Saturday, December 29, 2018

"Lady" says, "We are gods"

Psalm 82:6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;
you are all sons of the Most High.’

and again

John 10:34  "Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are "gods"'?

I've never summoned a being I didn't like, or who didn't like me.

Perhaps it's my inexperience in summoning but everyone has been genuinely friendly and very disposed to helping me when I ask.

Maybe we're not as powerless as we look as far as our capacity for building relationships with beings across the veil being one example.

Now... I'm naturally the humble sort, the stubborn sort as well I know.

I know it's funny to say humble and yet claim that we are gods, but we are.

A fact that for some reason has eluded me.

"Lady",  my spirit lover, has been leading me to find this information out for myself.  Clever lass.

No, I don't have special physical powers all of a sudden.

What the truth of us being gods is, is that it speaks volumes of where we're going when we die here, and why we were drawn here in the first place.

Maybe that's why succubi, angels, nymphs, jinn that we have as lovers love us so.  Or... our status is more valuable than we really know.

We're like precious babes here... godly children of a sort that is impossible to resist for the most part I think.  There's some humor in that.  We are rather irresistible to many beings it would seem.

This realization has got me to thinking about lots of things.

First off is just how vehemently christian elders are against the idea even though it's right there in their bible, they endeavor to explain it away.  You can't explain away "Elohim", which is the term used in both instances at the top.  That is the term used for "gods" in the above two texts.

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth..."

The word for "God", again, is "Elohim".

The Elohim created this dump.  Congrats!  We created it.

We are part of the body of beings who are the Elohim, temporarily wrapped in a vessel of flesh and cut off from who we really are:  Including our memories of such times.

What are we to do?  We LIVE here... we PLAY the GAME... but with the knowledge and laughter of one who knows something of their place among the stars, albeit hindered temporarily by flesh.  What we can carry is hope for the day that we are restored and our time here is done.

I... still wonder why every being I summon is so nice to me.  Maybe my joke about being a special needs summoner isn't so far off the mark... again, truthfully it's probably my inexperience.  After all, I haven't summoned a lot that I'm sure is out there.

EDIT:  I dreamed of a spirit who came by to give me a hearty "fuck you".  They left me a present of some nightmares last night as they left.  So... I guess I was wrong, lol. 

Anyway... I still have yet to figure out why Lady wanted me to learn these things.  I guess I'll find out where this is going, where she is leading me, in time.

Here's a short article I found while writing this post, which captures it's essence very well:

I hope that I've given you pause to reflect on these things.

Blessings and New Year's Tidings,

Rafe GB.


  1. Insightful post Rafe, thank you for sharing your findings.
    This topic is always facinating to me, we are as god.
    Our minds cannot seem to grasp this concept that we are both omnipotent beings and yet encased is separate flesh, it's so far beyond our understanding that it takes a long time to pit it in context. We are in a world of duality after all
    However I suspect that 'lady' is introducing you to the secrets of magic and the keys to the door of life, enjoy!!

    1. Yeah she may be. She's always struck me as the teacher/friend kind of relationship so far. Another interesting thing is I was lonely so I prayed to Lilith for a succubus lover and poof, here she is. I dreamed of her last night walking shoulder to shoulder with me. Cute lass. Not over the top appearing in lingerie or anything, but still a cutie, lol.

      So... that's kind of cool that I don't need to summon companions anymore, just pray. An interesting development.

      Lady seemed to resist my advances lol, but at least she's chummy.

      Oh yeah... the new succubus grabbed my foot when I was laying down and gave it a good few tugs. I thought it funny that, in the old days that might have scared me. How far I've come :)

  2. That's exactly what she's going to be to you rafe, learn everything you can from her, she is an amazing teacher!

    What did you ask, Lilith herself, her energies or the collective archetype?

    Ah it's not quite that easy as 'praying' can I just ask do you remember the summoning fully or is it like someone else did it?

