Friday, February 26, 2016

Ahhhhh, misinformation abounds.

Pic is from Faustus Crow...

Lets look at these little gems from a website I found today when researching the concept of "spirit wives and husbands":


Spiritual spouses ,[popularly known as spirit wife/husband] subjects are very deep spiritual issues that are kept away from millions of Christian today.They are specially commission by Satan to molest, trouble and scatter good and godly homes, if at all they allow marriage to take place.
I pray for you that, the almighty God will open your understanding on this matter, in Jesus name.
Characteristic of spirit wife/husband.

1. They are spiritual enemies living and sleeping with one. (what?)
2. They are very stubborn, aggressive and dangerous. (yes, yes, and no)
3. They are terrible enemies with killer motives [they kill-joy, peace, health, brain, calling, virtue, marriage etc.].  (Mmm.  Nope)
4. They violate the right of their victims. (Doubt it?)
5. They also molest their victims with sex in the dream. (Oh yes... YESSS hahaha)
6. They are no respecter of race.color, age, tribe, position. (True.  Scary ain't it?)
7. They are desperate and very wicked in their activities.  (Nope)
8. Spiritual spouse activities are not physical-but the resulting effects are terrible sicknesses, emptiness, and diseases. (Horniness, wetdreams, fullness, and a lack of std's)
9. They turn dreams life into a serious battle. (Nope)
10. They are specialist in stopping, frustrating and killing marriage with passion. (a "specialist", lol?)
11. They don’t give up easily. (Truth)
12. They can entice with physical gift. (where's my gift?)
13. Mercy is far from them. (only when you're in a BDSM dream)
14. Hardly did they miss their target. (Amen)
15. They may come with familiar faces most of the time. (Yep)
16. They empower lust and decay in the society. (Nope, people fuck up society, usually through control of others)
17. Prostitutes are used as strong bait to hit hard on their target.  (Nope)
18. They can impersonate physical spouse. (Spirits have no form:  They "impersonate" what they want to be at the moment, usually to learn or experience it)
19. Spiritual spouse use dream to challenge and attack the destiny of man and woman. (Actually, that's a good thing)
20. They are very jealous. (Prolly)
21. They cause disaster on the day of wedding.  (What lol?)
22. They attack marriages with divorce.  (No, people do)
23. They bind men and women to terrible spiritual marriage that troubles the physical one. (I just don't get the big spirit vs. physical thing here)
24. They turns joyful homes to battle ground (No, that's called "two wolves" circling, and people havec fucked homes up all by themselves)

Their Entry Points

1. They can enter through immorality. (Not mine:  She steers me from immorality)
2. It can be through pornography.  (I doubt it)
3. Spirit wife/husband can be inherited.  (Like a sheep?)
4. They can enter through rape.  (I doubt it)
5. It can be through evil dedication of individual (maybe, although like attracts like, so the person is probably just as bad as what they've called for... in other words they wouldn't care anyway)
6. They can enter through underwear manipulation. (LOL, what?)
7. Through tattooing and incision.  (...)

Signs Of Their Presence.

1. They cause late marriage or no marriage at all. (thank the gods)
2. Rejection by opposite sex. (you're... welcome!  Except this isn't true:  Women find me "mysterous" in that I feel to them as if I am taken, but there is no one in my life to take me that they can see.  Also, the succubus or incubus association generates sex appeal that the woman finds intriguing as it's both mysterious, slightly dangerous, a little dark, and yet so deliciously unknown... the thrill is there and it's picked up on by women, somehow)
3. Constant sex in the dream. (Can I get an AMEN!)
4. Chains of marital troubles. (Nope)
5. Miscarriages after sex in the dream. (Doubt it)
6. Inability to make love to your wife.  (Doubt it.  I know a few men who have both)
7. Serious pain when about to make love. (They make lubrication for that)
8. All decision to stay single. (Hell yeah! Although, I'd call it a "substantive alternative" to marrying)
9. Early menopause. (Doubt it)
10. Missing menstrual period in the dream.  (What?)
11. Having prolonged pregnancy (Doubt it)
12. Physical disappearance of marriage ring. (LOL)
13. Lost of job and valuables just after marriage ceremony.  ( I just can't lol)
14. When your loving spouse suddenly becomes your enemy.  (Like in every marriage that exists at one time or another, usually because one person or the other is being selfish and/or trying to change the other person to what they want them to be)
15. When one is pregnant in the dream.  (Nope)
16. Breast feeding in the dream and even seeing breast secreting milk physically.  (Where do they get this made up shit?  I mean for real?)
17. Inability to conceive.  (It's called infertility, there's treatments for that outside of 3rd world countries)
18. Having evil or bad body odor.  (That's called "bacteria."  Try a shower)
19. Constant wet dreams.  (Yeah.  Hehe)
20. Wedding in the dream.  (That would be great.)
21. Nursing children in the dream.  (I'm sure nursing a child in a dream is completely non-instincual... give me a break)
22. Inability to maintain holy life.  (Ahhh... here it is:  I'm holier now than I have ever been.  Closer to spirit than I have ever been.  What nature of man is the true man?  Body?  Or spirit?)
23. When one is always jilted by serious partner.  (You probably pissed off your physial wife or husband)
24. Feeling tired every morning.  (That's called stuck in a shit job and being in a shit marriage)


