Friday, October 27, 2017

This time, I teach.

Mena and I have trouble getting on the same page sometimes.

She is mostly active in my dreams and tries like hell to interact with me in them.

I, having the dream persona of a potato seem to be missing the point and I avoid her at all costs.

Last night, for instance, she grabbed my balls and I said I'd sue her for sexual harrassment.


I bet a succubus was never told that in a dream.  1st!  Ahaha.


This morning, she was trying so hard to have sex with me with me on my back... the thing is that she can usually only have sex with me on my side.

I don't know if I have an energy blockage, or she has trouble with the increased energy it seems to take to have sex with me on my back, or what.


I thought about it energy wise and I coached her.  I told her to bring the energy up my left leg like before, then to transfer energy from my root to my sacral chakra, then to let it pool around my privates a bit longer than if I was on my side until she could concentrate on my privates extensively and with a greater pool of energy to draw from.

It took an hour or so but she got it, and it was GREAT!

I am so proud of her!!!

I then realized... I just taught a succubus how to have sex with me on my back.

Yes, the others I've had seemed to know how that's not the point.

The point is I TAUGHT HER.  Muhahahahaha!!!

Does this not make one's ego swell to head exploding fashion?

(Now if only I could be anything but a walking talking idiot to her in my dreams...)

Had to share!


Rafe GB.


  1. Or did she in typical woman and spirit lover fashion; let you think that you had taught Maybe it was about you and learning together and maybe that will translate into your dreams with her as well and maybe you evolve to potato Seriously though, the longer session that you had with her in-order to build the sexual energy up and make that sexual connection with her, falls in line with what Sam had told be awhile ago about this. Same as what I had shared with you and was in my last blog post as well.

    For me an hour or so contact with her seems to be about right and necessary before the "good stuff," starts to happen!

    1. Hmmm.... interesting. I had forgotten about that with you and Sam. That would make sense.

      But nobody can be a walking potato and accuse a succubus of sexual harassment like I can ;)