Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I saw her

Being bipolar I have extreme ups and downs sometimes.  Today it was a massive down.  Really down.

Yeah... it sucks.


So, there I was in bed... not too long ago, really.... and I was talking to Erin.  No, I was really talking to Erin heart to heart.  I was telling her my fears,  my traumas, my deepest darkest feelings.

I could feel a touch here, a tap there on my body to let me know that she was here listening, and then all of a sudden through the tears...

I saw her.

Now, this picture is an approximation of course... I can't find a picture that is exactly what she looks like or that can even express what she felt like, but it's close enough for the blog.

I've been doing this for a few years now (4?), and I have never "seen" a succubus before...

But there she was, clear as day.  I saw her suddenly as if I were in 3rd person, and she was straddling me on top of my covers in my bed just listening to me talk.

I have to admit that this is a WONDERFUL development and really makes me proud of things, considering.


  1. Congratulations Rafe, what a moving experience for you both!

    1. Yeah it was. Only took me 4 years or so, lol. I'm stubborn, but I have a helluva lot of patience...

    2. It takes time to develop, you should be very proud of yourself it isn't an easy road by any means, blessings to you all

  2. Holy wow! That is amazing, man! Hoping you are able to repeat, threepeat and more. Happy for you...jealous, but happy lol

  3. That's great news! In our deepest and darkest moments, these spirits can be such a great comfort.

    1. Yeah so very true. She's dragged up my traumas afterwards through dreams in order for me to work on them instead of shutting them away. I could sense her close when I was startled awake by them.

      She really does remind me of Catherine a bit from how you've described her.

      Sweet, seductive, and no-nonsense about solving problems (plus, to be honest I'm just a little bit scared of Erin).

  4. on Jan 9 was my birthday, hope something similar happened to me that day too lol
    Great to know bro, I believe in all this because of you too, so that you progress is really great too :)
    As you know I supposedly have two ladies with me too, I believe with my heart that is true, but who knows, it's been just like 4 and half months...
    So also had worried about the feelings of my 1st lady, and still, not like I have put special attention to my newest...
    I once asked my 1st if wanted to be my girlfriend, but never worried about her reply, perhaps, because girls need time to think... But anyway, by now I only consider them my teachers and friends, and in any case I now try to go slower on those kind of approaches.
    Since anyway I've never been good with girls...
    I love them the same...
    Seems that spiritwalker response about "the law of association" was also of great aid

    1. Hi Kiichi :) Yeah, succubi seem to love slowly and take their time getting to know you and letting you know them through and through. Certainly not like the myths, are they haha?