Sunday, June 25, 2017

I'm all pumped up

Star is one amazing woman.

She told me last night that we'd have sex because I woke up with a song that revealed that fact.

Now, heh, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I decided at lunch to eat 10 white castle hamburgers.

Oh, I was tore up.

So, night came and I think she was rather sympathetic to my gastric-intestinal trauma and let it go.

For then.

(EDIT 06-28-17:  I really hate to do this, but "Star" prefers "Sky"... succubus's perogative to change names.  Yep.  What a handful they are!  But I love them (her), so here we go...)

This morning I felt her coming over me and I felt familiar tingling on my hair and throughout my head.  I jumped away from the computer (feeling MUCH better than the night before) and went and laid down.

Wow.  I mean, it was kinda sex, but kinda something else.

She was doing some weird stuff with me, but I'm a good trooper so I laid there and let her finish (verified with a pendulum since physical sensations can be misleading).

It's still with me, like it's a lasting feeling that we are still intimate.

The key to all this is I'm learning a lot.  The goal, well... my goal of having with a succubus isn't release anymore, I learned that much over the years.

But what it is, is that she "climaxes" or rather soaks up enough of our energy to be in a state of ecstasy.

When that happens, apparently THIS happens:  I've got it all day... kind of stuck between here and there... kinda.

I feel sensations along my body even now as I'm typing... strange after effects I guess.

She knows more than Bunny did, or perhaps she's just more wise, I don't know.

Yes, I know this could be Bunny for all I know... that thought won't go away (Sky says "no").

But... I don't think so (I've shown how reliable my thinking tends to be... always changing).

Sky has her distinct personality.

OH!  I forgot... last night I was laying down there and we talked.  That's a first.

Internal.  In my head.  Felt like she was right in front of me, or perhaps around me somehow.

She called me "adorable" a lot, usually after my questions to her about succubus things.  Never been called adorable before by a woman.  That's a first.

I could tell that she meant it truly, not as in "I'm ignorant" or the like.  Or perhaps I'm innocent and that makes me adorable in her eyes.  Lol, I dunno.  As long as she finds me "adorable", I'm happy and content.

She chided me for saying I was in fear, or "fearful" a lot:  She said I'm one of the most curious and "gets out of my comfort zone" type of humans she's ever met (at least with regards to spiritual things).  I disagree (because I do feel fear sometimes), but what are ya gonna do?  Maybe it's an issue of perspective.

("You're so ADORABLE!  *high-pitched girl squeal*)

She also said that I am valuable to them (their "clan"), having mentored a few succubi without even knowing it (I guess through experience with me rather than me teaching anything directly... I don't KNOW anything to teach a succubus).  Maybe that's what "Bubbles" and the other ones from early on were about (and those that I considered my own personal failings as to why they left)?  I dunno.


Oh, she said I was good for having a "I had fun if you had fun" mindset with them.  She said that most of the time it's all about the human's needs and the human rarely thinks about the succubus.  She said that my particular hopeful attitude has allowed me to experience what I'm experiencing now:  A long lasting  period of sexual intimacy with her... without having had sex for very long... because it's what I crave beyond sex as well.

Maybe the strong intent of mine that I have (that she be satisfied), and thoughts toward the same allow for it to happen?

It's hard to tell if I'm hearing her voice or parroting myself at some points, so I'll leave it all at that, because the rest is dicey and I'm not sure if it's her or me talking ("parroting").  Now the stuff I wrote that she said, she said to the best of my belief.

Point is... this is a new level of love and intimacy that I've found possible with Sky (or any succubus prior) and I LOVE IT!

Sex is great, but intimacy is my soul's secret desire (well, not so secret anymore) that she's fulfilling.

Why am I sharing this?  Because it's not a big secret anymore:  She's fulfilling it.  And besides that, anything off the "secrecy" table is fair game to share... may it help someone to know their own secret desires of their soul.

Love and intimacy are the cake, sex is the icing.  It all kind of blends in together.  Sort of.

I wish the same for all of you.  As I always say at the end of my SASPA posts:  "That is my prayer"

I wish I could describe the "lasting sexual intimacy" feeling better, but words fail me.  It's a very comforting feeling.  Kind of a "lighter shade of ecstasy?"

Think of it as a happy, content, sexually fulfilled woman purring against you all day, but it's around you like an aura.

Could this be some form of Tantra, energy wise?

All I know to write.  Kinda hard to express.



Rafe GB


  1. Well after read a book "Sexual Alchemy" by Donald Tyson is intimacy with Succubus is one of sex magic including tantra magic. Also, when we got a relationship with Succubus is we are awakening our deepest potential power from ourselves, it's Kundaliny energy, the most important key of spiritual ascension is this hidden power that all druids, mages and magicians shall know. There's plenty more I discovered from "Sexual Alchemy" by Donald Tyson, I think you should read it too.
    And I'll unveil it on my next post, blessing.

  2. So this is interesting to me, because I'm pretty sure I also heard mine say "You're valuable to me" ... like two weeks ago. Communication for me is well... difficult... so I'm super curious if you manage to ferret out anything more. Hopefully we're good for more than just noms lol.