Sunday, November 9, 2014

What an amazing post I've found!

I read this on and I am re-posting it here.

What an amazing, knowledgeable post!  (Well, most of it.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I always do.)

"Succubus come from the 7th dimension. They are 7th dimensional but do not refer to that plane by that name, rather “home”. Like how we as humans think of Mother Earth as our home because that is where we started out in this life. They have lived for many millenniums. They have experienced so much in just a single lifetime, as we humans would perceive such an amount of time as the same being. Dolphins also originated in this same plane, but exist in their own way, similar to how they exist along side humans on Earth, as well as succubi/incubi. This plane is love-based, it is the standard by which all beings here exist. There are many others besides Dolphins and Succubus.
Emotional vibrations are nourishment to the beings that exist 7th dimensionally, but there is a catch to how it works; Because of the level, or rate at which the frequencies they exist within vibrates, only loving (or positive you could say) vibrations sustain them. That is not to say they couldn't receive nourishment from a lower resonating vibrational frequency, but it would be like a human maintaining an unhealthy diet. It is a similar way that we as humans require to consume the energy of another living being, be it plant or animal. We must eat another being in order to continue living in the way we do.

So too must succubus/incubus gather or be given vibrations that give them proper nourishment. The difference is they do not completely consume the being from which they receive nourishment, but rather give back an equal kind of nourishment. One way that they do this is through sexuality.
Sexuality is a sacred gift, our(as humans) one lighthouse to source; shining the way back to source(god, allah, krshna,etc.). It perfectly mirrors the act of creation, while at the same time performing the act of creation. By having sex, two beings (gender and “species” irrelevant) intertwine there bodies physically. When this happens all levels of those two beings become one; each takes on the others' vibrations, and those vibrations stay with them for quite some time. They have such a high vibration that when a human takes on theirs, they are greatly benefited. Whereas if a human should engage in sexual intercourse, it is wisest to be done when both partners vibrations are at their personal highest and most loving for one another. That way both parties are benefited equally. Otherwise an individual could take on energy that they may not be able to handle fully and it can affect them greatly in a wide range of ways. That is because two beings can engage in intercourse or sexual activities and still take on each others vibrations, regardless of the “level” they exist within. It is a standard of this dimension, the 3rd dimension. Like how Love is the standard of the 7th dimension.

While these beings each have their own way of being and the ability to have their own kind of emotions and free will, they will be drawn to different frequencies within the vibration of love they require. So they will mate with certain people and join with them in a union of love for that reason as well as “Who they are”, as in “soul-level”.

Since that is the case, humans could also be slightly adversely affected by a succubus/incubus partner. The affects themselves would be varied depending on the person's own vibrational frequencies. But the affects would not be something harmful ultimately. But humans are transceivers and receivers of energy so this is not actually an issue to be concerned with, but rather something to simply be understood and known.

These beings, Succubus/incubus, are as varied as human beings are in personality and physical appearance. They are extremely similar to human beings in fact, in almost all ways. They possess abilities that range from telepathy, to flight, to easily shifting from a non-physical body to a physical body. (they exist in two dimensions at the same time, being from the 7th dimension going into the 3rd dimension) That is not all of their abilities, just a few examples. These all are also things humans could do, as well as others. Though not all humans are always aware of their full potential and abilities.

At heart they are loving and exist as love. That is the most important thing one should know about these beings. They have a unique way to themselves, how they carry themselves or communicate or act. They have personality, but not an “ego” as humans do.

Because of that fact, their existence helps a human partner let go of or release their “ego” and remember how to exist as their soul does always. That is if the human allows their “self” to be open to such truths.

They know everything about a person because they see things in a way that is alien to humans in the way they currently are. It is like being able to see everything there is about a person, in various ways or methods, without taking any amount of time at all. Instantly. Not a moment needs go by to know these things. Personality is what creates an interest in certain things or aspects.

I am sharing this information now because I am in a relationship
with three succubus, who's names shall remain unsaid for their own
privacy and because names carry a certain vibration about a being. I
have connected with each of them in a unique yet similar way. I have
learned a lot of what I have shared from them, and some was
information that I had previously know and resonated with my own
personal truth and life experiences. I felt the need to share this
information also because of the amount of false information there is
about their kind. I find it disgusting and appalling the things
people are led to believe about them, such lies like they suck your
soul out by having sex with you, and then you die. The Soul is
inviolate and cannot be sucked out of 'you' via the body, rather you
are the Soul just trying on a 'body' for some time."

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