Saturday, June 17, 2017

Supernatural Soup

I've had one of those weird weeks.

I was doing a ritual to a spirit that I read about in a book, and I began to get depressed about a week ago.

I started searching the web, and I'm not the only one to get depression from dealing with this spirit.

Fast forward to me opening my eyes to the ritual structure, and I realize that the spirit is being commanded by God Names.

Mother fucker.  The spirit's a demon.

So, I tear up the ritual book I made and get rid of it all.

As I'm going to the trash, this VW car's rear window rolls up all by itself.

Nobody in the car, no remotes have that bullshit that I'm aware of, and I don't think there could be an electrical short that happened right at that moment that I was tossing the materials in the dumpster.


Word to the wise people:  Do background research on any spirit some dumbass says is kosher.  Remember how I always say one man's angel is another man's demon?

Count me as stubborn and stupid and someone who had to learn the hard way.

My depression is already lifting since this morning when I disposed of the materials.

I decided to offer a gift after the window incident (all of your souls... hope ya don't mind) (<-- just kidding, take a joke) which I did (not your souls) and felt a little better in the sense of a... well, sense of peace from it all.

Fuck me.

My Succubus, "Moon", has been making connections in my body, and also taking me on some wild adventures in my dreams.

She's different than Bunny was.  I know that's like, "Duh??", but after 3 years of the only succubus I had really known, that's a rather powerful statement to make.

She seems real ancient... a kind of "get things done" kinda girl.

I'm not in a reading frenzy like I have been over the past 3 years, but I am trying to learn new things.

Opening my 3rd eye is one of them.

Just between you and me, I'd like to get to "The Fuckening" already.  Damn, sex with a succubus is addicting, and I'm like a crack addict who's tapped out.

Oh well, I guess I'd better learn to deal with it, and I am dealing with it.

She can only work so fast.

I still like to tease her, though.

I'll have me and her have sex in my mind (and mostly me pleasing her with my mouth and fingers whether she's tied up or not just depends) until she's a slippery, quivering, heavy breathing mess.

Not sure if that's helping anything, but it's fun to torture a succubus for once who, since she
hasn't finished making those kinds of psychic connections in me for succubus sex, can't do anything about it.

Hehe.  I'm bad aren't I?

Yeah I know.  Payback's a bitch.

Oh, one last thing:  I heard her in my head for the first time.  I was thinking about something and I heard, "You're MINE!"  Not sure how I feel about that one.  A bit of comfort mixed with a little fear I think.

Ah well.

That's all I got, succufriends.


Rafe GB.

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  1. Interesting post Rafe,
    glad to hear that you got rid of that demon spirit. Always good to do research before summoning/conjuring.

    What is your opinion of conjurors selling their services online, Rafe?
    Personally, since I'm new to dealing with spirits in general, I hired the services of an online highly rated conjuror to welcome any spirits that desired to be with me. I figured it would be worth a try since I have zero experience and also have zero sensitivity, thus I probably wouldn't know even if a demon was standing next to me haha.

    When you talk about wanting to get to the "The Fuckening" already, I can certainly relate with that haha. As someone completely new to spirit dealings, the pendulum thankfully seems to be giving me some communication with my supposed spirits. When I ask them to give me a physical kiss I get a "no" swing from the pendulum :/
    Perhaps they have decided that I am not yet ready. Either that or I got tricked by the conjuror with non existent spirits.
    I do like to tease them by accusing them of being so cold to me. I also describe and visualise in vibrant detail what things I want to do sexually to my sexual spirits ;) That is if they are actually exist and with me, that is.

    Anyway I have another question:
    I assume that succubus/sexual spirits in general can feel sexual pleasure/excitement?
    Can they also experience orgasm/climax?

    Great blog by the way. I enjoy reading your posts.