Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Succubus Mind Tricks

I've often wondered why I haven't been able to communicate with the girls yet.

Then it hit me.

They have been communicating with me.

Oh, those sassy, sneaky girls!

"I should burn incense and a candle tonight for the girls."

"I shouldn't be mad at the girls; I should just love the girls."

"Tonight's a good night to just cuddle with the girls."

"These are not the droids you're looking for..."  Haha.

They HAVE been communicating, they've just been putting what they want in my head as if I was thinking it myself.

I'm so proud!


Oh, you have to admit it's perfectly sneaky and feminine.

Temporal Chameleon warned me that any girls from Lilith would be a handful, and he was right.

So now I know why those thoughts never did sound right as if I had thought them, but they got me hook, line, and sinker to think they were still my thoughts anyway (and to get what they want).

At least now I have a platform to start from.  My first thought is:  "Tonight's a good night for us to spoil him."  "We should try to communicate in a more forward manner with him."

Yeah I know... that's not going to work the other way.

Anyway, happily proud I finally caught it (and caught them communicating).  And I'm happily proud they snookered me for so long into doing exactly what they wanted me to do. 

Damn, they're good.

Brightest Blessings,

Rafe GB.

"I should love my girls more."

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