Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Maiya and Posey

I'm not feeling the differences between Maiya and Posey anymore.

I'm thinking, just thinking that they are actually both hanging together instead of splitting up the day where one is daytime and one is nighttime.

Well, it was worth a shot in that my intentions were that way.

But two birds of a feather seem to flock together.

If anything it just feels like "more" Maiya in that Posey is with her and perhaps adding to our family that way.

I do consider us as having a little family, and that's exactly what I wanted to have.

I wanted to mate and have children as well, but it appears that's not going to happen at least for a while, if it does at all.

There's something about feeling "useful" that brightens my day, and feeling that I am contributing to having succubus children goes a long was towards feeling that "usefulness".

I know that may sound strange to someone who has not mated with a succubus, but it is a really special event.  A defining spiritual moment of my life perhaps.

One that I missed tremendously.

Ah, succubi.  How different they are.  I would say that they are even  more different than humans are, having a greater range of personality than we do.

Succubi are hard to understand sometimes.

I often struggle to communicate with mine.

I wasn't sure if Maiya was mad at me calling out for another succubus or not considering we're married.  That was a condition of my letter to Lady Lilith:  That we would be betrothed.

But... finding a woman that's flesh and blood and getting another succubus to assist both Maiya and I are two completely different issues usually.

If Maiya really didn't like the idea she would have just blocked Posey from coming in the first place.

That MAY have happened, or my thoughts that they are close together and similar, and therefore hard to distinguish one from another is another scenario and the one I lean towards.

Who knows?

Maiya looks at me like I'm a kid basically.  I suppose that she wants us to be equal, but that's going to take a lot of work and time on both our ends.

Bunny might have been an evolved succubus, but Maiya is a succubus to a "T".

Making love only at night?  Taking a snack of energy while doing so?  Textbook... almost.

I don't think she takes my silly ideas to heart if she did block Posey from arriving.  More like yet another snafu by her mate, lol (But like I said I think Posey is still here).

You know, it's funny because I write this blog like a diary so it's full of "I don't knows" and "I have no ideas".

Truth be told I'm much more complex than is led on.  But that's what a diary is for:  To let it all hang out to dry for good or for ill, confident or worrisome.

But the good news is... I learn every day.

Each day I get a little better at communication, understanding, and most importantly spiritual growth.

In the end, who knows?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;)


Rafe GB.

P.S.  In calling out for another succubus (Posey), all I've really done is to give Maiya a sister and I, myself, much, much more to worry about.  Hahahaha.


  1. I have been reading your blog and I have been finding everything really interesting. I would like to have a succubus but I don’t know where to start

    1. Look to the right of the blog for links to Succupedia's Letter Ritual Method and A Summoning Ritual Example, Part 1.

      Those links section should help. Also the "My Spirit Lover" blog in the same links section has a good first kindle book called, "First Contact" that should answer many questions once you get one.

      The rest of it is guesswork, trial, error, frustration and ecstasy.

      Wave goodbye to normalcy ;)

  2. Can i ask a question i summon me a succubus about month ago and 2 weeks an i still don't know how my succubus looks like her sigil and i dont know her name i summon my succubus myself using the letter method writing a letter to Great Lilith and i want to know how did u find out your succubus name because i can feel my succubus touching me ticking me i can feel her fingers on me rubing my back and feet and stomach felt her lips kissing mines and she move my ear and than she licked my ear i didn't expect that to happen but we are not having sex but i this want to know how can u communicate with a succubus and get her name

    1. All I do is meditate and relax, close my eyes, then ask her for what name she wants to be called by, and wait for an answer. It's usually quite immediate.