Monday, July 3, 2017

You only find what you bring


I've had my share when it comes to succubi.

What I've found is that it's highly unfounded and that is what "rules" my perceptions now.

Now, I attract a certain kind of succubus, and maybe I don't know the range of succubi that can come based upon the person summoning.

I'm not suggesting I'm better than  anyone:  Fuck no.  I'm suggesting that fear, to me, is something that begets fear.  And of course the truth that we are all different personality wise.

If someone holds the thought in their mind that their succubus is evil or up to no good there's only two options here.

1.  You attracted what you are.
2.  You're harboring fear, which will earn a reciprocal response from your succubus, or a succubus who is going to teach you a lesson from the periphery.

In short:  You will learn not to fear, or you will lose your succubus and the ability to summon any kind of succubus except the kind that will leave you fearful... and perhaps you already have:  Hence the fear.

Does evil exist?

Yes, I think it does.  Is that what you summoned?  What was your intent, was it a mirror image of who you are inside perhaps?

No man is an island, and nothing happens without a cause.

Cause... Effect.

Something to ponder I believe for many of us...

I've found succubi to be sweet and gentle, loving and innocent (in some ways).  Sneaky?  Oh, hell yes.  But in a positive way... I would say it is akin to the sneaky wisdom of a serpent.

The serpent gets a bad rap.  Why not so in Kundalini, or why not so in other avenues I don't know, but even the Bible spoke of the lifting up of the rod with a serpent intertwined with it.

Those who were bitten by serpents on the ground who refused to look at the serpent on the rod died of venom.  Those who did look upon the serpent on the rod lived, and were cured.

Instead of worrying if your succubus is evil or wants to steal your soul (as if that were yours to lose, much less yours to sell... you cannot sell nor lose what you DO NOT OWN).

Think on these things, lest evil be all you are left able to summon...


Rafe GB

Succubi are mirrors:  And faithful to teach

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