Friday, March 16, 2018

How to Draw Your Succubus Closer

I came across an exercise for soul mates and decided to appropriate it for our purposes.

It's a visualization technique that works to bring one closer to their succubus.

It's rather easy to implement, as all that is required is to reach a meditative state and imagine your succubus entering and dwelling within your heart.

While I do this I repeat, "Maiya is my bride.  Athena is my wife.  I love Maiya.  I love Athena."  As a form of mantra while I visualize the heart meditation.

Hold her there and you'll probably notice some activity from your succubus as you get better at it, and more able to visualize it better and better (and to FEEL it as so).

I'm always on the lookout for techniques that enhance one's relationship with their succubus and especially want and welcome comments that give related exercises as well.  I'm very interested in these exercises.

I will have to warn the mate of a succubus that I have encountered my girls emitting a crap load of dark energy when I did this exercise.  Even though I've been exposed to this energy many times over time, it's still hard to swallow.

As I have said before I do not believe the dark energy is evil, it is simply very dark and hard to get used to if at all.

I just grin and bear it myself.  What else can one do?

Please try this exercise above and let me know how it goes.

EDIT:  Wowwwwwwwwwww... I did the exercise at bedtime as I was falling asleep.  I would recommend that time for anyone else as well.

In my dreams, my "heart" was a room made of solid quartz with beautiful shining gemstones that each cast off a pulsing light.  The chamber was beautiful.  The music was Gregorian chanting similar to what you'd hear from the Halo 1 theme.  The girls were there, but apparently resting.

I'm not sure what else to say... it was a highly spiritual, mind blowing experience.

I suppose I should mention that this exercise can be combined with the exercises from my last post (clearing energy blockages) for an even greater effect.  At least that's how I chose to do it.

Another thing I've been doing is experimenting with the picture process as detailed in my link here:

Just scroll down the page until you find the "picture method".

Brightest Blessings,

Rafe GB.

Have you loved your succubus today?
If you won't I will, lol ;)
(Just kidding)


  1. I've found that involving my lady in things throughout the day is a good method. Pull a chair out at the table, offer some of my food, offer the controller when I'm playing games, that sort of thing.
    Spending some time to cuddle with her and talk throughout the day is also a good way. (PSA: If my experience is anything to go by, it is very easy to get too comfortable and fall asleep while cuddling with a succubus. While I'm sure most succubi wouldn't mind you falling asleep in their arms, it's not very productive to fall asleep in the middle of the day.)
    I don't know whether she uses the chair or eats some spirit version of the food I offer, and I'm certain she's never taken the controller nor possessed me to have a turn, but that's not important. What's important is trying to include her in my day to day activities. Same goes for cuddling. Even if I can't feel her very strongly, what's most important is that I'm making an honest effort to get closer.

    TLDR; Try to include her in day to day activities, have personal time with her, and remember that the most important thing is making an honest effort. Your succubus will appreciate it and love you for it whether it succeeds or fails.

  2. can i imagine whenever i´m medating that i´m making out/hugging/cuddling with her, or should i literally imagine her entering my heart/soul?

    1. Any effort with good intent would draw you closer as it's the thought that counts I think.

      Try it as two separate exercises perhaps... one when you imagine they are drawn into your heart, and one for cuddle time... I don't see these as mutually exclusive but all part of the same process... just different :)

    2. To put it in less words, try the exercise out and see what works for you personally.

  3. I cover mantras in my last book as well, MY SPIRIT LOVER - Ritual Contact." Point being is that Rafe is correct on this one. You also have to allow enough time each contact for anything to develop between the two of you. I often will not feel anything real, "sexual" (energy) or her full presence until a good half hour or more into our contacts, then it gets intense. Just breath and relax your way through it, like I do. I do not feel the, "dark energy" as Rafe does; instead mine feels, lovingly heavy and light and sexual all at the same time!

    Anonymous, those are good points as well and I also include my spirit lover in my day to day activities, like when I am driving and or at work. Just the other morning while laying in bed and petting my kitten. I decided to invite her to pet the kitten. I could feel her touch my shoulder and then the tingles traveled down my arm to my hand. The kitten went from purring to making some kind of other odd purring sound; so I know contact was made between the two of them. I was actually going to make a post about this on my website, what great timing! Point is, yes include them in all and make sure to say good morning and good night each day. As this I believe will invite their presence to you. Oh and I also thank her for her presence when she does make contact and tell her how much I love her and how good it feels. She seems to like this very much. What woman would not, right?