1. Give your heart to God –Not negotiable.  (Done)
2. Repent from all inherited and personal sins.  (Done)
3. Break every soul ties with all spirit spouses.  (Break all ties with mind controlling jacktards:  Done)
4. Pray aggressively against their activities in your life, set ablaze their marriage rings, certificates, wedding garments and children, etc.  (Children?  Wait, set ablaze their children?  That "holy"?)
5. Receive the baptism of Holy Ghost.  (I did.  Twice)
6. Determine to live holy.  (Yep, done)
7. Make Bible your best friend.  (It's one of my resources.  I've had 6 years of Bible school to study it.  I'm thinking perhaps more than the person who made this list.  All of it is conjecture and nothing more than trying to convert fear into donations... what's new?)
8. Add fasting to your prayers.  (Probably the only good advice on this whole list.  And yes, I have done that)
9. Start doing something in the house of the Lord.  (Done)
10. Go for deliverance.  (Mmm, no.  If there was something harmful I would, but I wouldn't need to "go anywhere")

When I read things such as these, and remember when my family was saved from a horrible accident that could have claimed my son's life... I felt her presence.  I knew right then that she helped me directly.  Now, she's not always here physically:  No.  But when it counts, you can be sure she's there, and for that I know the truth of what she is... I know her by her actions!

To be honest, I don't care what she is anymore, and I'm often baffled as to what she is... but I know this.  She is wonderful, she is loving, she is protective, she is caring, she is... indescribable.

When will the world stop treating sexuality like it's something for the spirit to be divorced from and not itself created by spirit (of which the earthly "fuckening" (lol) is but a pale reflection of)?  When will the world stop forgetting that we are spirits ourselves FIRST, yet in a physical body.

Something tells me that if that were the case, all things would be sorted in proper order.

Until then,  lets all send our donations to support this jackhole and his ramblings.  Yeah... no.


  1. On the second link, that guy is deranged. In regards to Faustus Crow, I hadn't been to his sir in quite some time, but his recent post on Lilith has so many falsities, he almost sounds no better than number 2. I'll have to re read it later, but, yeesh. I do, however approve of his gifs from Behemoth's video for Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel. :P

    1. I do like the whole "evoke wanton succubi: keep the exorcist at bay" vibe, lol. I want one of those T-shirts. I don't really take anything he says as serious, but I do try to "take the mental tour" for it's deprogramming value.

  2. Wow Rafe,

    congratz for finding so much bullshit at once oO

    Guess we are all doomed then ? *cuddle my succubus (from Agrath)*

  3. Hmmmmmmm...I concur with you Rafe...having my own spirit wife and a physical wife....there were issues between us before my spirit wife came along and really rescued me...and in many regards she has made our marriage even stronger and my wife is closer to connecting to her higher self and spirit than spirit wife loves me even more when I show my physical wife love and extend love to others around me...she has transformed me and forced spiritual growth in me and has pointed and sometimes lovingly dragged me down my own spiritual path towards love and light and back to source....I too am closer to love and God than I have ever been before and that includes when I was involved in the church...sounds real evil and sinister to me...the only sinister thing was and continues to be the cover up about these loving creatures from the other side...we all need to connect back to source and experience the love and light for ourselves and if these spirit wives or husbands lift a humans soul up to new heights, than I say we are truly blessed for being in their company...I have found my bliss and I am ever grateful for my spirit lover to having shown me the way....

    In Universal Peace, Love, Light & Bliss!!

    Atkin Michaels

  4. Nice to see that the truth will always arise, no matter how much some unwise people try to hide it away. I would like to talk about my own case; however, I want to keep it confidential for now. Is there any way I could get in touch with anyone willing to help? My email address is:

    May love and light guide your way.

