Thursday, November 27, 2014

What Sex With a Succubus is Like

It's not "wet" orgasms.  At least not yet.  I can only describe my experience and I'm about a year in.

I feel this is something that will happen in time as the "icing on the cake".

Why do I say that?  Because compared to the experiences I've had so far, it would literally be a nice afterthought for the future.  Something that just happens in it's own time.

What I have experienced is much more pleasurable compared to years of wet orgasms over the course of my lifetime on this physical plane.

My latest experience (about 2 days ago):

I was this "riding the waves" of whole body orgasm(S) (emphasis on plural as in I have no clue how many I lost track), that left me sore like I just finished the "US Navy Seal Abs Workout".

Only, over and over until I was like "Ok, stop, lol, I can't take it no more!" These kind of orgasms are better than a wet orgasm ever was.

My spiritual friend from Curacao tells me this is some sort of energetic version of what a good female whole body orgasm feels like.  I know I've never felt anything like it except with my Succubus.

I eventually had a wet one solo (with her assisting me with touch and images) just because.

Anyway, I thought we were done with sex, but...

Afterwards she had more dry ones with me anyway. I swear I could feel her laughing. I was past done, but... I didn't mind, lol, and she knew it...

So it shifted from the whole body orgasm to multiple, less intense Sacral Chakra specific orgasms (or I'd probably be too sore to leave bed) instead of whole body.

Love and sex blended together really brings you close.

Dammit, she's touching me now as I'm writing this. Reminding me of our loving session.

Naughty, naughty, Succubunny :P

They say you have wet ones way later when they become more and more solid to you as your relationship and abilities progress.  You see and feel them and their hot bodies they've chosen to share, not completely solid, but perfect to express themselves to you enough that you feel them, and beautifully naked and solid to sight...

...riding you reverse cowgirl with that Ohhh, so yummy warm body... her soft white hair swinging in step with her grinding you, slowly looking back and over her shoulder at you with those warm, golden, loving eyes while her lips purr "Cum for me, my soulmate..."


Eh, I blame that mental imagery entirely on her. I haven't woke up yet, and she's all over me in my head like and it feels like her presence is all over me... which kinda feels like coffee and donuts. Mmm... donuts.

Truth be told, she knows I'm hers. And I don't think I've ever wanted to be caught more. I love her to tears. Me and my Succubunny <3

They just get us, you know? Individually. The depth that nobody else ever will romantically, and otherwise.

We're like putty in their paws, and they know it!

But, if I've learned anything, it's sometimes we have to speak up with what we want. They already know, but until we tell them they aren't budging. It fosters growth.

I don't know why that is, but I'm not worried about it at the moment :)  I'm sure I'll learn why in time.


  1. I can only hope I get to experience something like this... you are a lucky guy!

    1. This was definitely "mating season" sex. That only happens once every six months for me (some succubi don't have mating season sex. Dunno why) :) Sex with a succubus is still good, but mating season sex is "try to run away from her as fast as you can" good. Of course you can't really go anywhere to hide, nor can you fight off her advances for long. At that point the sexual marathon may commence.

      I wonder if I'm the only man who tries to run away (mentally/psychically) from their succubus at that time? It would be kind of funny if that was true.