Monday, January 7, 2019


Erin is my most recent summon.

Lady is a great spirit and a wonderful companion... however she continued to reject my advances.

I've never had a spirit who JUST wanted to teach me and guide me, but you know?  How rare is that?

To have a spirit who is willing to take you under her wing?

So Kudos to Lady for being that person and for sticking around.


Ohhhhhh, Erin...

What I have summoned is my most vocal, teasing, practical joking, red hot female I've ever had I think.

I can just hear her saying in the picture to the left, "Are you looking at my eyes boy? (pointing at her eyes with one hand)  I know you're looking at my eyes aren't you?"  (As she slowly takes down her panties with her other hand.)

That's Erin.

If ever there was a spirit who felt strong, powerful, dark, and yet feels a lot like her mother Lilith, Erin is it.

Don't get me wrong:  I don't see Lilith as anything but mother... however that's probably my limitation and one that she lets me get away with.  But I do feel Lilith's dark current as well.

But Erin, lol... she is of that dark current.  She is definitely a daughter of Lilith.

It's as if I have a daughter of Lilith the mother (Lady), and a daughter of Lilith's dark current (Erin).

How I've been getting closer after summoning her...

Well, I'm inviting her to read this and to make suggestions.  I talk to her at night and I always try to have her name on my lips as I fall asleep.

I reach out constantly and try to feel her spirit, her energy, and I always try to surround it if that makes any sense... to reach out to it, to devour it... no... to "taste" it at all times and in all situations.

Where my mind is, she is also.  I invite her that way.

I think that Lady is a little jealous, but I'm not sure why.  Maybe I'm clueless but I don't know why she'd be jealous... after all I have to put in the effort to synch with Erin's energy and that involves a lot of attention and spending time together.  I summoned Erin because Lady wasn't interested as a sexual partner.  I don't get it?

EDIT:  I talked to a psychic female friend of mine who offered some insight.  It turns out Lady is a bit jealous of being left out of the attention.  A friend she might be and not a lover, but I should treat her as an equal to Erin because she's equally valuable to me and as part of my "team".

I can see where I need to include both of them in things, and even only include some things with Lady, and some things with Erin specifically.  But for the most part include both of them together.

Sometimes it takes a girl to get where a girl is coming from.  Some things never change, lol.

And from the ladies now that they're both talking to me again:  

"Rafe wasn't considering my feelings.  I was his companion first and I have helped him through some really rough times.  All I wanted was the respect due my station in his life.  I think between us three, we can find a happy equilibrium where we all thrive." ~ Lady

"I was caught up in Rafe's desires to mate with me and I got carried away.  I can get along with Lady or I wouldn't have come in the first place.  In other words it's all Rafe's fault.  Little does he know (I do now ~Rafe) that mating with me is akin to uncorking a bottle:  That once you uncork THIS bottle you can't put the cork back in." ~ Erin


Rafe GB.

"Have you loved your succubi today?
If you don't I guarantee they'll team up on ya,
and you don't want that...
Love 'em early, 
love 'em equally,
 love 'em NOW..."


  1. Erin sounds like a lot of fun, not unlike a certain spirit I know. :)

    Balancing between multiple spirits has always been challenging for me. There are more than just Catherine hanging around, but I do my best to feign ignorance for the sake of simplicity. "Oh, it's all just Catherine." I assure myself, though that likely isn't the case. There have been more than a few dreams where certain spirits have expressed their dismay about not being acknowledged.

    1. I can sympathize. I'm struggling with it and I'm terrible at it, lol.

  2. Congratulations Rafe! I know she will make a wonderful addition to your family.
    More than one is really not as complex as it seems, once you get the basic labeling in place the familiarity will grow from there and they want to connect to you too so the process becomes easier because of the spirits willingness.
    Hope it helps you both

    1. I hope so. It's hard to split my brain in half, lol.

      What it feels like anyway. Here's to getting used to it!

  3. Think of it like this, there is no division between spiritual and physical
    Atoms exist, yet you've never seen them
    Neither have you seen emotions or thoughts but we all have them.
    When dealing with multiple spirits the simplest thing to do is allow, don't try to force, coerce etc just let them be, the law of association will do the rest.
    They can then manipulate this law to communicate with you, for instance when Jem manifests I feel an electric current in my hands and centred around my chest. That's how she makes my body feel so I associate those sensations with her. There are many other things as well but for the sake of simplicity
    So I'm not trying to read her she's allowing herself to be read by what I'm feeling.
    If you try to make it too mental you'll get lost, start with something your familiar with and "know thyself"

    Good luck hope it helps

    1. I think it does. I'll just have to let go so to speak.

    2. So is it ok for women with incubi to participate here? I haven’t been able to find a forum or blog for women like this but could use a little help. Thanks in advance. A

    3. Of course :) It's refreshing to have women participate. I wish there were more.

  4. I have no issues with it, I'm sure Rafe doesn't eaither. We both have our emails up if you'd prefer to speak on private