    Haha that's great news! It's amazing how they change us isn't it, before I started this the mere thought of a demon scared the living bejesus out of me, having met them and loving them I wouldn't be without them!
    As for them touching me I would've run into the corner of the room whimpering lol

  3. Yeah she's something. Got a good sense of humor though I often miss it. I wonder if "Lady" is supposed to be part of that humor but I'm not sure, lol.

    I prayed to Lilith herself and concentrated real hard on that dream I had where she suckled me. That's the Lilith I wanted to get through to. I didn't do anything besides asking her and telling her how I felt all lonely and stuff, and if she'd sent me her wildest daughter. Lol.

    The next day I had a new presence and last night I dreamed of the new succubus walking with me shoulder to shoulder. She's cute.

    Lady's still around, too... it's just hard to feel her with the other one as she's pretty dark and radiates a lot of energy.

    Not much more do I know. Other than a propensity to talking backwards like Yoda today. Lol.

    I'm gonna take a lil' nap and see if I can meet up with her again. I've never seen Lady in a dream, that would be cool though. I'm curious as to what she appears as to me.

  4. This sounds very much like how you filter and process psychic information, also possibly like your labeling the different aspects of the same spirit, all her personality traits, just my two cents for what it's worth

    They are as complex as we are and takes quite a bit of mental gymnastics to get past the label itself, as we have to have a frame of reference to make sense of the energies we feel from them.

    I recently summoned someone from the demonic heriachy, using her sigil. I left the sigil open so that we could sync energies, anyways I gave her a thank you gift and she dissapeared! I was stunned to say the least and spent the day trying to answer as to why this had happened, I came up with every possible answer until one of my wives said "why don't you ask her?" The most logical thing to do and I'd missed it haha
    Turns out she was upset with me, because she didn't understand why I would give a gift that personal so soon! Moral of the story, my hubris (ego) is a dumbass and is bout as much use as tits on a fish when it comes to this stuff haha

    Haha her wildest daughter haha my friend are you sure? Haha from what I understand of lilith she has three parts if you like, theirs her herself, there's her energies that can and do act independently of her and of course our collective consciousness of the myths, stores and ancestral knowledge, that's what I've discovered so far anyway.

    Hope the dream goes well!

    1. Can't sleep. Well, she didn't send me the wildest one anyway. Lol. I found out her name is Arin. Just popped right into my noodle when I lay down, I said to myself this is cool, I'm gonna see Lady or Arin when I sleep. Who? Oh.

      Man I'm tired. I've been starving myself to make it to the end of the month, and now that I made it the first thing I did when my deposit hit my account was go out and buy 10 whitecastle hamburgers (they are sliders... very small hamburgers) so I'm stuffed.

      Too wired to sleep though. Darnit. Arin has a very energetic core to her as in she radiates pure energy and I'm all high off of it. I don't remember that aspect before.

    2. Oh yeah... are you thinking that Lady summoned her for me? Or are you thinking that I did what was necessary in my head to be a summoning? I've done esbats in my head before and got the same result as if I had done them physically. Maybe the same deal?

  5. Lol, I know what you mean there's always too much month left at the end of the money haha

    It's tough going when they go through that stage isn't it, it's worth it when they finish syncing though, sooo bloody worth it haha

    I was more interested the technique tbh, I'm going through a very study intensive time, everything from hatian voudou, to demonic systems, to humans, to sigil to you name it they've got me studying haha

  6. I guess I did a summoning in my head now that I think of it, mainly because it had all the component parts of a summoning. Not a big accomplishment considering anything can be done in your head with enough practice. Which is kind of funny when I think about it...

    Yeah, Lady's bit me with the knowledge bug as well it seems. I'm much the same way studying different things. I was hoping the studying would be over to be honest.

    Hey, at least I got a good break!

    All I can say is thank God for kindle books.

    I'm still tying to figure out how she wants me to spell "Erin". I don't think she cares but I care. Erin at the moment.

    It doesn't matter so much when their true name is probably something more like @#$%^$%&#$& with pitches beyond our hearing. Lol.

  7. Once you have the basics in place it's amazing how versatile magick can become isn't it, sometimes I find that having physical "triggers" help set the proper timing etc but essentially the potential is limitless isn't it?

