Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sexual Energy Blocks FIX

I've been having a lot of trouble having sex with my 2 succubus spirits.  At first I thought that they were being mischievous, but it turns out it was all on me.

This is something I've never had to deal with before, but me having to deal with it, think about it, and finally fix it benefits YOU if at some point you find that you, yourself find that you are not able to have sex with your succubus.

It takes a few days of work, I would imagine up to a week of practice in order to make a break through.

The reason I summoned a 2nd succubus in the first place was that I figured that Lilith sent me a companion spirit more than a succubus spirit.

And only when I discovered the 2nd spirit I summoned was behaving the same way did I start to figure things out.

I figured it out because at some point during spiritual sex it would abruptly stop (and which also explains why at first I suspected some succubus/companion mischievousness).

Now... After I did the exercises apparently to a point of fixing the problem, both succubi were able to have sex with me and did not stop abruptly.

So, energy blockages ARE A THING and must be addressed from time to time.

These are the exercises that I found and worked through to make my breakthrough  (Along with another type of fix at the end marked FIX #2).

If you are having sex problems with your succubus and come to the conclusion it might be an energy blockage, why not give these a try?

Because I believe these exercises are so powerful, I want to copy them here in case the above link becomes invalid.


Sushumna Breathing: Opening the Inner Flute Purpose: To access and expand life force energy to create higher states of awareness and energy. To amplify, direct, and expand energy and pleasurable sensations throughout the entire body. To learn to maintain and enhance high states of energetic arousal with a relaxed body, peaceful mind, and open heart. The sushumna (also known as the Inner Flute or Hollow Bamboo) is an energetic pathway that connects your body’s energy centers (chakras) to create a free flow of energy through your entire body. Observe your inner experience, using visualization and your own intuition to guide you to where energy is present.


• Energy becomes subtle, refined, meditative, and exquisite. 
• Channels energy through each energy center, and distributes it throughout the body. 
• These exercises tone muscles, oxygenate the brain, revitalize the endocrine system, expand the capacity for pleasurable sensations, and celebrate an alive vital body. 

3 Keys to Enhancing Life Force Energy: 

1. Breath 
2. Movement 
3. Sound Also… visualization and creativity. 

Guidelines: Sit comfortably on a cushion with legs tucked back or folded, your spine vertical, your belly relaxed, and eyes closed. These practices can also be done sitting on a chair or lying down.

Practice 1: The Mula Bandha Contractions Exercising the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle, also know as mula bandha in Sanskrit) is an important practice in learning to contain and channel life force energy. The mula bandha contractions exercises, done often through the day, will strengthen the PC muscle and give it more tone and vitality. 

• Pulsing: Tighten and relax in quick, short pulsations. Do 20-30 repetitions, two or three times. 
• Pumping: Inhale and contract the mula bandha, hold for several seconds, then exhale and fully relax the muscle. Do 10-20 repetitions, two or three times. 

Sushumna Breathing: Opening the Inner Flute  

Practice 2: Sushumna Breathing 

Sushumna breathing Breathing amplifies energy and pleasurable sensations and distributes it, bringing aliveness, awareness, and pleasure throughout the body. 

1. Pucker your lips like sucking through a large straw. Inhale gently and deeply through the mouth. Then relax your lips, and let the air flow out.
2. Combine the breathing with the mula bandha contractions:
• Inhale, and contract the mula bandha. 
• Exhale, and relax the mula bandha. 
• Observe the sensations as they spread through the body.
3. Sushumna breathing breathing:
• Inhale, and imagine you are sucking air into your body through the root center, and visualize the air flowing up through the sushumna. 
• Exhale, and visualize the air flowing back down the sushumna and out through the root. 
• Use the sweep of one or both hands, if helpful, to guide the direction of the breath and energy up the sushumna and back down.
4. Enhance pleasurable sensations through your breathing and mula bandha contractions. 

Practice 3: Pelvic Rocking Pelvic rocking loosens the muscular attachments of the hips and pelvis. Combined with the mula bandha contractions and sushumna breathing, this is a helpful way to transform root energy into refined energy, and distribute it through the energy centers and to the whole body. 

1. Slowly and rhythmically rotate the pelvis back and forth, while keeping the chest still. Allow your movement to enhance pleasurable feelings. Relax, be playful, and enjoy the movement.
2. Synchronize breathing with the movement. Inhale and rock the pelvis back (tail bone draws back). Exhale, and rock the pelvis forward (tail bone draws forward). 

3. Expand sensations by beginning Sushumna breathing. Pucker your lips like sucking through a straw. Inhale through the root chakra, drawing energy in and up the Sushumna, as you rotate the pelvis back. Exhale, drawing energy down the Sushumna, and out through the root chakra, as you rotate the pelvis forward.
4. Make the sound of the breath audible, or sigh with the exhalation, like “Aaah.” Relax and let go as you make the sound. Use Breath, Movement, and Sound to enhance the pleasurable sensations.
5. Add the mula bandha contractions: Inhale through your root chakra, drawing energy in and up the Sushumna as you rotate the pelvis back, and contract the mula bandha. Exhale down through the Sushumna, through your root, rotate pelvis forward, and relax the mula bandha. Allow the pleasurable sensations to spread through the entire body. 