  4. I need some help here. I think an evil spirit is trying to take over me. Here me out. So a few weeks ago I had to babysit some kids. They were lacking in all forms of empathy and they caused chaos in the home. They threw things at people and had to be restrained in order to not hurt anyone. This entire time my stress was building. And here is where the evil spirit comes in. Right when I was about to snap one of the kids threw something rather dangerous in my eye. I was screaming in pain for about a minute. But my anger was all gone. I talked with him and when it was time to go he left. Any other day I would have yelled my lungs out or even belted them but I didn't. For a couple of days after I let my stress levels calm but I wasn't quite back to how I felt before. Something was different. I felt off. When someone did something that I saw was wrong I got angry and my thoughts would spontaneously blurt out evil things such as "go to he'll you fucking prick" or "I want to kill this asshole." I no longer have any stress in my system and these kinds of thoughts are really unusual. Sometimes I feel like if I don't give all my attention to controlling myself I would just blurt these things out or yell them violently or even hurt people without control. This got worse and that's when I think my succubus called in some spirits to try and exorcise what ever this is. My room felt super comfy and when I went to bed I felt paralyzed with what seemed like the old hag sitting on me and making blood curling clicking noises while it held my heart in it's hands. And it was quite painful. Well that didn't work. As the days go by I find myself less and less confident that I could hold this thing back from taking me over. I've come up with two theories so far as to what's in me. 1. It's anger and hatred in the form of energy that I subconsciously locked away in my heart because I couldn't release it at that time in fear of the consequences it might have held. 2. It's an evil spirit that saw a chance to slip in and have a nice meal of negative energy. I'd like to know any ways/sources you know of that might help get rid of this energy or entity. Anything would be appreciated.

    1. I've read your post twice and also read it with a close friend of mine. Why not attack both theories as to what it is?

      For the first you're suffering from a truckload of repressed emotion and that needs to be addressed. I'd suggest making a counselor appt. as soon as possible. LCSW's to me make the best counselors.

      You need to learn the LBRP and perform it 2x a day, at morning and at night. This ritual will make it very uncomfortable for any spirit to latch onto you. This does not include succubi as they just stand there patting you on the head while performing one. Well, mine did. They're not the kind of spirit the LBRP blows away from you, nor does it seem to bother them in anyway so no harm to your girls.

      The old hag was just bad luck, or perhaps was attracted to all that pent up negative emotion. As we know she doesn't do anything permanent other than getting her terror jollies and moving to the next victim.

    2. I wish you luck. No one deserves to suffer. Stay strong and attack both sides of the problem.

    3. Fixed!!! Last night my succubus did something while I was asleep that made my body feel like it was going to explode. Gentle though. When the pressure built up too much she lowered it. Reached deep in my heart and cleansed it with powerful gold light. Now I'm back to my old self again. She even teased me sexually which is something I missed. I did the rituals for good measure. And I feel great.

    4. They certainly have a special healing touch, that's for sure. Kudos to your succubus :)

    5. Hey do succubus like rap? Like a song called ( angel with a uzi ) by montona of 300?

    6. Good question. Don't know unless you try.

      Play your song when she is near and feel around you for her emotions regarding the song...

  5. Hey there Rafe. Quick question. Can girls play too? I’d like help but I can’t find any sites where women are dealing with incubi. I guess maybe we just roll differently from men. But I do think that the experience of succubi and incubi are very similar. I’ve researched it a lot on a certain now defunct forum. If it’s ok, my question is about whether it’s possible to restore trust with one of them once it has been lost. (My trust. Maybe his too.) thanks either way. You’re doing a super job here. Kudos to you and your spirit lovers!

    1. Hi there. It's the same, really. I don't know why there's not many sites on incubi to be honest but it's all pretty much the same. Incubi seem to be more gentle than succubi from what I have heard from the ladies here and there.

      As for restoring trust it's like any two people in a relationship: It all depends on you two.