    1. I used to get hammered with private emails about this phenomena so I stopped taking any of them at all. But, since you're already anonymous (and if you feel inclined to do so) just post it here.

  5. I see. Apologies if I got to a wrong start then. My name is Louis and I would like to share a bit of my story, in hopes that I can reestablish my spiritual awareness and of course, my spiritual relationship with my spirit lover.

    My life involving spiritual awareness has been a very peculiar one. Compared to my family, I have been the one with the least amount of experience. If it's due to a subconscious repression, I can't say for sure. However, one experience has been the very constant of my spiritual journey: A spiritual lover.

    She has been with me forever, but it wasn't until my late teens that I had the chance to see her and to get to know her. Our main method of communication and love has often been dreams, but she would also manifest sometimes while I'm awake. I never had to do rituals or any of the like, for all I would need to do would be to relax and focus. She has been very patient and very loving, but I know that there are mental barriers which I need to overcome if I am to give to her so much more (It's been a while since we communicated again and, as I write these words, I can feel her presence and her approval in agreement to these words).

    I must admit that I don't have all the tools at the moment. Combine that with the fact that I've been married to my human wife for 7 months (She approved my marriage by the way) and I've been focused on providing and being a better husband and it all equals to lack of training and being unable to feel my spiritual lover as often as before.

    Now, it is un-polite for a stranger to ask for advice regarding my case (and I'm not proud of how things are but I must admit that I don't have the right tools either) so I would like to ask for advice on the condition that I am not given said advice until I can be trusted. So if there's anything I need to do to earn trust, let me know and I'll do it.

  6. Nah, you're fine. I was thinking "vangel" in your email addy was short for "evangelical". You'd be suprised how often we are bashed by both abramamic leaning religions as well as wiccan and even ceremonial occultists (there was a girl I knew of who was thrown out of her wiccan community for speaking about her lover and spirit lovers in general).

    Hell, we get it from both sides :)

    Nobody but those who've experienced it even believes it CAN exist. They're all the same in my book.

    Anyhoo. Tools.

    Believe it or not, I think about half of those who have spirit lovers were contacted by the entity directly, without any sort of summoning.

    I often wonder why that is, but in truth I don't HAVE to know. It just is.

    I got good news, and bad news. The bad news is that there isn't any tried and true method that teaches what is needed in a spirit/human love and sexual relationship.

    The good news is that there are some clues within anything and everything... it really just depends on how far you want to dig.

    History can be tapped in obscure places as to WHAT they are. Generally. At least to what love spirits usually are (and wow, aren't they wonderful?).

    I often wonder why mine is distant sometimes and close other times... it sure isn't the phase of the moon. That's been checked, checked, and rechecked.

    More bad news is there IS no training. It doesn't exist. However, that means you are experiencing the cutting edge. Those at the forefront don't get user guides :)

    Closeness, I think, depends on us. Meditation and surrender are the keys, but they aren't far when giving us a gentle nudge to get on the right path for greater understanding, I believe that this is fact.

    If you're interested in some things to dig through (with the understanding that NOTHING is the answer, only a glimpse of wisdom here and there) I can share some things.

    First up is a book, it's expensive as hell because it's out of print. It does come down to around $50.00 sometimes, or there are .pdf's available on the web (that's up to you, I'm not advocating anything).

    This link's about Fairy lovers from old:

    This one is a historical treatiste on Succubi and Incubi (love spirits in general basically)

    And this one is one from history about elemental lovers:

    Some occultists say that the book is in jest. As in all things, I doubt it. Dig the wisdom out of it and toss it, as in all things.

    I hope that helps a little.

  7. Thank you so much. Just for clarification: "Alv" are the first 3 letters of my last name while "Angel" is my second name, so no worries on that department. Anyway, I'll be sure to provide feedback on the books once I've read them. And also, thank you for creating this blog. I've only read a few entries, but I can see the desire to share knowledge and to help others find happiness with a spiritual lover.

    May love and light guide your path.

  8. Hey Louis,

    at least it sounds like you got a permanent spiritual lover... ask rafe about my journey... when you got a succubus that is just there for some weeks to exchange herself and again and again.

    Yea yea... grow as a person but im an emotional being, how should i get a connection (beyond sex) when my "partner" changes every weeks.

    Im glad, i now have a real partner succubus from Agrath... so much better when you know she is there.