Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gotta write this down...

I was in deep communion with a spirit minutes ago as I was awaking from sleep.  It was my lover, and she was all teacher for this one.

Ok, words coming fast before I lose the concept of what I was knowing (I've already lost a lot that I don't think could have been put into words anyway, but I need to share what I have left):

Spirits observe us, learn from us, are interested in us, and even love us (and yes, some don't like us at ALL).

Spirits basically run what's behind the scene across the veil.

We live, learn, love, cry, die... and they watch it all.  They are fascinated by it, learn from it, try to understand it.

We think circularly, they think linerally.  Time in our plane is linear, while across the veil it's circular, or spiral.  Direct and complementary opposites.

Some of us can sense them, can commune with them, and there are brief moments of the 4th wall disappearing as they commune with us.

We, being made in God and Goddess's image, through our strong emotions and intent, shape the intelligent substance of the veil into form.  Everyone does this as a matter of being alive and being human... we don't have to know how electricity works to flip on a lightswitch and get light.  Some of us do try to understand how it works... but it works regardless.

That which is shaped by emotion and strong intent becomes thoughtforms, then servitors, then egregores (tulpas fit in there somewhere in the eastern model of creation).  The last stage of creation is Godform.  Godforms change.  For instance, I've heard of a Godform rising called "Conkretus". It's a being who cares little for life, and is symbolically formed of concrete in body and oil for blood.

Another example (not a Godform, but in history a strong egregore) is the sword... in the old times there was a powerful egregore of weapons such as the sword, the arrow, the axe, etc.  The egregor is connected to all weapons of this type like a spider web connecting the egregore of each device to the egregore itself.  Just by holding a weapon one could feel the alien intelligence of the powerful egregore that seductively wished to be used, whether to kill another or one's self.  It existed to take life, although obviously the indirect result was saving another life.

This egregore over time became less and less powerful.  It was replaced by the gun.

This is both good and bad.  It's good because the egregore of martial weapons never was able to become a Godform, bad because of the obvious...

Hold a gun and feel... there's something alien there... it softly begs to either slay another, or to slay one's self.  It's so subliminal that it is not noticed by most.

So many toddlers shooting their parents I've wondered about lately... even if they haven't ever seen a gun, how did they know to point and shoot?

Most people can't feel the entity, but it's there... if you ever get a chance feel for it now that you know about it, you can feel it and know it for what it is.  There's something more there than just a chunk of metal.  There's an intelligence connected to it, a parasite.  It wants to grow.  It doesn't care how.  It wants to kill.

I was a military policeman for 6 years and I had to carry.  I would always qualify expert in both rife and pistol.  Now when I just touch one I feel sick because I can feel that entity within that connects them all, whereas before I could not.

The untreated mentally ill are very suseptible to it's siren song, and so are innocent children.

I strongly feel that this is why there are so many random acts of violence as school shootings and the like in recent times.  It seems there's not a day goes by without some massacre, somewhere.

Every time a gun is used the egregore behind it grows stronger.

I don't like talking about this stuff that much.

Let's just say that at some point these entities/spirits become self aware.

I think we know this at some deep level, as the whole concept that we are creators bleeds out into the world in the form of AI that goes rogue in movies and books, hell, even the concepts of aliens, zombies... it's as if we know something, but it only bleeds out into our realm through warped images and warped stories... yet is a shared knowing that we all feel at some deep level of ourselves.

So we're dealing not just in cycles of death and rebirth of us into something else, or something higher or perhaps just larger or smaller or alternate after death, there are also numerous cycles happening that we cannot see... yet have solid implications.

Spirits learn from humans by observation, and in turn humans learn from spirits by what they maintain in the physical that we interact with, including nature.

I'm beginning to think of things across the veil as perhaps a plane full of intelligent potential that reacts to emotion by forming into something else.  I'm not saying that all entities/spirits were created by us, no... I'm not even saying that the tiniest fraction of entities/spirits that exist are created by us, but I do believe that all entities were created by someONE, whether a higher being, us (in the case of what I have been talking about) or "other" (to account for the unknown).

I do believe that our creations are innumerable and beyond the means to fathom, much less count.
But compared to the infinite of what is, even something innumerable is yet a tiny portion.

Perhaps this is why "reiki" exists and was "rediscovered" by Usui... perhaps reiki is the natural state and transmission of this intelligent potential as pure energy.  Kind of like, if that substance is the building blocks of what is here, then by channeling that unmanifest substance to another, repairs are made... and since it is an intelligent "substance" (language is so poor for describing spiritual things) it knows how... even if it's traumatic memories that need healed, or physical, or otherwise.

Yes, I am also asserting that memories and trauma have "mass".  Everything does, just not in the way that we understand it, it has SOMEthing.  I believe in higher planes and many other things aside:  Just because something doesn't register on this plane doesn't mean it doesn't on another, nor that it doesn't exist in another (for instance the mental/emotional/spiritual planes).

And sometimes, I don't think it's allowed to heal, in that being under a higher authority a healing may conflict with a person's lifeplan between them and God/dess.

But intent... intent and emotion are the driving force.  The will to heal, or to kill.

Even that's a cycle.

During my training as a witch, many of the elders would disagree with each other about cursing and healing.  Newer elders would say that one can heal, or one could curse and that one does not need to know how to do one to do the other.

Other witch elders, usually from the "old guard" dating back to Gardner, say that the very act of healing is to curse, or to kill... for instance to heal a body, a virus must die, etc.

They say that in order to heal well one must know how to curse well, that it's one and the same.

I like to stick with my normal stance of "both are right, both are wrong" because I don't know the answer.  There's a yin/yang to everything... that I do know.

I do know that cursing brings one down to the level of the person being cursed and that this is something to consider in a magickal universe that we live in.

I have found personally that magick takes the path of least resistance (me and my buddy from "myspiritlover" were discussing that last night... btw he has a new book out, check it out).  Most often when magick is cast for a desired result, the magick changes you to be in line vibrationally to receive the end result.  I believe cursing does the same thing.  Is there ever a reason to curse?  I've heard it best described that cursing is doing something that the magickian or witch knows is stupid for a rational reason, and decides in weighing all options available to consciously do something stupid anyway.

I personally try to just rise above the problem and it usually works itself out... but as we learn in life not everything plays by the rules (or at least doesn't according to the rules as we understand them).

I only mention these things in the light that all things are circular, endless things spiralling that we aren't even aware of across multiple dimensions of being.

Cycle, cycle, cycle, spinning, spinning, spinning, dancing, dancing dancing dancing... throughout infinity.


  1. Excellent post, Rafe. A third of the way in, I was preparing some counter points, but by the end of the post, I realized you have nearly identical thoughts to my own. Not exact, but very close. As you pointed out, there is a balance to all actions, and it doesn't always mean that healing, or even cursing is evil. Magicians who state otherwise put themselves into a stasis, constantly looping themselves into a circular state of being that does not progress. After all, doing nothing can sometimes be even more harmful than doing something, even if it is the incorrect choice. At any rate, love the recent posts.

    1. Thanks. I agree: To me, inertia is the beginning of death in many forms if not remedied.