Friday, July 21, 2017

White Rabbit

It's funny because I realize some things from this moment forward, and I don't think they're going to change.

That's not really a bad thing, just a weird thing.

You know, sometimes you just get tired of being the weird one.

But, it is what it is.  I don't have much control over things, and I sure can't control them now.

We are born here for a reason:  I don't know why exactly why I was born, but there's a few things that don't appear to be changing at all.

1.  I have an intrinsic love of spirits.

I don't know why.  They just... fascinate me.  Where are they?  How are they?  And the big question I'll never get to know in this lifetime:  How do I look to THEM?  What about me attracts them?  Why am I attracted to them as well?

2.  I attract a lot of spirits, who come and go like I'm a revolving door.

Yeah, kind of sucks.  It's not that they "get their fill" I don't think... it's more I change so fast after I've had dealings with them.  I guess.  Lol.


The point is... if spirits leave, others come fairly quickly.  Maybe I taste good (Lol)!

3.  The spirits that do come have something to teach.

Here's the question of all questions:  If we all die, and we all learn whatever at death... who cares?

Why the rush for me to learn stuff?  Either it matters, or it doesn't.  I'm guessing it matters by how it changes me, and death coincides with what I become, not in spite of it.

Best guess here?  I'm not sure what else to say.

4.  I haven't figured out the mystery of Sky and Eve.

Eve feels "higher".  By higher I mean from a plane less dense.

Is she tied into my own higher self?  

Am I still right in thinking they are connected to the left/right sides of Kundalini rising, representing that Shakti force of evolution/ascension?

Am I thinking too much?  Heh.  Yes, that's very possible.

I did draw a card to help me understand and I got this one:

I take that as Sky sitting, and Eve at a higher "plane" yet they both seem to be together, don't they?

That's why I was wondering about my higher self, etc.

Hey, I just work here, and the possibility that I'm over thinking is very, very high ;)

I asked about the bird in the picture, for clarification, and I got this card:

So... I'm thoroughly boggled ;)

I'm chalking it up to over thinking things at the moment.

Maybe I'll just leave it at that for now... not likely to change or for me to figure it out all sudden like, now is it?


Some days, all I do is follow the white rabbit.
I'll never catch it:  But I damn sure try.  I don't know what else to do!
I don't even know why I chase it!

"White Rabbit"

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