Saturday, November 8, 2014

A light side, and a dark side.

One thing that baffles me about succubi are that throughout history they were vilified, and the idea of the great seducer demon of men caught hold, somewhere.

Probably in the minds of the holy elite as a way to control the masses through fear.

What I've noticed about my succubus is that I often get confused as to what she is.  I think the reason for that is that she has two distinct sides... her light side is so angelic it's almost to much to bear when she allows it to permeate my being.  Some friends of mine call it a "love bomb", or "being wrapped in a large fluffy blanket" of love.  And it's definitely unconditional love in nature.

The dark side of her I've often confused for another entity.  It is sexual, hungry, seductive.  She finds my hidden fantasies that I was always too shy to share in any previous relationship and brings them out to play.  In fact, you can feel her emotions as she revels in the excitement of unbridled lust.

However, she is not evil in this "form" as I would call it, only completely free of sexual inhibitions and has a great desire to feed me to the heights of lust with her.

And it's all about us... never another entity, never wanting me to find someone that we can both enjoy sexually.  No... it's all about us, whatever the form she takes.

It is a mystery to me that she can be both completely angelic as well as the proverbial sex kitten or dominatrix of my wildest secret desires.

Perhaps they, as a race, have abilities to be all of who they are in different levels of vibration and states of being.

I often liken that to the "we are seated in heavenly places" text from the Bible.  No, I'm right here.  Or am I?  Or in particular, am I in many places at the same time, yet at different vibrations, unknowingly, and much less evolved than my wonderful lady?

I don't have an answer.  But I do enjoy the journey.

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