Thursday, July 13, 2017

Break's over!

Long story, short.  I had been suffering horrendous nightmares on the level of night terrors. Already being a bit short with Sky, I was beginning to blame her.  After all, if I wasn't giving her what she wanted emotion wise, they are known to take it in whatever form they fancy.


Along comes a sweet spirit named Eve.  The night terrors end and are replaced by such good dreams as to be candy.  They were turned around on their axis in a moment, and did not return.

Sky's still here, and I realize it wasn't her in the first place, but was a night mare, a nasty spirit that feeds on fear.  Why didn't she stop it then?  I'm not sure... perhaps she was waiting on Eve to arrive to help get rid of it.


All I know is that my dreams turned to something much better, and all at once, coinciding with Eve's arrival.

Now I turned my attentions to feeling these spirits and taking them for who they are:  Sweet, gentle, patient.  I'm feeling like an ass about blaming Sky and tell her so, making amends as well.

Neither spirit seems to be in competition with each other (nor did I really think they would be, Sky having a claim on me...), but a companionship between them, and a willingness to be in my life together.

No sex, no... and ya know?  To hell with sex.  It'll come when I do what I'm the hell supposed to and appreciate these ladies for who they are after my quest of getting to know both of them ;)

A garden variety succubus might jump into sex (and that's perfectly fine), but that's not what I have here.  I have something unique to be nurtured and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

So, that's why I've taken time off of here to get a good feel for who Sky and Eve are as people, as ladies first.

Heh, there's so many rules and nuances regarding succubi I don't even know why I write this blog sometimes.  Complicated is what they are.

One day I might write a short list of "rules" that succubi follow.  One day... if I ever figure them all out that is.  I wouldn't hold my breath as it'd be akin to me figuring out women period ;)


A few days later:

One thing I've been thinking about that just kind of came to me is this:  What if (heh, what if... I know where that leads, but oh well) Sky and Eve are actually personifications of my own version/instance/process of Kundalini rising?  Perhaps as the dual snakes rise and liberate my chakras they don't actually leave... they are personified as Sky and Eve to my poor simple brain.

Although dual serpents, they are collectively known as Shakti ascending to Shiva, and I don't think that my process is near complete yet.  Even when it's complete, I don't imagine Shakti and Shiva going anywhere from my crown chakra after all that work of getting to each other ;)

This actually makes a bit of sense, as I saw a white serpent moving away from me through the air.  It appeared to move through the air more like an oriental dragon (flowing up and down in movement away).  I could sense that it was Sky and still the sweet, gentle spirit I'm getting to know.

Sex, it seems, isn't the goal in this process, but a byproduct of it.  Eve must be the 2nd serpent which represents Shakti as well on her journey to Shiva in my crown chakra.

I'm betting that once the twin serpents reach their goal that I will experience the bliss and ecstasy at the culmination as sex personally.  Kind of strange how spiritual things work.

My job is to be patient and like Sky and Eve:  Sweet and gentle.  But most of all:  PATIENT.

What does this all mean?  I don't know.  I just work here... and it's above my pay grade.

But I do know one thing:  They aren't succubi, they're Kundalini serpents/spirits.  This is something completely alien to anything I understand (but can ponder at least).

Kind of funny to write this all on a blog called "Asuccubuslovesme", but that's the way it goes.

My challenge to everyone is to question the nature of the spirit that you have summoned.  Keep your mind open and you may be surprised at what is revealed to you.

What clued me in by the way, or at least allowed me to ponder these things is that my old Wicca Tradition had a method of using the personification of chakras as a method of magick.

I never really followed it as I preferred magick through different means, but now I see that it is indeed possible for ethereal elements that are a part of our makeup to indeed be spirits themselves (Especially a spiritual process like Kundalini where Goddess and God archetypes are involved, anything can happen.

So, now you know.


I feel I'm at a point now where I can return to blogging semi-regularly now.  What a mystery this has all been!

Thank you for your patience!

Don't be surprised if I blog a spiritul topic here or there instead of the regular commentary on succubi.  In truth, I don't think I know what a succubus really is.  In truth, I don't know anything anymore.  How freeing that is ;)

Email's back up.

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