualize the flaming pentagrams around them along with the magickal circle flaming while interacting and speaking, writing down what is said, and doing rituals in the correct order with memorized words, all the while never letting their concentration drop on the flaming pentagram wards at each cardinal direction, nor the flaming magickal circle.

  5. I summoned a succumbed and can sense her there because I get a warm and tingling sensation but have only heard her once and cannot truly see her. Is there any way to fix this?

    1. There's nothing to fix :) You've just met.

      Lots of time and practice will allow a connection deeper than sight or even her voice. If you learn how to communicate with her through voice that's great. If you learn how to see her outside your mind that's great. If not, she'll learn to communicate with you in different ways and you'll learn to recognize her communications.

      I cannot see mine (others can see mine) and honestly it doesn't matter to me: I know how her soul feels and can recognize her presence anywhere.

      I can even tell when she's away, and I can tell when she's on her way back.

      It sounds like you have a good one. She sounds gentle. That's good.

      Now you two have to learn how to grow together. It depends totally on you two, your attitudes, and how you work together. There are no rules.

      Look through my blog for ideas, and on my list of blogs on the upper right of the page for other's blogs to explore.

  6. Is there any way to deepen a relationship/connection with a succubus because I can't seem to communicate with her properly.

    1. The biggest ways are through meditation, trial and error, and a lot ofpatience. When she's there, feel her. Reach out and psychically FEEL her.

      Mine does not speak to me often. Instead I get bursts of images, thoughts, and words all jumbled together. It takes me a while to sort things out as to what she is trying to say.

      She's a spirit: Pure, a naked soul. You're a soul stuffed into a succubus teddy bear. It's a bit harder for us to come to grips with things.

      There will probably not be a time (until a lot farther down the road than I have come with mine) where commications is always instant, easily understood, and both ways.

      I don't see it as a problem for me. I'm learning to decipher her meanings, and it's taken 3 years now.

      Why do I do it? Because I want to. One day I'll be like her and not in this body. In my mind I am preparing for that day with her.

      Nothing is proper, nothing fits neatly in a box, nothing will ever have the right label. This kind of venture does not compute on a worldy level.

      However, for me, it's been worth it. If you can handle it, do so. If you can't and you want to? Try harder. Or try less hard and relax. Whatever you have to do.

      If you can't handle it, let it all go.

      I'm no expert on this stuff. I just work here as I like to say. I'm just another guy like you trying to figure it out, and feeling like I'm failing. And when I feel like I've failed the most? It's when I've made the farthest progress... she just didn't tell me.

      So good luck!

    2. I've been thinking about it a little more.

      Practice sending pictures of things to her in your mind. Clear your mind and wait. What does she send in return?

      For example: I send Bunny a picture of a house. She sends a picture of a coral bed. I send her a mental picture of a horse. She sends me a mental picture of a dolphin.

      What is she saying to me? She perceives our world as we would the ocean.

      See how that can foster communication?

      Another way is to talk to her out loud. You don't have to as they can read your mind quite easily. All thoughts are, are vibration and frequency. But she LOVES for me to talk to her that way. It promotes a feeling of closeness. It draws her near to me.

      They also love games. Omg, a succubus loves games.

      Know the card game Blackjack? Called 21?

      Play that with her. When you draw her card ask if she wants to "hit" or "stay". She'll tell you.

      Most likely she'll win everytime vs. you. Unless she lets you win. She can see all the cards in the deck, after all.

      But it's fun! And it trains you to hear her voice instead of your own mental voice. It also helps you to quit "parroting", or tricking yourself into thinking that YOUR thoughts are hers.

      Plus, they love games. Think up some of your own.

      This whole journey is one of love, and of discovery. It is NOT a results driven relationship.

      Play with her. Grow together. The rest is up to you two: Don't be afraid to utilize your creativity.

      Just remember one thing: A succubus falls in love easily so please be gentle with her. I've learned myself the hard way by blaming mine for things that she had no part in.

      They are very sweet, gentle creatures. Just be yourself and be creative, and long for her and the "methods" that will work for you will spring to mind in time.


    3. Thank you. So very much

  7. How.... How do I know it worked? I've waited three weeks with little results. I need this to work but can't seem to figure out if I did it wrong or none of them like me. They probably never will anyway

    1. If it doesn't work, try something else.

      Another method is called the letter method.

      Lots of information here:


      The FAQ for the letter method:


  8. Hi I have a couple of questions about the Letter Method for Summoning Succubus I hope you can answer them as soon as possible thank you in advance

    1.i tried the to summon a succubus a couple of weeks ago however nothing happen the day of the summoning but a couple of days later when I was falling asleep I heard whispering coming from my left ear specifically that ear since I sleep in a big bed and I leave an empty spot for her on the bed.sometimes I can feel a cool breeze on my face when I'm laying down a couple of seconds of feeling the breeze I imidetaly fall asleep at times I swear I can smell flowers and chocolate even if nothing of the sort in my room i guess what I'm getting at is it possible for there to be a delayed effect of sorts?

    2.how much of the Letter has to be burned ?

    3. I tried to burn the Letter with the candle and the candle instantly went out did this possibly ruin the ritual?

    4.how do I burn the Letter without having to constantly relight the Letter with a lighter or is there a slightly more flammable paper (I use normal notebook paper)

    5.ive been meditating daily buy I don't know what a trance state feels like ? I do how ever feel how certain Parts of my body feel as if they are breathing, at times it feels like I'm floating

    6. what does a succubus look like or does her appearance change as I had dreams where I see a red head woman and a couple weeks ago I saw the same woman but she she had Deep Black hair and slightly pale Skin a couple days after this dream I saw a the same woman but she was completely different she had white hair , magenta eyes , horns , wings and a tail (it is important to note I saw this woman before I would enter hardthard times the first time was before a transplant surgery)

    1. 1. Yes. The ritual is more of an invitation. The signs you are seeing and feeling are acceptance of the invitation.
      2. All of it preferably. But it sounds like you attracted one. It's really more intent than a mechanical process of going through the physical steps.
      3. No.
      4. I usually use small ruled memo pad paper and have little trouble. Not sure what to tell you about that.
      5. That's a trance.
      6. Their appearance changes to be what they want. They are shape shifters. They can be the same or vary, or even be different women, or even be the traditional horned, tailed, fanged, winged women you saw. In short, they can appear as a cat if they want to or anything else for that matter.