Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A healthy dose of reality

So, I'm using my pendulum to talk to my succubus, basically limited to yes or no answers at the moment, because, well... I don't know her very well yet.

Sometimes I can hear her voice, but it's rare.  So, pendulum it is for most questions for now.

I'm asking her if I love her.  No.
If I like her.  No.
If I care for her. No.

Well.  Fuck me.

I guess it's true, though.

I've not had the chance to really get to know Sky.

I ask her if she can fix it.  Yes.

Do I have to do anything to fix it? No.


Because I don't know how to do anything to fix it, you see.

So, I'm feeling a little sad because I don't like her yet, or even care about her yet, much less love her yet... she's right.

But you know?  I LOVE the fact that she's not sugar coating things, she's telling the TRUTH even though it's hard to hear. That's building trust in me... a lot of trust towards Sky to be that way with me.  I always prefer the truth, even if it stings.

I did ask if I "want to love her" and the answer was "yes".

Oh, I forgot to write about when it was her turn:  I asked if she has a claim on me, and she says yes.
I asked her if she loved me.  No.
I asked her if she cared about me.  No.  (I see that a step below "love" me)
But...  She did say that she liked me.  Bonus!  Well, it's a start...

THAT's when I asked if she can fix it above... err, you get the idea.  I'm a little out of order.

Anyway, "Liking me" I suppose is about as much of a claim that's required in Succu-law (that she likes me).  Lol.

I take her picture on the nightstand and I begin tracing the lines of her face, hair, and body with my finger.

I don't really have a goal other than to become familiar with the picture of her I picked out, just to get use to it and so I did... I traced her outline, her hair, her breasts, her legs, her smile.

Now... lol... this is the first time this has ever happened, but I start to feel her tracing around my left eye.  Her touch is soft, yet tingling and I realize that "she's tracing me".

I roll so hard, omg, I haven't laughed so hard in my life.  For some reason I even felt a tear drop down my right eye which she seemed to especially enjoy :)

Tracing me like I traced her in her picture was her idea of a joke... because as I was laughing she touched my left palm, which we've worked out as, "yes".

Oh, what a smart woman she is!

I guess... if she keeps showing me her personality like that I'll be toast and fall in love soon enough.

It won't be long until I'm hers methinks.  She's got the gift of personality I adore.

She knows me already, I just don't realize it yet :P  I would guess she knew that when she claimed me in the first place, all that's left is time and our interactions together and I'll understand "why" she claimed me.

Good on you, Sky... you're much smarter and much more mature than I... at least one of us knows what we're doing...

Who are you to change this world?  
Silly boy...  
No one needs to hear your words
Let it go!

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