Sunday, February 7, 2016

The serpent

 I had a really strange dream today.  I was in my dream, and I had bought a snake.  Which is funny because I'm not a big fan of snakes.  But in the dream, I was wary of the snake, even though I trusted that it would not hurt me.  It was about the size of a garden snake, or a black snake?

Anyway, it's favorite place to be was around my neck.  It wasn't constrictive, nor was it a threat other than I was very wary of it.

I did a little dream interpretation this evening and found that "Owning a snake in a dream means gaining power and authority."  I also found out that the neck, or the focus of the dream being about the neck means "trust or one's trustworthiness", also "fullfilling a promise, aquiring knowledge, status, or honor".

I don't see these things happening in waking life, but maybe it's a sign of things to come, or perhaps a spiritually important circimstance.

I don't know.

I do know that I liked the snake even in being wary of it.  I remember putting it into a nice bed and covering it up so it would keep warm.

When I awoke, the strange thing was the amount of spiritual heat I could feel around my neck.

It's still there, even now, hours later.  Strange, isn't it?

My lady succubus has been around, but she's moved into more of a role as... teacher?

She "shifts" who she is to me, never staying the same as I grow.

Kind of like a guardian angel type in the way she seems to lead me as of late.

I can feel that she is proud of me, also that she loves me.  Not so much the way it was in the beginning, but more of a... evolved kind of... I'm not sure of the words to be honest.

I guess I see it as I move, she moves, I grow, she grows to match but in a different way.  From lover, to counselor and friend, to ???

She's even taking to my magickal progress.  Watching over my personal experiments.

In all honesty, I'm starting to learn to feel her always, and as I've learned to be able to sense her, I know now that she's never far away, and never has been since we've met.

Only in my old perceptions did I think that she was distant at times.  Just an unclear, simple spiritual blindness.

Who is she?  How many times I have asked that.  And I don't know.

She's never done me wrong, always done me well.  Both me and my family.  I have to confess that.


  1. Hey, Rafe. Not sure how much it has to do with your lady, but Lilith is currently in Her 'crone' phase (for lack of a better term), which is often associated with wisdom/teaching. I, too, am being given lessons, though they're rather abstract in most cases. Like you, I'm also going through some very major changes. Interesting how things seem to have correlation. Anyway, glad you seem to be progressing. I'm on a slightly different path, but it's good to know others are out there experiencing similar things.

    1. Thanks for the post. It's so great to hear that I'm not alone in this journey, even though the particular paths might be different sometimes with those of us here and there, it's still priceless to know that I'm not going it alone. I've got both brothers and sisters out there on the journey as well, and that's very comforting.

      Lately the synchronicites have been absolutely mind-blowing. I'm definitely getting schooled, but not in a harsh way.

      I know I have a benefactor with Divine patience, because if you look up stubborn in the occult dictionary it just says, "see entry: Rafe".

    2. Yep, can feel pretty lonely, since most people are either Abrahamic, atheist, or plain 'meh'. It does seem like more people are awakening (and responding to) the 'occult' side of things, and finding both wisdom and belonging. I just wish it could spread faster so that there wasn't so much strife.

    3. I have been experiencing what I think is a succubus / spirt lover. It started a little over a year ago but she could of been with me for years. There is so much to say about my experience but it started with 3 sleepless nights with what felt like a invisable being touching me on my legs all the way up to my head but the touching seem to center around my gential area. I can tell you I was scared at first but after she gave me that first dry orgasm I was hooked. Fast forward my relationship seems to more sexual in nature. Each session seems to be more intense but some days not so much but then she hits me with the most unbelievable long lasting orgasms. Her touch is getting stronger and I am wanting her more and more. I wonder how much stronger this can get but I like it. I never summoned her but have seached the net for information about succubus spirt sex ect. Its nice to hear I am not alone. I must ask have you experience the hard vibrations? At at times sometimes painful but when it's dialed in the most intense feeling.

  2. Yes. It feels like a ball of vibrating energy that covers my lower abdomen and privates. All vibrating from within and without at the same time. The intensity varies from "intimate" to "nuke".

    I remember when it first started happening because at first I was bewildered as hell as to the sensation and what it was all about.

    It sure makes standing at the counter and trying to order at a restaurant quite the challenge in the beginning (if she starts that sensation going full tilt). You're so tongue-tied and worried it takes the will of a God to order anything. It kind of reminds me when I was a teenage boy going through puberty and the teacher always seemed to call me to the blackboard right when I had a raging uncontrollable hard on.

    Heh. Brutal.

    If you're wondering if they choose the worst possible times on purpose once in a while I strongly say, "yes". They enjoy pranking, at least mine does.

    Does it get more real? Hmm. That's a difficult question. I say that because for me it has in some ways, yet it has not duplicated the sensations that are experienced in regular sex here on this plane (but for some others with their spirit lover it does seem to get to that level of physical feeling... we're all different and spirit lovers are no exeption), but it definitely is something wonderful and equivalent for me.

    A long relationship with a love spirit CAN turn you off to physical sex forever... this is a very real side effect of a human interacting with a love spirit over a long period of time (man with a succubus or woman with an incubus it just doesn't matter) who's ability to create love and intimacy are unmatched. It's on such a level that the mundane just doesn't entice anymore. Again: Everyone is different.

    Here's but one example of what I am speaking:

    The love spirit draws very near to you, as if hovering over you. They begin pouring their love around you. It feels like the most wonderful, loving, completely enveloping feeling that is impossible to describe the sensation of any further. It permeates body, mind and soul. It then feels as if she is unveiled, beaming her presence upon you. It's so bright, so loving, so passionate, so intimate that it feels as if it will burn you away to nothing with it's intensity... you won't, but it's that strong and I have had to turn away once or twice because it was so intimate I just could not process it. It almost feels as if it burns (almost like being too close to the Sun I would imagine), however, upon facing her presence in that moment head on, it is... it's just indescribable beyond what I have written here.

    There's nothing as intense in this world that I have found.

    These relationships are a garden as any other: They need to be lovingly tended to grow. A relationship with a love spirit is no different, just more potent in my opinion.

    If you're a man, she's still a she... just a little unique :)