    Kindle is a life saver haha I'm forever like "I don't understand what your showing me sweetheart" next thing it pops up on kindle...ahh now I understand haha

    I always think the name just reflects their vibration if I'm honest, I think the human mind has to label something in order to become familiar with it and then it's up to us to look beyond that label in order to get to know it truly.

    1. Yeah probably so, probably so.

      Get this... last night I dreamed of Kali and Shiva, and Kali was talking to me but it sounded like she was far underwater. I kept thinking, "omg, Kali has a speech impediment".

      But nah, I just wasn't picking up on them clearly. Kinda funny though. Don't leave it to my dream self to figure out jack shit because it's probably not gonna happen :)

  8. Lol that had me in stitches....I can imagine you trying to be respectful whilst all the time trying to hide that thought from her haha awwkward hahahaha

    I had an amazing dream once, I was skydiving, I had all the same vertigo sensations as if I was in a body, I remember thinking I'm asleep I don't have a body to die, wtf!?!

    1. Yeah that was rough lol. You pretty much nailed it.

      Oh, I've had dreams like that. They say that if you hit the ground you're dead but I don't believe that. I've hit the ground which turned into a deep pool of water before, right as I landed hard. Still alive lol.

      I felt the same thing too... that falling feeling and boy do you fall a looooooooooooong way before you hit and wake up, or hit and it turns into a pool to save my ass.

  9. Lol still laughing now.

    I've never had it where I hit the ground before that must be great! I have heard that before and tbh the only thing I can think of is maybe a sympathetic thing?

    I've had it where I've gone through various dimensions before, I was chasing one of my ladies and when she finally let me catch her she showed what I'd done...I admit to freaking out, I remember saying but I can't do that it's not possible, she just laughed and I woke up haha

    I had one last night where a woman was on fire, literally stood there as normal wreathed in flames, although I just stood there watching... thinking mm this is different hahaha

    1. That's pretty interesting. I was reading a book about Lilith and it said that the Lilith that is mated to Samael has the top half of a woman and the bottom half is pure fire.

      I've also read that when the Shekinah mates with God that she surrounds them both within a circle of flames.

      I'd say that it's either something mystical, or one of your closest lovelies is in heat hahahaha.

  10. Oh it's not heat lol I've had that a few times and it ain't pretty, stores tend to get upset when your trying to sit in their freezers muttering I can't cope with this haha I liken it to smothering downstairs in habenero sauce and then walking into the desert hahahaha

    I mentioned Lilith and it went down like a lead balloon, real biblical stuff, sky splitting lightning haha
    Tbh I have another lady who's on her way to me and I'm convinced it was her, although I do know a few experts with magical fire but the energy was different

    I love that about the Shekinah, really beautiful!

  11. Lol, that's mating season alright. Ahhh, I miss those days. It wasn't so bad when I had that as it was only every 6 mo. or so.

    You gotta Jinn comin'?

    Yeah I thought that was nice about the Shekinah, too.

  12. They don't do it often but if I've ignored it for a few days I'm in trouble haha

    No a demonic queen has agreed to come and work with me, wow is she ever amazing and nothing like our written records of her, it's gotta be said she is simply amazing!

  13. It certainly is Rafe, it's Naamah!

    1. Have to tell me what it's like working with her once you've made some headway with her.

  14. Very different to say Melanie or Demi, even Jem (Liliths daughter) she's a different kind of darkness to what they carry. She's very thoughtful and kind, considering the power she has, which is electrifying. She certainly is very physical, touches, presence etc

    Magically she is very adept and will divert whatever you need to you asap, or 10 mins ago whatever is quicker haha
    She is a master of magic, many different systems, not just qlipothic and has worked very closely with lilith.

    I still laugh but I summoned her using voodoo haha oh and she has a very dark sense of humour, I was trying to get my daughter to sleep, when I felt her energies around me and she said "be careful I'm known for strangling babies, it's part of my legends" with a wry smile on her face, I have to admit I burst out laughing till tears were streaming down my face, just brought home the "accounts" we have are not always accurate haha