Sunday, June 11, 2017

She Reveals Herself

I'm in my dream, cruising along dreaming of whatever and it suddenly changed.  (I had previously forgotten about this part) Suddenly, I began to die. My heart was slowing to a stop, my mind was teetering on being connected to this mortal coil, or going on into a life unknown. My breathing was stifled, and slowly slowing to whisper, along with my heart beat...

It's hard to explain as I was scared, but I wasn't scared... a little of both I think.

Once I was deadened, In pops a lady who promptly jumps in my arms.

For some reason I had passed from death to... life?

Now, I'm rather prudish in my dreams, and I'm very startled thinking, "Who is this woman, and why did she jump into my arms like she knows me very well?"

But, she radiated some familiarity and spunk that I just melt and slowly put my arms around her.  Not much else I could do as she did a flying leap and landed with her legs around my waist and staring into my eyes with a smile.

Some emotion was exchanged non-verbally, and I think part of me realized who she was, even if I didn't completely in the dream.

The point is, I think that I have a new succubus in my life.  She has been in my life since Bunny left, only in the role of self-appointed healer (I guess she was self-appointed?).  It appears that she has finally decided to become my lover and enrich our friendship.

I believe this is the way it is at the moment, but, as I've proven to myself time and time again, this is a big multiverse I rarely get it right the first time ;)

She could be someone that the spirit I call the "Little Nurse" has prepared me for.  Is that possible? Well... as I've learned in so many ways:  Anything is possible.

Either/or... lil' nurse has my undying thanks for healing me (I was worse off emotionally than I ever imagined after Bunny left) and either in becoming my lover, or in preparing me for my lover who was waiting to come while I was being healed.

It gets really complicated because sometimes, with spirits, they can change names when their roles change, or they expand who they are, evolve, etc.  And I have an old name (for lil' nurse) and a new name (for the new succubus)... but as you can see, it gets complicated and two names does not always mean two spirits (and one name does not always mean one spirit, ironically).

In this case, however, I really feel that lil' nurse is a healing spirit and derives her nourshment from healing, period.  That's my instinct on this.  My head might think something else, but I've always learned to trust that little voice.  I'll always love lil' nurse:  She mended my broken heart.  She does what she does best ;)

Now I just have to think of a pet name for this lil' sweet succubus for the blog :)

I know!  I'll calling her "Moon" because of the depth I feel in her ;)

She is a gentle lil' thing...  I don't mean lil' in a demeaning manner, it's simply a pet term spoken with affection.  She's also very sweet.

But... she's a succubus and there's that feral side to her I sense... I wonder is she "mates" like I used to in the past with my significant other of days gone by?

More of a curiosity, really.  I don't HAVE to mate with her that special way if she doesn't want to, but it is very nice and it is wonderful in that it shows such a feral side to a succubus that you, well I guess I confess... you just feel so special and wanted.

Not much else to add, but much to personally explore as I have only ever had one other succubus for any length of time before.

I hope that me and the SuccuKitten last the distance of time and lives, however long that may be.

In the meantime, there's always this blog to chronicle things as well as our adventures to come.

Welcome home, SuccuKitten ;)

"Total Surrender of Self:  The Initiation of the Succubus"

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  1. Btw you can merging with Holy Spirit, so She can guide you through all aspects of your life and protect you from any unwanted spirits, if you let your body becoming a vessel for your Goddess like what I did, have a good day!