Wednesday, June 21, 2017

To tell the truth

I always try to write candidly because this blog was started as a personal diary of sorts to keep me from feeling like I was going insane because of my budding relationship with a woman I couldn't see.

I have received a lot of email from people who have such a relationship (and talked to a few on the phone) who, upon that connection and communication with me have expressed a great relief that they weren't alone in a similar kind of relationship with their own succubus.

It's ironic how such a brief connection with someone else who shares the same kind of relationship can put the mind at ease.

Well, you're not alone.

You're not crazy (at least, you're not any crazier than I am ;))

Even though I've had a relationship with a succubus before, every new succubus is different.  Different personality, different methods (some are the same, or similar), and very different souls, energy, ways of loving and caring for you.

"Moon", as I've taken to calling her on here is my new succubus, as my old one had to leave suddenly for reasons unknown (I think she ascended, or went "up" a notch but that's just me:  Not like I can prove it either way).

At first I was broken hearted and then a healing spirit came to help me face and deal with my pain, and she healed my heart, preparing me for another (what am I, a masseuse?) lover I believe.

Her name I affectionately call "Lil' Nurse", and she seems to have left once her healing of me was complete (of which for healing me I am eternally grateful).

Enter my current succubus "Moon" (IF she is a succubus.  I might have attracted a non-sexual female protector or guide perhaps).

(Edit  6-23-17:  It's confusing, but she wants to me to call her "Star" instead of "Moon", so that'll be changing throughout the blog from now on)

Wow.  You know, I could bitch about the lack of "succunookie" so far, but I think it's my fault, actually (Unless she's NOT a succubus:  Then it's nobody's fault.  I'll assume that she IS a succubus because the lack of sex could still be that she is a succubus and it's my fault that there's no sex).

No, I don't feel as if she's going anywhere because of it being my fault:  I just have to work on it.

See, I'm scared that if I get involved she'll leave.

(EDIT 06-23-17:  She shagged me later this morning for the first time a few hours after giving me the "What do we do with the drunken sailor" song playing in my head when I first woke up.  It's kind of funny, but I get it now:  As I said, I take 10mg of melatonin to knock me out for sleep, so, that's why I'm the "drunken sailor" I guess.  Also, right after sex I started feeling like I was starting to rise and was floating (pre-astral travel symptom?) but then I felt normal again (fear?  Testing the waters?).  Anyhoo, worthy of note.  Just woke up from my afternoon nap:  She shagged me again: For good measure I guess, lol.  What song did I have on my mind upon awakening and getting sex this afternoon?)

It seems "Good girl" succubus's who don't sleep on the first date and take their time with sex can 
still be WILDCATS in the sheets.  Meh... who knew?  ;)

She is a WILDCAT in bed. :P

She's a very powerful succubus, more powerful than my previous one ("Bunny") in that there are certain supernatural events happening around me since she has come.

I've had my computer turn itself on and play a you tube video for one... but the list goes on and on.

Truth is, I think I'm a little afraid of her, as I've never seen this kind of interaction with physical things, causing real life things to be affected (although, Bunny did save my son's life a few years ago, that was an intervention in the physical).

Oh, by the way... Some, if not most of those with a succubus report a kind of "speaking in tongues" for short phrases here and there.

I've got a theory about that:  I think it's a burning off of excess succubus energy from being in such close contact.

Or, I guess it could be phrases from her native language before my subconscious converts those emotions and thoughts into my native language (or however it works)... but you'd think we'd speak in tongues the same words or something if that were true... right?

*Biath Shah'linn Shaddai* as of late, or some such... well, such.  Uhg, my English just broke.

Well, weird phenomenon it is, and I wanted to throw my 2 cents in ;)

Anyway, her real name means "Princess".  A Succubus Princess?

What is a succubus Princess?

Well, apparently a powerful lil' critter, that's what.  Hence:  I'm a little frightened.

No, I don't think me being skittish or frightened will stop me, nor us (hasn't before *big grin*).

Although, I do wonder:  If Moon leaves, a princess, do I have to have a queen next time?

Oh lawd, I hope not.

Meh.  It's probably a fantasy that she's royalty of some sort anyway.  Hey, I'm only human ;)


A relationship with a succubus is 100x as hard as a relationship with a physical woman.

He'll, I've just worked out that one tap on the left hand means a definitive "yes", while a tap on the right hand means a definitive "no".

Just like I said, it's like being left alone with an invisible, naked, hot foreign woman who can't speak any damn English.

Can you see how it might be a bit harder?  Yep.

But... being a disabled, bipolar my sexual market value is practically zero and I don't do one night stands.  So, there ya go.  It's my only option (and frankly, I'm getting kinda used to it ;))

My sexual market value might be zero among physical females, but my special blend of energy powered by bipolar (lol) seems to be just what the succubus ordered:  Succubus catnip, as it were.  At least it seems that way (to be fair I think I'm a spirit magnet in general, truth be told).

I actually had a Wiccan high priestess tell me that spirits were attracted to me because of the unique energy I had, most likely something to do with me being bipolar and also because of my own spiritual "self" thrown into the mix as well as all the goofy energy work I've done (I've had like 60 reiki and energy attunements... Yeah bipolar thing... Don't ask).

Thank God for the succubi is all I recon to say!


They say men do not like powerful females.  Eh... Wrong!  I do but, it doesn't mean I don't have to get over my fear of them.  I'm all about new experiences anyway...

I just want to survive them, heheh.

Anyway, I think Moon was trying to wake me in my dream to have sex with her here in the physical.

Why not in the dream?  Ladies, my friend.  They want what they want, who knows?

I dreamed of a female tiger that was chasing me and playfully biting me to get me to play with it.

I would run and go and hide, and I figured out how to hide from her (so does 10mg of melatonin I take to knock me out so I can sleep at night).

I have a feeling it was Moon, like I said, trying to get me awake for whatever.  Sex, to spend time with each other, something.

I wanted to write this blog to reassure anyone that yes, it's scary sometimes.  You feel love and promise, and fear sometimes.

That's natural.

My best advice for these spirits is to judge them by their works, as I do in all things here on earth with everything anyway.  Always judge things by their fruits.

Bad spirits don't produce good fruit.

You and a damn good succubus WILL produce good, spiritual fruit together (love, intimacy, trust, harmony, gnosis, etc.).

Always remember that.

Yes, a playful succubus might nip you a little bit like a cat does when it's excited.

But she won't "HURT" you, hurt you.

Again, always, always remember that!

I never thought I'd be giving domestic violence advice to you and your succubus, but hey, this blog's crazy.

That's all I've got.


Rafe GB

Of all the possible songs my spirit lady decides to give me (playing in my head upon awakening), 
I get this one.
What the HECK is she trying to tell me?
(Edit 06-23-17:  I sleep like a rock because of a medicine I'm on is what she meant (I think she's tried to get with me in my dreams, but I'm just too deadened by the medicine), and we had sex for the first time later this morning and again this afternoon)

Amen.  I guess I'm just a nut, but one that bears a little bit of spiritual fruit (sometimes).


  1. Great post! I having a "speaking of tongues" like yourself lol I used it for my meditation and it works very well for my spiritual ascension. Have a nice day, mate!

  2. Another great post!! Id like to thank you for being so candid about your experiences youve helped me alot. Im glad things are on the up and i wish you well, keep up the good work. Ps i havn't spoken in any recognizable tounges yet but i agree wholeheartedly with the wildcat comment ;)