6. Gradually allow the movement to slow to stillness. Let your breath return to its natural rhythms, relax your body, and sit in silence feeling the sensations spread through the body. You may enjoy lying down in stillness to savor the experience. 

This practice is adapted from The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, by Margot Anand.

All credit to:  

Marilynne Chöphel, M.A. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 85 Forest Lane • San Rafael, CA 94903• (415) 492-1042 •


I would start with energy, so where your and her energies meet and it starts to get the sexual feelings start pushing a little bit and try to feel her pushing back and when she does start to draw her into you and flow between each other. As it escalates notice the point that it shuts off it should feel like a complete drop in everything, this is where mind management comes in, feel what your feeling allow it to flow, sink into your feelings for her allow the two opposing energies to be together fear and love allow them to dance together.

Fear will push her and she may back off at this point, tell her its ok and to hold her ground you recognize your fearful and your gonna need her to push back gently. As shes pushing back your gonna feel this intensely use your judgement if you think its too much energy wise, not fear of her then close it down and try again later.

When you feel her energies break through it will be even more intense you will feel her enveloping and penetrating your fear, what will happen next is between you and her but enjoy.
You can try visualization with it as well it sometimes helps.

Sometimes when i'm in a really bad mood and cant see the woods for the trees my girls put their hand on my chest and i instantly surrender to them. Hope this helps.

- Credit goes to SpiritWalker's Spirits for teaching him the methods above and for him granting me permission to use them here.

Brightest Blessings,

Rafe GB.

Have you loved your succubus today?
If not those horns are made for head butting...


  1. Thank you for finding and posting these. I've had problems with energy blockages causing excessive pressure on my subtle body, and exercises like this help to get things flowing as they should.

    Catherine has told me, in so many words, to make a habit of doing stuff like this, or reap the consequences of annoying pressure sensations and muscle stiffness. She used to work this stuff out for me, but no longer! Time to grow up. :)

  2. Catherine's a trip :) I really like these exercises they work very well.

  3. I've never had sex with my succubus yet I get these really strong feelings from her that she wants to. I don't know what im supposed to do.

    1. Either it's a sexual energy block, or she's still making connections between you two in order to have sex. At the beginning the succubus is making connections that allow for her to manipulate your energy centers so that sex can occur.

      There's no harm in doing the exercises, however, as they can only benefit you in the long run regardless.

  4. Oh my god. Thank you so much!!! I was wondering why we couldn't finish. Four years and the pleasure lasted only 10 seconds. Now she's going to be all over me.

    1. I hope the exercises work well for you. Let me know how it goes :)

  5. Another excellent post rafe, thanks for taking the time to do this. Works like a charm ;)

    1. You're welcome, Daniel. I'm glad it works for you :)

  6. Rafe has dug up and offered some very wise advice with this one. I would like to interject and add to this. If you’re experiencing sexual type sensations (sexual energy) in the root chakra only and nowhere else, this is a big indicator of blockages beyond the root chakra. The (what we are perceiving as sexual sensations at the root chakra) sexual energy should travel and flow up your entire body, spilling into each of the other chakras as they are reached and cleared, all the way to the crown chakra. The full body sexual sensations and the pleasures and that can be shared and experienced with your spirit lover, are only possible when all of your chakras are cleared and open for this energy to flow into and through them. We have to think in terms of energy and its flow, to understand this concept fully. There is a source (our lovers) of the energy being generated, a conduit in which the energy is flowing through (our chakras energy nodes) and the final device that we are looking to power (our physical and ethereal bodies). We also have to remember that being stimulated by your spirit lover and the sharing of sexual energy with them, (what we term as making love) is also vastly different than what we experience with a flesh and blood partner in this physical realm. That quick release, or final climax that we seek is not likely to happen to, or for you until you’re ready for it and your body is able to handle it. That physical release when it does happen will not be the same as what you might expect either; as it is and will be much more than that. It will be a whole physical and ethereal body energy release; of which nothing like you have experienced before can or will compare to it.

    As of late my lady has been reinforcing the need to spend more time in deep meditation, healthy living and eating, getting exercise (she likes yoga for its physical and spiritual combined attributes) and of course in bed with her. She too is encouraging me to work on myself in order for us to be, “complete” in each other when that sought after blissful state is finally reached. She is continually reinforcing to me that there is no easy and quick release of this sexual energy build up. When I try to rush an experience and the process and ask for more of the sexual energy, this is when the sensations and energy exchange usually stops. She wants me instead to savor the moment and soak in the experience and her presence, letting the energy build and the process unfold naturally, as it should during our contacts together. I have found that by letting her take charge and by taking my que from her, the contacts with her and the energy exchange is clearer, stronger and longer in duration. There is definitely something to be said for letting you lady take the lead and be in charge!

    1. Very true. I look at the root chakra as the trunk of the energetic tree... if it's blocked that's pretty much the way things will stay unless treated.

      But... if treated the rest is more fine and refined in flow... and much more easily treated by energy work.