Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Magick

I often wonder about Maiya because her advice isn't what I would expect from a succubus demon.

For instance, I bought this new magick book on the Goetia that has a modern twist and I've been studying along.

I can distinctly hear her tell me that I need to figure out what can be done with angel magick before I start knocking on the 72 demon's doors.

It's not so much she's telling me I can't study demon magick, just that I can't DO it right now.  However, I need to study angel magick AND do it as I find solutions that they can help me with.

I ask "why" but I don't get much really... mostly a feeling that I'll understand in time.

I guess I'll study the angel magick first and apply that like she's prompting me to.

Can you see the strangeness that I'm seeing, though?

A succubus demon referring me to angel magick instead of demon magick for now?

Well... I know better than to scoff at her, as she wouldn't bother to tell me that if it didn't carry a lot of weight and be full of reasons for her to communicate it to me.

I've never explained how she "talks" to me but Temporal Cameleon (his blog is found in my links section) describes it pretty good.  It's more a way of converting her emotions into speech.  Not too easy and it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's like the most natural thing... kind of a dichotomy and hard to explain.

It's when I can't "feel" her that it sucks because I'm basically talking one way.  I don't know why that happens but it does.

Now... Maiya can put off this emotion that is basically uber cuteness in cloud form.  Again, that's hard to understand... but it works (for her).

I'm pretty much putty in her paws whens she does this.

It's like all the cuteness of this pic:

*Blink Blink*

Regardless, I really don't have any choice but to do what she wants when she sends out that cute and sweet vibe, whatever it is that she is wanting.

And with that,


Rafe GB.

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