Friday, November 3, 2017

I'm a lover not a fighter

Ever sing for your succubus at night when you lie down?

Ever just talk to her and tell he how much she means to you?  With examples?

Succubi are dangerous little fillies as can be expected from any self-aware denizen of a different dimension, but they are also very sweet, gentle, and kind.

Rather a dichotomy I say, but it is what it is, and they are wonderfully made to be exactly who they are.

I got a good dose of succubus drain the other day... she got me good.

Not sure why she did it really... maybe she just wanted a snack and couldn't help herself.  I'm not really sure.

I told her to be more gentle as I'm rather out of shape and getting kinda old these days.

I don't believe I pissed her off, but she did move her activities into the night and during the time I am sleeping and dreaming.

She's a bit darker than Bunny was, her aura is much darker in color and lacks that shining brightness that Bunny had.

In talking to friends about it last night I'm come to the conclusion that a bright aura (almost blinding to those who can see it) on a succubus may mean that she is about to ascend, and sadly leave.

I do think that some succubi can decide to slow ascension to match their human partner.  I'm sure this is a hard choice, and the factors regarding such I have no knowlege of and therefore cannot judge.

Mena's aura is very dark and thick, which I take as she still has some of her more feral nature to her and lacks those traits (at present) that would allow her a quick ascension.

I'm not suggesting that a white aura for her is "good" or that a dark aura is "bad".

Bunny, my previous succubus, was also dual natured yet her aura "shined"/"Blinded" at the end of my time with her.

Maybe the qualities of a blazing aura do not pertain to "white" or "dark", but is a spiritual quality in itself showing a readiness for ascension?

Perhaps I'm being greedy that I am glad hers lacks the readiness for ascension, but that's a good thing for me as she'll be my mate for a good long while (I hope).

Now, I don't mind the feral energy vamp feeding if it's once in a blue moon and I have time to recover, otherwise my happy ass will be in the hospital with an IV drip most likely.

I never, ever said that succubi are harmless, only that they are dual natured.

Caution in all things.  Well, most things.

I can only hope that she will get over "snacking" and not become addicted to it like some of her sisters do.

I guess I'll see.  I do feel love from her, and I definitely love her so... it goes to "I'm a lover not a fighter".  I just have to work with her and we'll find our way.  Mena's just a little more dangerous and is going to take some extra special "coupling", or more careful at any rate.

I have a prayer request:  Prayers for a friend and fellow succubus lover out there getting surgery today... lets all pray for a quick and speedy recovery for him so that he can get back on his feet and back into his succubus's arms where he belongs.


Rafe GB.

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