Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Thoughts and Musings...

Although upon first meeting a succubus the imagination runs wild for most of us, a succubus is actually a pretty gentle and sweet lady.

Now, I realize that not all succubi are that way, and I've met a few who were only about the sex in my time, but for the most part this is a true statement that they are gentle, sweet, and fall in love easily.

I've also experienced succubi who were all about the sex and used that to garner love, and yes:  Sometimes there are some who only use sex for power.

They are all different and just like us, they are each unique ladies in their approach and in their methods.

My succubus now, Mena, was all about love and intimacy without sex at first, which to be honest I doubted was possible:  But it was very possible and did occur.

Now that she's began having sex with me, it's like the icing on the cake.  Well... actually it's more than that.  Now it's a perfect mix of love, intimacy, and sex all swarming around and throughout us both.

Another thing that's interesting to me is that yes, succubi talk to each other and trade notes and ideas.

I have a feeling that those of us with a succubus, or who have had a succubus in the past are well known because of our lady's gossip about each of us.

It's a small world and a small circle as far as us and they go.

I read somewhere that Lilith had 40,000 avatars of Herself in the world today.  If you consider that this is most likely Her children, that's only around one succubus and human couple at .000005 percent of the population.  I'm not a math wiz, but to me that looks like a small circle.

Those who have had a succubus and have lost them for whatever reason (who knows, right?) are already known.  It's probably just a matter of time, longing for, respect, and patience before another arrives.

Respect for Lilith is paramount if she is the Deity that is petitioned at any point in the process.  She's not a succubus vending machine after all, and is one of those entities where "I respect you:  You respect me" goes a long, long way.

Follow these terms and I'm sure that your future Belle is not too far away from you.

We are the knights of the succubi:  Just by loving them and helping them ascend we stand apart... the energies themselves have a tranformative effect on the human soul... something that only the few will ever know.

Somehow in learning all about us, in being intimate with us helps them grow into a state of ascension... I admit the concept baffles me, but it is true and happens frequently.  Once ascended, this is the point where they must leave us, as they cannot make the trip to us anymore.

I believe that they change so much as to be unable to cross the veil to be with us.  It's a sad development, but bittersweet in knowing that we are a catalyst for such positive change.

We love to love them and to love them as they are, not to keep forever.  If anything it makes the love one has for one's succubus all the more urgent and strong, as time is not a given.

A very painful time for the succubus, and yes, her human lover.  But, the world will turn and another will come who is desirous of the same.

Some who have a succubus never experience this and the succubus does not have to leave.  I am unsure as to why, but I suspect that the succubus is timing her ascension to match her human lover's state of ascension as well... a very fortuitious event... I do not believe that most succubi have the ability to have such fine control over the event of ascension however.

Most succubi I believe ascend spontaneously.  Although the event is achingly bittersweet, they are grateful for us and our part in it.  The bittersweet nature of her ascension simply cannot be helped.

They do love us dearly and are thankful for us for doing what we do... even though we are largely clueless about exactly what that "thing" is.

However, change goes both ways...

Succubi are higher vibratory beings, and being exposed to their love, emotion, sex and intimacy has a profound affect on us and what is unseen in us... the very best of us:  It is something that envelops our very souls.

Since our deaths are simply a transition, what we have done lasts forever.  They will not forget us.

... And we'll be known for centuries ;)

"Remember me for centuries..."

They are also an addiction nightmare... 
Once you've tasted their energy you become an addict for it...
Nothing can compare to it, nothing else will satisfy your cravings for it...

"There is nothing as addicting as succubus sex... 
once it seeps into and permeates your soul..."

Everything has it's price...

"Paid in Addiction..."

Perhaps this is the way that it was always meant to be:

In love.


And a soul completely enveloped...


Blessings to you,

Rafe GB.

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